12 Psychological Hacks That Are Most Useful to Know

Using the Law of Attraction properly requires determination and consistency; manifestation potential grows with time. However, although there’s no magic shortcut that will get you exactly what you want in the next five minutes, there are certain psychological hacks that can help you with your Law of Attraction work.

Here are 12 of the best tricks that can help to reduce stress, clarify thinking and make it easier to manifest your dreams…

12 Psychological Hacks To Help Manifest

1. Clearing Your Path

If you want to make your way through a busy crowd, look directly towards where you intend to go and you’ll notice the sidewalk immediately open up. This is because people naturally look to each other’s gaze to judge their planned direction.

There’s a more general lesson to be drawn about the Law of Attraction here, too; don’t waste your energy getting annoyed by minor distractions. Rather, keep your eyes on your goal and watch obstacles melt away in response to your powerful focus.

2. Transform Stress into Excitement

Your body struggles to tell the difference between worry and exhilaration because the major physical consequences are the same; a raised heart rate, faster breathing, light sweating and so on.

Because of this, you can turn stress into excitement just by mentally reframing your situation in a more positive light. If you do this often enough, your mind will immediately start searching for the positive whenever you encounter an intense challenge.

3. Improve Recall

Finally, whenever you need to remember something, tie that thing to a specific smell. For example, as you practice lines for a presentation or recite the specific words of affirmation, you might smell lavender from a scented candle. Then when you later need to recall those words, simply sniff a little lavender essential oil.

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4. Command Attention

If you need someone to listen to you, lower the pitch of your voice.

While you might be saying perfectly pleasant and polite things, your new tone makes your words sound more like a command. People automatically sit up and take notice.

5. Increase Success

Take advantage of the Pygmalion Effect, according to which greater expectations automatically lead to greater performance. This is the Law of Attraction in action; the lessons is that you should visualize yourself excelling, not just doing well.

Imagine the biggest, best successes you can.

6. Mirror Slang

When you want to network or get to know someone, studies show that other people will like you more if you pick a slang word or phrase they often use and mirror the gestures they use while saying the word or phrase. Use this sparing and it will subconsciously create trust and a more positive overall impression.

7. Induce Happiness

A huge part of using the Law of Attraction involves maintaining the kind of grateful, positive mindset that elevates your vibration to a level that attracts abundance. However, this is a tall order some days!

If you need a little help, smile as wide as you can. Though it might feel silly or inauthentic at first, it actually creates a feedback that slowly raises your mood and eventually turns your smile into a genuine one.

8. Thwart Nervousness

If you quickly need to get rid of a case of nervous butterflies (e.g. before a date or a job interview), pop some gum into your mouth. Your brain interprets this as a sign that you can’t be in any real danger, as you surely wouldn’t be eating if your life was at risk!

Physiological arousal and stress hormone production slows in response, and you’ll soon be feeling calmer and more positive.

9. Undermine Bullies

If you have to spend time with someone who tends to criticize, dominate or outright bully, resist the impulse to sit as far away from them as possible and instead choose the seat right next to them. Research suggests that this makes them feel less safe to attack, so they’ll either go easier on you or not bother you at all.

10. Use Visualization to Sleep

The very same creative visualization skills you use in your manifestation work can be used to combat insomnia. Just visualize being tired; how it’d feel in your limbs, your mind, your eyes and so on. Imagine how you look to others when you’re sleepy. You’ll be dozing off before you know it!

11. Stay Silent To Get More Information

If you need to know more and the other person isn’t being forthcoming, just stay silent for a moment and hold eye contact. Most people feel the urge to say more at this point, and immediately share more (without you ever having to apply explicit pressure or create a confrontation).

12. Spinning Dancer

Sometimes called the silhouette illusion, the spinning dancer looks like a female ballerina pirouetting but some people see her moving clockwise at first, and others immediately see her as spinning counterclockwise.

If you look at the image for a while, you’ll likely begin to see it move in the opposite direction. However, training your mind to focus on only one way of viewing the dancer keeps your mental energy flowing in one direction at all times.

This easy technique helps you manifest better by bringing your focus and perspective into productive harmony.

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