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Attract What You Really Want: 24 Hour Law Of Attraction Daily Routine

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Even just dedicating ten minutes a day to using the Law of Attraction through (say) affirmations or creative visualizations can help you to improve your chances of developing the kind of life you crave. However, you can maximize the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction by finding ways to use it constantly, from the moment you get up until the time you go to bed.

Read on for a useful 24-hour guide to the Law of Attraction exercises you can do throughout the day, and note that the precise timings can be adjusted to accommodate your unique schedule.

24 Hour Law Of Attraction Daily Routine
Free Printable PDF: Click here to download your copy of the 24 Hour Law Of Attraction Routine

07:00: Visualize

As you wake, take a moment to visualize the day’s events unfolding in a positive way. A simple, two-minute visualization process can help you build a clear, vibrant image of what you want from the coming hours and put you in a perfect mood to start a great day. See yourself as happy, strong and satisfied, and imagine all the good things you plan to do.

07:10: Focus on Your Goals

After getting up, take the time to write down at least one goal for you to accomplish that day. Nothing is too small as long as it is part of your overall plan to transform your life. For example, you might resolve to talk to a new colleague at work or spend half an hour honing a new skill.

07:30: Practice Affirmations

As you’re getting ready to go out, spend 30 seconds reciting an affirmation into the mirror. Choose something simple but positive, like “Today will be a wonderful day” or “I am confident that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.”

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08:00: Discuss your Plans

While you’re having breakfast with your friends or family, talk about what you want to achieve (speaking clearly and with conviction). For example, you might say “I will redecorate my apartment soon” or “I’m going to find a job I truly love”.

08:30: Random Acts of Kindness

As you make your way to work, challenge yourself to rack up as many random acts of kindness as you can.

Give up your seat for someone else during your commute, hold the door open for someone, compliment a stranger on a beautiful outfit, or give a larger tip than you need to when buying your morning coffee.

09:00: Spread Positive Energy

When you greet your work colleagues and go about your day, be as positive as possible. Report something wonderful that happened to you the other day, explain why you’re excited about the week, and display genuine interest in others.

Avoid contributing negative comments or making complaints about tiredness.

12:00: Be Kind to Yourself

In order to maintain your good mood and keep yourself feeling energetic, try to spend your lunch hour being as kind to yourself as possible. Eat a nutritional, filling meal containing plenty of fresh produce, engage in stimulating conversation with others, and consider taking even just five or ten minutes to yourself to enter a creative visualization and renew your focus on your goals.

13:00: Continue to Spread Positivity

You might notice a dip in the workplace energy after lunch, so it’s worth making that extra effort to spread positivity until the end of the working day. Make encouraging comments on a colleague’s progress, inspire others with new ideas for projects, and continue to tell people about experiences of excitement and happiness you’ve been having.

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18:00: Reflect on Your Progress

As you have dinner with family or friends, talk about the things you most enjoyed about your day. Just like you did at breakfast, state your intentions for the coming evening and for the week more generally, reaffirming your ongoing efforts to attract the life you want.

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21:00: Meditate

When you begin to wind down for the night, find a quiet, peaceful space in which to meditate. Focus on your breathing, relaxing every muscle in your body, and let feelings of peace and contentment flow through you. If you prefer to engage in a more elaborate meditative journey, now is also a good time for that exercise.

22:00: Write in a gratitude journal

Finally, since the Law of Attraction teaches that like attracts like, documenting your positivity in a concrete way may help to increase your chances of experiencing even better days in the coming weeks and months. Write down all the things that inspire gratitude, from substantial developments (like a promotion) to the little moments that make like worthwhile (like sharing a laugh with a friend). Try to write down at least five things each day, and let the positive feelings associated with that gratitude surround you as you fall asleep for the night.

And for those of you who would like to print this out, click here to download the Free PDF of the 24 Hour Law Of Attraction Routine. Enjoy!

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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