The Secret Of Open-Mindedness: How To Transform Your Life

Maintaining an open mind is a huge part of successfully manifesting the future you want. After all, you need to learn how to be open to your own power of attraction, and open to potential opportunities that might not look quite as you expected. But how do you cultivate a maximally open mind when it doesn’t come naturally?

Let’s look at some of the key benefits of being open-minded, and explore some of the most effective strategies.

The Benefits Of Open-Mindedness

Naturally, being open-minded is incredibly useful when you’re working with the Law of Attraction, because it allows you to take the leap and start believing that it’s possible to approach life in a whole new way.

However, open-mindedness also offers general benefits that apply to anyone interested in personal development. Here are four of the most significant:

  •  You Let Go Of Control

Having an open mind gives you license to think more freely, and let your thoughts flow naturally. This can lead to challenging old habits that no longer work for you, and can trigger exciting new ideas or inspirational thoughts.

  • Change Becomes Possible

When your mind is open to new ideas, your worldview begins to evolve. While this might mean holding on to many of the same beliefs, it also means you have the license to replace negative or limiting beliefs with positive ones that lead to better results.

  • You Embrace Vulnerability

Sure, it’s scary to look at the word with an open mind, but this is also one of the greatest benefits. When you accept that you don’t know everything, you may find life more exhilarating and enjoyable. You’re also likely to learn more, as you’re increasingly aware of your previous blind spots.

  • You Become More Confident And Authentic

Although you’re more vulnerable when you’re open-minded, you are also more capable of self-reflection, and this leads to a strong sense of self. In turn, this strong sense of self builds feelings of confidence—you’re not held back by your old beliefs, and you’re no longer held back by the limiting beliefs of others.

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How To Cultivate Open-Mindedness

If you struggle to maintain an open mind, you’re not alone. However, here are four things successful people do differently when trying to embrace new ideas and perspectives:

1. Listen More And Talk Less

We learn by listening, not by talking, so it stands to reason that those who are open-minded know when to sit in reflective silence instead of dominating a conversation. When someone is talking, try to give them your full attention—put away your phone, stop trying to rattle through your to-do list, and really think of the meaning behind what is being said.

Everyone has different skills and lessons to impart, and if you’re willing to spend roughly 70% of your time listening then your mind will fill up with amazing new ideas to consider and work with.

2. Practice Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is extremely important for both promoting open-mindedness and mental wellbeing in general. It helps relieve stress, lower blood pressure and improve sleep. It is also an important element in treating anxiety disorders and depression.

Mindfulness involves both concentration (a form of meditation) and acceptance. You need to learn to stay in the present, deliberately pay attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment, trying to reach the state of focused relaxation.

At first,  you will probably find it very difficult to practice mindfulness. As soon as you stop being busy for a minute, lots of anxious thoughts and worries start crowding in.

Copy of Copy of The best health Apps But with practice, it will become easier. Start with basic mindfulness meditation. Sit quietly in a comfortable position and focus on your natural breathing. Allow thoughts to come and go without judgment.

Meditation audios can also help you reach this state. There are a few free ones out there on the internet that you can download. If you are a beginner, start with the Zen12 brainwave meditation MP3 program. It is 12-minute audio that is free to download here (just enter your email address). Listen to it every day (either in the morning or in the evening) will find that your ability to overcome stress and remain relaxed will increase.

3. Encourage Honesty

While the truth can be hard to hear sometimes, encouraging people to “give it to you straight” can be incredibly helpful to your growth. Make it known that you value genuine opinions and insights, but also try to model the ability, to tell the truth with tact (so that others around you pick up this same valuable skill).

When respect is communicated, constructive criticism is a lot easier to swallow—and hear it so much more helpful than sycophantic praise when it comes to being successful in life.

 4. Get The Facts Before Making Decisions

If you hear something that makes you feel angry or scared, it’s tempting to react immediately without thinking things through. To become a more open-minded person, try to practice the habit of pausing to consider your options before taking action—at work, at home, and in everyday life.

Gather details about whatever you’ve just heard or seen, and really mull them over before doing anything at all. Once you have the details at your disposal, ask yourself “What is the outcome I want to achieve?” and “How can I maximize my chances of achieving that outcome?”

Then—and only then—is it time to act. If you stick with this strategy for a few weeks, you may notice a marked reduction in arguments, workplace stress, and relationship tension.

5. Look For Opportunities Everywhere

Finally, one of the most fun aspects of being open-minded is constantly looking for new opportunities. There’s always a different way to look at a problem, and always new ways to look at the world.

If you’ve ever read biographies of famous inventors, you’ll know that most of them thought they had “tried everything” before they finally found the precious solution they were seeking. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

There’s always something to learn—and even if you don’t find the ideal solution this time, you’ll be further along the road to success.