15 Secrets Of Irresistible People (And How To Be Irresistible)

We all know some people who seem to have amazingly good luck and are able to get everything they want.

They’re not always the most gorgeous people in the room or even the smartest, but somehow they manage to light up a room and can accomplish absolutely anything by force of sheer charisma.

The great news is that recent research has discovered what separates these people from others and these are traits you can actively develop in order to help yourself create the life you want!

Have a look at the 15 most important ones below.

15 Secrets Of Irresistible People And How To Be Irresistible

1. They Are Authentic

When you’re fake, other people pick up on this (whether consciously or subconsciously), and you repel them as a result. This is why the most irresistible people are fully genuine—what you see is what you get. They’re also confident in their authenticity, which makes them highly attractive regardless of whether they were blessed with classic good looks.

2. They Don’t Put Others Down

Irresistible people treat others with respect, whether they’re interacting with a world-famous business leader or a homeless person on the street. Everyone is part of the human race, and therefore deserving of dignity.

3. They Love Life

Charming and magnetic people have their struggles too, but it’s obvious that they truly love life. They appreciate every passing moment and know the value of making changes and loving fully. This is infectious, and it’s addictive!

4. They’re Good Listeners

When you’re talking to a magnetic and charismatic person, you really feel like they’re taking in every word and truly understanding it. They practice active listening skills like mirroring body language and paraphrasing what has been said, so you leave feeling “seen” as well as heard.

Sure, it can be hard to even start a conversation. Especially with a stranger. Here are a few useful tips on how to do that:


5. They Have Great Manners

Showing gratitude instantly makes a person more appealing. The words “please” and “thank you” ultimately have more power than flowery compliments or grand gestures. If you want to draw others towards you, working on developing impeccable manners is one of the best places to start.

6. They Are Fair

Charismatic people adhere to a principle of reciprocity, treating others as they want to be treated. So, even if there are unpleasant people in an environment, those who are irresistible tend to model great behavior for others by showing them good ways to treat people.

7. They Don’t Gossip

Irresistible people don’t need to make themselves relevant in a conversation by using cruel or salacious gossip. Instead, they hold the attention of others by bringing curiosity, great listening skills and the best of themselves to every conversation. They leave other people feeling uplifted.

8. They Maintain Boundaries

Being a deeply appealing person doesn’t mean trying to please everyone else all the time. In fact, highly attractive people generally have strong boundaries, ensuring they give to others without draining themselves in the process. The take care of their own needs, which allows them to be there for others in a consistent but appropriate way.

9. They Are Honorable

People with integrity are admired a great deal and often become well-respected authority figures. These irresistible individuals really know what matters in life, and communicate their principles to others.

10. They’re Always Smiling

Multiple studies have shown that a wide, enthusiastic smile is one of the most attractive qualities a person can exhibit. So it’s no surprise that irresistible people smile all the time, no matter what’s going on in their everyday lives—and it’s sexier than any ostentatious outfit could ever be.

11. They Are Empathetic

Truly attractive people offer compassion—not just to people, but also to animals and the world more broadly. They are able to extend this to everyone, even those they don’t particularly like. And they’re relatable, too, as they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

12. They Love Being Social

Being around others helps charismatic people thrive, allowing them to be inspired by the stories they tell and share. Social settings energize them, and their presence immediately improves a party or dinner.

13. They Know The Power Of Hard Work

Irresistible people don’t believe that everything they want will just land in their laps—they know that honest, hard work is needed to succeed, and so they are determined and ambitious. The reason they succeed is that they never give up—and they communicate this important message to others as well.

14. They Have A Positive Attitude

A big part of being irresistible is having an indomitable spirit, remaining positive in the face of stress or criticism. These people don’t engage in self-pity or retreat when the going gets tough. Instead, they look for answers and optimistic ways to overcome life’s inevitable obstacles.

15. They Unite People

Finally, irresistible people connect society, uniting the like-minded and promoting success through togetherness. They’re not only great at figuring out the best roadmap for their own lives, but they seem to have an instinct for helping others carve out their path too.

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