Access Your Intuition: 6 Tips For Connecting To Your Intuitions

While learning how to use the Law of Attraction can be a powerful step towards a happy and satisfying life, it’s important to remember that you need to actively pursue your goals.

Along with daily creative visualization sessions and the consistent repetition of affirmations, you should also make a firm commitment to going out and looking for the things you want.

Learning to trust and access your intuition is a key part of this process.

Here are 6 valuable tips to follow to begin connecting with your intuition.

6 Ways To Access Your Intuition

1. Look For Signs

Sometimes, surprising new developments are signs that you can pursue new avenues in your search for a better life.

For example, you might receive an invitation out of the blue, notice a poster advertising an event you wouldn't normally go to, or experience recurring dreams about a particular location or activity.

Remember that the subconscious parts of your mind know things that are not necessarily accessible to your conscious mind, and trust that repeated “signs” might be trying to tell you something about what would make you happy.

6 Tips For Connecting With Your Intuition

2. Trust Your Gut Feelings

You may sometimes find that you have the urge to do things for no apparent reason.

These seemingly inexplicable pulls can actually lead you to meet people or discover opportunities.

For example, you might suddenly feel the urge to go to the local park instead of going straight home, and find that you bump into an old acquaintance who has promising information about a job opportunity.

Trust that your feet sometimes know where to take you even if you can’t state a clear reason for following a certain path.

Rejoice in these moments where anything could happen but you know that you can handle the consequences.

3. Be Bold

Try to commit to doing something unique each week in order to open yourself up to new possibilities.

It doesn't always need to be something dramatic, like going away for the weekend or tackling an extreme sport!

Even something small like going to a new restaurant in town, calling a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or ordering a book that will teach you a new skill can open up excellent opportunities for developing the better life you’re looking for.

4. Be Open to New Connections

While you don’t have to launch into a deep and meaningful conversation with every stranger you sit next to on the bus, it’s a good idea to habitually connect with new people who cross your path.

A compliment on an outfit, a remark on something you have in common or a question about the area can start a conversation that initiates a bond with someone. Many people find new companions (whether romantic or platonic) in this way.

If you just have a feeling that someone is worth talking to, be brave and say the first word.

6 Tips For Connecting With Your Intuition

5. Don’t Delay Following Your Dreams

It’s common for people working with the Law of Attraction to think that they will follow their remaining dreams after they meet what they feel is their key goal.

However, holding back on traveling the globe, changing jobs, or venturing back into the world of dating could be the very thing that holds you back from accomplishing the major thing you’re working towards.

For example, dating can lead to unexpected work opportunities, and traveling can lead to meeting an ideal partner.

Start planning to do all the things you want now rather than later.

Next, you might try making a list of the 10-15 most exciting and inspiring adventures you can imagine undertaking in the course of your life. Divide them into categories that indicate which can be done now, and which require further preparation.

You can start with the ones that are most easily accomplishable, and work your way up to the ones that require more time or money.

6. Use Affirmations

Finally, you can also design affirmations that aim to connect you with your most intuitive side. You might say “I trust my intuition to lead me in the right direction” or “I will follow my intuition when making choices today.”

These affirmations are especially useful if you tend to be a more logical person who has trouble making instinctive decisions.

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