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The Top 20 Things To Let Go Of Before Your Next Birthday

A silhouette of a girl releasing things to let go of while swinging on a tree at sunset.

There are some wonderful ways to use your birthday as a positive marker for success and growth. In particular, why not choose to become more grounded and happy by deliberately putting certain things behind you?

Here are 20 things to let go of before your next birthday, so you can begin a new year with self-love and a fresh perspective.

1. Thoughts That Disempower You

If there are undermining messages that you repeatedly tell yourself or anxiety-evoking fantasies that your brain plays on a loop, resolve to close the door on these thoughts. Instead, focus your attention on thoughts that emphasize your sense of strength and empowerment.

2. Guilt About Pursuing The Life You Desire

Believing your worth is conditional on meeting the needs of others can lead you to feel downright guilty any time we prioritize what we truly want. Leave that attitude behind! You have every right to build the life you’ve always wanted, regardless of what others think.

3. Fear Of The Unknown

The idea of moving into the unknown is much more terrifying than anything that might actually happen! Stop letting nebulous ideas of failure hold you back, and push out of your comfort zone. As you take small, measured steps into the unknown, the right path will become obvious.

4. Regrets

You can’t change the past, and constantly dwelling on the bad things you feel about it will only stop you from creating the best possible future for yourself. There is always something to learn, and always a positive element to any life choice, even the ones that inspire some regret.

5. Worrying

Virtually any Law of Attraction success story cautions against worrying, pointing out that it’s like practicing negative affirmations or even praying for things you don’t want! To attract the things you desire, imagine the very best way things could turn out, not the worst.

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6. Blame

It can feel good to blame others for our difficulties, or for the things we don’t have. However, taking full accountability saves us a lot of emotional energy and empowers us to make the right choices. If there’s something in your life that you don’t like, either accept it as it is or act to change it.

7. Purposelessness

Believe it or not, the world needs you exactly as you are. You have a unique gift to give, and if you don’t know what your gift is yet, then trust that you can and will find the answer soon.

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8. Mistrusting Your Gut

Your intuition is a powerful tool, so use it! Listen to your dreams, tune into your gut feelings, and follow these subconscious guides. Your heart knows where you need to be.

9. Poor Self-Care Routines

Stop running yourself into the ground in order to try and be absolutely all things to all people. Try to see that you really do matter and that caring for yourself is necessary. In any case, you won’t be able to help others if you’re so burnt out that you can’t even help yourself.

10. Jealousy

From an outside perspective, others can seem so much happier and successful.

However, they face challenges you know nothing about, and you are exactly where you need to be right now. In the future, you’ll look back on this time and see it as a necessary step in your amazing journey.

11. Obsession With Objectivity

People like to do things differently, and that’s absolutely fine. Just as others don’t need to conform to your expectations and preferences, so too are you under no obligation to bend and change to suit other people’s ideas of what’s right.

12. Old Stories

You can move on and tell a new story; the past doesn’t have to keep repeating itself, provided you’re willing to learn the key lessons it tried to teach. Internalize those lessons, then resolve to write a fresh script for your life.

13. Wallowing

Instead of taking an inventory of the reasons why you don’t like where you are now, ask yourself where you need and want to be next. Then plan out how you’ll get there, and make it happen!

14. Anger

Sure, not everyone has treated you the right way, and you’ve been hurt before. However, people have their own complex reasons for acting as they do, and at the end of the day, we all deserve happiness. Don’t let toxic anger poison you; let it go, forgive, and start afresh.

15. Perfectionism

There’s always more you can do and be, but it’s healthy to take a moment and appreciate what you are right now. You really are good enough, and you’ve done the best you can today. Let yourself rest.

16. Helplessness

If you don’t know something, you can learn it. Don’t let the skills or knowledge you currently lack prevent you from aiming for the goals you’re attracted to; you have the capacity for endless growth.

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17. Financial Woes

Just like worrying, obsessing about money in a negative way will leave you attracting more financial difficulty. Focus on the idea of abundance instead, and make a productive plan to pay off any debts.

18. A Savior Complex

You can’t save or change people; they have to want to work on themselves, and the best thing you can do is work on yourself. Focus all that energy inward.

19. Thirst for Acceptance

Not everyone will be drawn to you, but the right people will be. At the end of the day, those are the only ones who matter. It’s your uniqueness that will lead you to a life of happiness and fulfillment, so don’t try and force yourself to be someone you’re not.

20. Self-Loathing

You are to be loved and celebrated! You’re not reducible to your dress size, your haircut, your test scores or anything else that’s superficial and transient. It’s your soul that matters and it’s beautiful.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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