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10 Regrets You Do Not Want To Have 10 Years From Now

A regretful woman captured in a black and white photo, her hand resting on her face.

We’re often so wrapped up in daily stresses and concerns that we miss the bigger picture. We might rarely stop to really think about what we want. This can put us on a path to regrets and sadness before we even realize it.

Consequently, it’s well worth spending some time considering what we don’t want our lives to look like, with a view to creating a beautiful existence that brings satisfaction every day.

Here are ten major regrets you do not want to have ten years from now, along with tips that will help you avoid them.

1. Not Taking Action On Meaningful Goals

If you’ve got dreams and goals, don’t waste time putting them off or you’ll end up wasting all of your potentials. There’s a lot of truth to the famous cliché that you “only regret things you don’t do”. Decide what you want to achieve, then start making a plan that will help you get there. With the right attitude and a truckload of determination, you can manifest absolutely anything you want in life.

So what is holding you back right now? What is holding you back from manifesting your dream life?

It can be fear of failure, it can be a negative influence, it can be a lack of motivation… Whatever the reason, it is important to find it, and then take steps to eliminate it.

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2. Letting Others Create Your Dreams For You

On a related note, you’re virtually guaranteed to feel regretful ten years down the line if you let others dictate how you should behave and what you should want. While family members, friends, and society more broadly can put a huge amount of pressure on us to be a certain way, do your best to push past that influence and live in a way that’s congruent with your deepest values and desires.

A good place to start is asking yourself these 3 questions:

  • What does truly make you happy? Activities, people, hobbies etc. Write down everything you can think of. Also, try to imagine your perfect day (or week, if you can), what would it be like?
  • What bothers you? On the other hand, you need to be clear about what makes you unhappy. Be honest with yourself, you don't need to pretend you're happy with something if you're not.
  • What do you really need? Sit down and think about what you can not live without. This is the time to be realistic about the things that are actually important to you. Family? Love? Financial security? Be clear and specific about what you need. For example, you may not need a million dollars to live your dream life. Figure out how much you actually need to live the lifestyle you want.

Next, have a look at our 4 step formula for manifesting your dreams. It includes Law Of Attraction tips on how to set the right goal, let go of resistance and learn how to take action.

3. Spending Too Little Time With The Right People

No matter why you struggle to make time for the people who inspire love and excitement in you, there’s bound to be something you can do to fix this. Look at where you can cut out unnecessary commitments or boring habits from your life, and use those moments to connect and reconnect with the ones who bring light into your life.

4. Staying In A Toxic Relationship For Too Long

Just as it’s important to spend time with the right people, it’s equally urgent to cut toxic relationships out of your life. Whether you’re in an abusive romantic relationship or sticking with a friend who only drags you down, it’s time to think about how you can get out of this situation and move towards bonds that nurture you.

Have a look at this list of 8 toxic people to get rid of, and see if you are surrounded by any of them.

5. Settling For Less Than You’re Capable Of

You might have a loud inner critic; a voice that tells you that you’re not good enough to get what you want, or that it’s not “safe” to try anything new.

However, consider where this voice is coming from (often negative experiences in childhood). Try to replace those outdated and limiting beliefs with the positive conviction that you can do anything you put your mind to. Don’t settle for less!

6. Letting Impatience Dominate Your Decisions and Actions

When you feel impatience or frustration welling up inside you, take a deep breath or deliberately engage in a mindfulness exercise that slows your thoughts. You’ll live to regret snap decisions made without proper thought.

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7. Collecting More Excuses Than You Can Count

It’s easy to put things off, telling yourself you can’t do them right now. This allows you to believe you’re still pursuing your aims but stops you from having to put in the hard work or summoning the bravery to actually go after those goals. Learn to flag excuses when you have to make them, and call yourself out for using unhelpful defense mechanisms.

8. Wearing A Mask To Impress Others

We all want to be liked, but there’s very little genuine satisfaction in being appreciated for a fake self that you merely project in order to please others. It’s far better to live an authentic life, showing your true colors and accepting that the right people will love and accept you.

While there will always be subtle variations in your presentation (e.g. you might be slightly different at work than at home), don’t waste your life being fake; it’s a recipe for isolation, boredom, and regrets.

9. Worrying Way Too Much About Stuff That Doesn’t Matter

Sure, it might feel important right now to worry about what you’re going to wear to a particular event or to get bent out of shape because of someone who was rude to you on the train, but in the long run, these things don’t really matter.

Try to let go of minor annoyances and anxieties as they arrive, accepting them but then moving through them. If you’re not sure whether you should devote your attention to something, ask yourself the following: will you really care about this issue in ten years?

10. Avoiding Change And Growth

Finally, personal growth isn’t always comfortable, but you’ll end up living with persistent regret if you deliberately ignore chances to evolve as a person. Work to free yourself from the baggage of your past, look for ways to move out of your comfort zone, and embrace the life-long challenge of learning!

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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