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11 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Your Soulmate (Or Not)

A silhouette of soulmates sitting on a bench in front of a full moon.

If you think about what you want in a partner, do you feel like your current (or most recent) partner checks most of the boxes?

The truth is that we often attract romantic mates unconsciously. They don’t always reflect what we actually want at a conscious level. So how do you know if the person in your life is really your soul mate?

Look out for these 11 telltale signs.

1. Will They Actively Support Your Dreams?

Your partner should empower you to reach your dreams. In other words, they should cheer you on as you make the effort to succeed, and they should enthusiastically encourage you to do whatever makes you truly happy.

Negative attitudes like envy (or beliefs that they could do a better job than you’re doing) shouldn’t come into it.

2. Do They Help You Grow?

It’s emotionally dangerous to outsource your worth and survival to your partner. Codependence can lead to a toxic relationship!

However, you should feel that they enrich your life and help you to feel confident as you pursue your goals.

If you have a sense that being with your partner helps you to truly shine, this may be a sign you found your twin flame.

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3. Can You Reach A Compromise?

All relationship experts caution that being able to compromise with your partner is vital.

You won’t always have identical needs and preferences, but if you can find a middle ground and know when to give and talk then you will usually be able to make things work.

If, in contrast, one partner is getting their needs met far more often, there’s an uneven power balance.

4. Can You Be Playful Together?

Your partner should make it easy for you to let the child part of yourself out to play!

You should feel free to laugh, and having fun together should be natural (though of course, this will be easier at some times than others, as your circumstances won’t always be conducive to silliness).

If you have a partner who just can’t make you laugh, chances are high that there’s someone out there who’d be better for you.

5. Can You Be Authentic With Your Partner?

The ideal relationship is one that feels like a union of souls—but this doesn’t mean you should be totally lost in the other person or feel like your identity has fused with theirs.

You should still feel distinct and authentic in your own right, and not feel like your partner wants to change you.

6. Is There Trust?

If you’ve found the right person, trust comes easily—and it’s warranted.

You should feel that your partner is giving you every reason to feel secure, and you should feel like being reliable, consistent and committed comes naturally to you too.

Sometimes, you might find trust more difficult because of old betrayals—but when you meet your soulmate, these old insecurities should start to melt away.

7. Is Your Partner Forgiving?

You and your partner are going to have disagreements, and sometimes those disagreements will be your fault.

The trick is to find someone who can forgive you with an open heart when you apologize.

If you stay in a relationship with someone who seems to be keeping score of every careless word or an old mistake, this behavior can eventually erode your love and happiness.

8. Can You Be Vulnerable With Your Partner?

Feeling vulnerable may be easier or less easy for you depending on the challenges you have faced in past relationships.

That being said, when you’re with your soulmate it should be easier than ever before to open up, show the side of yourself that may feel “weak”, and be honest about your fears.

9. Do You Feel Appreciated?

Grand gestures can be nice, but the real sign of a soulmate is an appreciation for the little things you do.

For example, do you feel your partner is grateful for your affirming words, the quality time you spend together, and the way you back each other up?

Do you feel listened to, understood and appreciated? This type of acknowledgment is worth its weight in gold.

10. Does Your Partner Love The Real You?

Everyone has standout features, such as gorgeous eyes or a special talent.

What makes a soulmate stand out is that they love all of you—the little quirks, the neurotic eccentricities, and the unique interests.

In addition, consider whether your partner accepts your family and social circle, as this is also an important part of loving all of you.

11. Are You Your Best Self With Your Partner?

Finally, if you’re with your soul mate then you know that this person wants to experience every part of life with you, helping you to navigate the tricky parts and enhancing everything that’s good about who you are.

If this is how you feel—and you offer this person the same in return—you’ve found someone who can fill your days with love and joy.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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