12 Instant Mood Boosters That Improve Mood And Energy In 5 Minutes

To manifest your most amazing dreams, you need to be in a mindset that creates a vibration of joy, abundance, and positivity. However, it’s not always easy to stay in that state, especially when you first start working with the Law of Attraction. So, you may need some mood boosters to give you more energy and raise your vibration!

While the best ways to improve your mood tend to involve consistent, long-term changes in habit, sometimes you just need a quick fix that will help you feel better. If you’re feeling low or simply want to ensure that you’re in a mentally good place before a particular way, here are twelve smart and powerful mood boosters you can do in five minutes or less.

12 Natural Mood Boosters

1. Take A Relaxing Shower

If you’re like most people, you jump in the shower just to get clean and then you’re on your way.

Try something different by spending five minutes letting the hot water work the tightness from the muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders. Notice how the steam makes your nose and lungs feel better, and use your favorite body cleansing products. This can be a productive activity and also a great mood booster.

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2. Contact Someone You Love

A five-minute phone call, online conversation or even email sent to someone you love can have a huge impact on your mood.

Depending on who you contact and what you say, you might feel less alone, find yourself able to laugh, or be looking forward to spending time together in person soon.

We’re inherently social, and often we end up feeling low because we have a sense of being disconnected from others.

3. Do A Deep Breathing Exercise

Breathe in through your nose to a count of 5. Then, hold your breath for another 5 seconds. Now, exhale for the final 5 seconds.

Repeat this breathing pattern five times. Notice what it does to your body.

This type of deep breathing expands your diaphragm, helps you to let go of built-up tension, and some studies even connect it to pain relief.

4. Sniff A Lemon

Lemons, in fact, are mood boosters! This tip sounds strange at first glance, but your sense of smell is actually intimately connected to your emotional state. A lemon is uplifting!

For example, one group of Japanese scientists found that the linalool in lemons can inhibit inappropriate activations of the body’s “fight or flight” response. And if the scent of lemon is too sharp for you, try basil or lavender; studies on these smells also show a reduction in stress levels. These scent based mood boosters are not only completely natural but will also help remove negativity from your environment too.

5. Listen To Brainwave Audios

free brainwave audio zen 12 These are audios that use special frequencies to help induce a deep state of meditation in just a matter of minutes. Which means that you can experience all the benefits of traditional meditation (like stress relief) much faster. Plus, they are super easy to use and you won't have to struggle with quietening your mind and/or sitting in an uncomfortable lotus position.

6. Dance

Whether you think of yourself as a skilled dancer or someone with two left feet, almost everyone finds that a few minutes of dancing can make them feel happier. This is partly due to the release of endorphins, but also to the flood of positive neurotransmitters that you experience when you listen to music you love.

So, put on your favorite motivational tracks, and turn your living room or bedroom into a dancefloor.

7. Look At Inspiring Photographs

You can do a quick internet search, look through your own photos or flick through an album, but the idea here is to look at pictures that symbolize happiness. These types of images have an emotional contagion effect and reacquaint you with some of the reasons to appreciate the world around you.

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8. Smile At Yourself

Even though it can feel inauthentic at first, smiling for 3-5 minutes can directly influence your body chemistry, creating a beneficial feedback loop that convinces your brain that you’re already happy. Plus this eventually ends up making the smile genuine.

This can be an especially effective exercise if you do it in the mirror, as this increases confidence as well as mood.

9. Say Mood-Boosting Affirmations

Some of your regular Law of Attraction affirmations might work here, but it’s a good idea to design specific affirmations that combat feelings of melancholy or apathy.

Think of phrases like “I am feeling happy, excited and ready to make the best of the day” or “I love myself, I love my life and I can’t wait to fulfill my life’s purpose”.

To mix things up, try writing them down sometimes instead of saying them.

10. Get Rid Of Clutter

Just five minutes spent throwing away unneeded things and tidying your living space can make you feel more in control, more productive and happier about your current situation. This is especially true if you tidy the places where you work and relax.

11. Get Some Light

You might not immediately think that going outside will make you feel better if the weather isn’t so great, but the truth is that any sun exposure can help regulate mood (even when the sky is overcast). Light is necessary for vitamin D production, and deficiencies in this vitamin are evidentially linked to higher rates of depression.

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12. Have A Good Hug

Finally, whether you hug a friend, partner, family member or pet, your body will respond by releasing “love” hormones like oxytocin. You’ll feel calmer, safer and more content as a result. While this mood-booster only works if you have a loved one in the immediate vicinity, it packs a punch if you do happen to be feeling low in company.

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