The #1 Law Of Attraction Mistake People Make When Manifesting

While there are plenty of inspiring success stories about the Law of Attraction, it’s also common for people to feel exasperated by early attempts to manifest.

For example, they may feel like they’re doing all the right things, and yet their lives aren’t changing.

Let’s take a closer look at the #1 Law of Attraction mistake that causes these manifestation failures! Plus, we will explore how you can do things differently.

#1 Law Of Attraction Mistake To Make: Missing Content And Energy

Whenever you form an intention, it has two integral components. The first is its CONTENT: the information about what you actually want, such as a new relationship, dream job, or more money.

However, THE #1 MISTAKE that newcomers to the Law of Attraction make is to assume that content is enough; that it’s only content that makes up an intention.

But the second vital part of setting your intention is the ENERGY that you bring to it.

No matter how great the content of your intention, if there’s no associated energy then you’re not going to manifest anything except disappointment and frustration.

It can be helpful to consider information on the Internet as an analogy; just as electricity is required to deliver that content to you, energy is required to animate the content of your intention.

If there’s a power outage, you might be frustrated that you can’t send an email, but you know there’s not a problem with the content of that email. So, making that content better, adding to it, or trying to send it in another way won’t allow you to fix the problem.

While considering the above actions sounds ridiculous in the context of a power outage, many people make the very same mistake when working with the Law of Attraction; when their intentions aren’t leading to manifestation, they try to enhance or adapt those intentions. They’re looking for a solution in entirely the wrong place!

Understanding And Measuring The Energy Of Intentions

This energy component we’re considering is closely related to the “emotional energy” you bring to your intentions, but the excitement or passion you feel about an intention is sparked by the energy of that intention.

Children provide great examples of high-energy intentions. Think of the way they look, sound, and express themselves when they really desire something. It’s unmistakable, it’s powerful, and children are pretty reliable at manifesting what they want!

Get rid of the Law of Attraction mistake with a simple spark of imagination.

While no one is saying you need to act like a child when using the Law of Attraction, do think hard about the energy you bring to your own intentions. Does the enthusiasm radiate from you as you talk about them?

Or, do you speak hesitantly and without communicating real inspiration? Aim for the former if you want to manifest more effectively.

Your emotions are an accurate barometer of the energy you’re bringing to your intentions (even though most people assume these emotions cause energy to rise or fall).

So, monitor your feelings if you want to know if you’ve brought enough energy to your intention.

If you’re buzzing with enthusiasm and your intention fills your heart with joy, you’re likely on the path to manifestation.

Meanwhile, if you feel flat, uncertain, or insecure, there’s not enough energy behind your intention, and manifestation is unlikely.

Where Does Intentional Energy Come From?

Since your emotions don’t control your intentional energy, you might be wondering what does. The answer is that the universe itself is the real source of your intentional energy; the energy is already all out there! It’s your job to draw some of it in and connect it with your intention.

Once again, it’s helpful to think about electricity. Electrons are already available, but they start flowing once you turn on a switch and create a current by completing the relevant circuit.

The result of turning on the switch is providing electrical power to your appliances.

Similarly, the energy you need for your intentions is already present. However, you need to get the power current flowing in precisely the right direction.

This has very little to do with the content of your intentions (i.e. whether you want a new car, a trim figure, or a healthy bank account), so don’t get sucked into the age-old mistake of being hung up on the precise wording or nature of your intentions.

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How To Get The Energy Current Flowing

Now, how do you manage to get the energy current flowing, so that your intentions are fully powered up and more likely to lead to manifestation? The secret lies in the concept of polarity.

There are two major polarities of intention manifestation. This is similar to a battery, which has two terminals that are polar opposites of each other! You should know how to apply these in order to use the Law of Attraction most effectively.

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