Why Good Things Come When You Least Expect Them

Have you noticed that good things happen in your life unexpectedly? Great benefits are gained when you have stopped striving toward a goal, and you are no longer thinking about something that you put great effort into attempting to achieve previously. Your experience is not unusual since good things often come at times when people have forgotten about the need to obtain the things they want.

Those aha moments that you experience also materialize when you are busily engaged in an unrelated activity. You might be making your bed or walking your dog when you suddenly know how to solve a problem that has been on your mind in the past. At such a time, having the answer to your dilemma at your fingertips feels surprising, since you have been engrossed in a separate task and had not given a thought to the issue you have just solved. In a similar manner, writers and artists often find that they form their greatest ideas when they are daydreaming.

When you work with the Law Of Attraction, you might formulate a goal, or intention, and imagine giving it to the universe to manage. However, if you carry on focusing on your intention by means of striving and struggling, the universe will send you more opportunities to continue toiling. Focus on your intention, hand it to the eternal energy of the universe to contemplate entirely by ceasing to concentrate on the matter, and the opposite will happen. You will have stopped the experience of wanting; therefore, you will have automatically placed yourself in a better position to receive.

There will be times when you have focused on attracting a wonderful relationship, job, money, or good health, and you have been distracted. Just like those aha moments when ideas and solutions have entered your mind unexpectedly, you suddenly received what you wanted. You might describe the situation to your friends as ironic since you had let go of the idea of achieving your aim when you hit your target.

Situations where the universe seems unresponsive to people's wishes, despite them trying to attract results, occur due to the thoughts and energy created. If you are desperate to have something, you are in a state of need. Thus, you remain needy instead of becoming successful. The universe receives your needy energy, and politely sends you more needy energy since it is programmed to deliver your primary focus.

Good things happen when you are not experiencing the energy of need. Your life might still be enhanced greatly when you receive gifts from the universe, and in this sense, you require what you obtain. However, you are not urgently crying out for a result when it occurs.

If you want to make attraction work for you, focus on your intentions. Nonetheless, recognize that you also need to throw the energy of want that you have created to the wind. When you have done so, good things will blow into your life.

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