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Personal Growth Plan: 12 Challenges For 12 Days Of Growth

A group of sticky notes forming a Personal Growth Plan on a table.

Although you likely have some specific goals you’re trying to attract, you can enhance both your overall happiness and your manifestation ability by undertaking challenges that promote growth. So, keep reading to discover this simple but effective 12-day personal growth plan!

By engaging with these 12 challenges over the next 12 days, you’ll develop as a person, increase self-knowledge and create a much more positive environment for your ongoing Law of Attraction work.

12-Day Personal Growth Plan

1. Talk To Someone New Every Day

Find a way to make a connection with someone new every day. You can choose a stranger, someone new at work, or even someone you’ve seen in passing for years but never really gotten to know.

Talk to them about something meaningful, not superficial, and give them your full intention. At worst, you’ll have brightened someone’s day and at best you may have started a new friendship.

2. Practice A New Skill Every Day

You can interpret this challenge in one of two ways. You can either practice a single brand new skill each day, or you can practice 12 new skills one day after another. Either way, make sure it’s definitely something you’re just beginning to grasp; this will form wonderful new neural pathways in your brain.

3. Don’t Tell A Single Lie

Whether there’s a temptation to tell big lies or white lies, try committing to the truth for a full 12 days. Don’t exaggerate, manipulate or obfuscate, and notice how much more relaxing and simple everything feels! Making this powerful change is a great way to live a more authentic life, and being authentic is key to manifesting.

4. Cut One Negative Person Out Of Your Life

The thought here is that you will benefit from completely cutting off from a negative influence. Think of someone who never has anything supportive or generous to say, who is always complaining, and who takes all the excitement out of your plans. See what it’s like to go through your days without this person, and notice the impact on your mood.

5. Spend 10 Minutes On Positive Reflection

Every evening, devote just ten minutes to solely focusing on what went well during the day. Include everything from big achievements at work to touching personal interactions and small moments of compassion.

This habit helps you to maintain a balanced perspective and boosts your vibration at a time when you might otherwise be feeling drained.

6. Reduce Debt

Tell yourself that you’re going to pay down your debt and that you’ll not create any more debt in the process. So, credit cards are off the table for this period, and you’ll focus on spending only what you need.

It feels amazing to successfully pay off debt like you’re shrugging a heavy weight off your shoulders. Once you start, you might just want to keep up this pattern way beyond your 12 days of personal growth.

7. Get At Least 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night

If you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night for 12 nights, you should notice a significant change in your focus, energy levels, and physical stamina.

All of these changes put you in the perfect place to manifest your dreams.

8. Let Go Of A Relationship That Hurts

This is tougher than cutting out a negative person, as it involves truly letting go of a bond that may have meant a lot to you at some point.

However, most people have at least one relationship that constantly causes pain (whether it’s with a partner, ex-partner, friend or family member), and you know in your heart that you’ll have to move on if you’re ever going to reach your potential. Think about how to do this, then take the leap.

9. Journal Every Day

You might not write pages of text every time, but write at least a paragraph at some point each day. This is a way of keeping fully in contact with your inner world.

It also creates space to reflect and noticing areas of tension or negativity that need work.

10. Clean Your House

Whether you do this in stages over the 12 days or just devote one full day to gutting your house, there’s a real satisfaction to be found in making your home nicer and getting rid of junk.

As you clean, consider items that might be holding you back (e.g. by tying you too tightly to the past), and let them go.

11. Stay Positive No Matter What

No matter what happens during the 12 days, take a deep breath and ask yourself to reframe the situation in a positive light. For example, find a way to interpret a setback as a chance to prove yourself and a canceled appointment as an opportunity to practice extra self-care. This is a valuable skill that will enhance your resilience as you make your way towards a better life.

12. Meditate Every Day

Finally, everyone can benefit from a daily meditation practice. Once again, you only need 10-15 minutes for this, but it clears your mind and relaxes your body. Experiment with different times of day, too; perhaps you’d like to meditate before work so that your concentration is better, or maybe you’d prefer to practice at night as you disengage from the hectic events of the day.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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