13 New Year Tips To Become More Abundance & Success

There is something of a cathartic, cleansing appeal to the New Year for many people. With each New Year comes the chance for new beginnings, a fresh slate on which you can start again.

Obviously, this is only true to a certain degree. Still, it is the idea itself that makes January the perfect time to start afresh with ideas, dreams, and ambitions that until now may have gone stale or perhaps even untouched.

So, if you wonder why New Year's resolutions fail, why not consider what you can do to make this New Year the happiest and most enjoyable year that you possibly can?

13 New Year Tips For Success

the-law-of-attraction New Year Tip #1. Learn And Let Go Of The Past

Every year has its highs and its lows; but this year, decide to only carry the good stuff through with you!

Learn from the experiences that you have had over the past year, it's important that you learn how to forgive and let go of someone who has perhaps hurt you. Focus on all of the good that awaits you in the New Year.

Do this and your energies should become more positive; putting you in the perfect frame of mind to make your dreams for the new year come true.

Tip #2. Love Yourself A Little More

You can never show yourself too much love! So, be sure to invest more quality time on yourself and your well-being.

Whether you set aside one night a week for some pampering, take up a new hobby that has always appealed to you, or speak to yourself more kindly, having some self-care time should become an essential part of your New Year's routine.

Tip #3. Be Giving

Being more ‘giving’ towards others should not only benefit those around you but your own happiness, too.

When you become more ‘give’ and less ‘take’, you not only get an incredible ‘feel-good’ rush but your focus is shifted from thoughts of ‘lack’ to thoughts of ‘abundance’.

Tip #4. Change The Record

Noticed any negative thoughts or self-sabotaging behaviour that may have held you back over the past year? If so, then now is the perfect opportunity to change the record and begin to tell yourself a new, more positive story.

Let go of negativity and move on from the past as you and enter the New Year with a more positive, upbeat attitude.

Your world will always follow where the mind leads.

Tip #5. Be Authentic

True happiness is being able to live out your total, honest truth. to be who you really are! Show the world your authentic self this year; let your true self be exposed for all to see.

No matter how uncomfortable it may feel at first, being able to acknowledge and accept yourself for who you truly are (and letting others see this) is guaranteed to be one of the most profound things that you ever do in your life.

the-law-of-attraction Tip #6. Chase A Dream

You don’t have to get bogged down in endless lists of goals and ambitions; just pick one dream.

Any dream! Limiting yourself to one big dream is an ideal way of keeping things simple and increasing the likelihood of you achieving it. This method may prove so successful; you may go on to fulfill many other dreams in the New Year.

Tip #7. Identify Your Passions

If you have not already done so, then taking the time out to better identify your passions so you can find your purpose – honestly it will prove to be a worthwhile pursuit.

Get to know the real you and uncover what it is that you really want. Do this and you will be able to spend more time enjoying what makes you happy and less chasing what doesn’t.

Tip #8. Connect With Others

Make it your personal mission to reach out to others!

Spend time getting to better know your loved ones, continue to build on already solid relationships, as well as form new and exciting ones.

Tip #9. Be Healthy

Your health should always be a priority; this doesn’t necessarily have to involve sweating it out for hours on end at the gym.

Instead, be sure that you take the necessary action and make the necessary decisions to feel your healthiest and be your very best this year. Feed and move your body in the ways that are best for you.

Don’t forget your mental well-being, too. Put a ban on anything that doesn't serve you, learn how to deal with stress and anxiety this year!

Tip #10. Get Creative

Whether or not you are creative by nature, make this year a more creative one, in your own, unique way! If you love writing then write! If you spent last year wanting to cook more, start cooking! If there’s a particular author whose work you have been saying you wanted to read, here are some recommended Law of Attraction books.

Creativity is a worthwhile time investment, so invest more time this year pursuing the creative things that you love.

Tip #11. Make Room For The Good

How can you enjoy all of the things that you wish to see in the New Year unless you make room for them first? De-clutter your life; rid yourself of the hurt, worry, negativity, mess, people, material things that you picked up over the last year that bring you no happiness or peace.

Make room for the many wonderful and exciting things that you know are coming to you soon.

the-law-of-attraction Tip #12. ‘Allow’

Once you have made the necessary room in your life for the joy and many opportunities that are coming to you this New Year, you’ll have to ‘allow’ these things to come into your life.

Know that you are worthy of all of the good that comes your way over the course of the next year (and the years after that!).

Having confidence in your worthiness is part of ‘allowing’ everything that you want into your life, leaving you free to enjoy everything that comes your way, without fear of them being taken from you. Know when to receive what is rightfully yours.

Tip #13. Be Miracle Minded!

Finally, and most importantly of all, enter into the New Year ‘miracle mindset’! Be open to new and exciting possibilities and expect nothing but the very best from the New Year, as this can send your positive energies through the roof!

When you expect the best, that’s what you get. So, take stock of the many great things to have come out of the past year and feel excited knowing that even better things are still yet to come.

Take these 13 New Year tips with you and trust in the universe to provide you with all that you wish for. Have A Happy And Peaceful New Year!

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