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Esther And Jerry Hicks: 3 Life Altering Lessons

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Having delivered some of the greatest teachings on the Law Of Attraction to have ever been recorded, Esther and Jerry Hicks are to be revered for the work that they have done to bring the term ‘Law Of Attraction’ to the attention of Western society.

Responsible for the majority of works to have been published on the Law Of Attraction since the early ’90s, their works have done a great deal for people who have been looking to use the Law Of Attraction in their lives, but until now had never really ‘got it'.

If you have already seen the Hicks in action or read one of Esther and Jerry Hick's books, you will already be aware of the life-changing potential that their words have to offer.

However, if you have never come across the teachings of Esther or Jerry before, read on for 3 of their most powerful lessons.

Esther And Jerry Hicks: 3 Powerful Lessons

Lesson #1: Everything Is Made Up Of Vibration

Firstly, one of the most important things that Hicks teaches is this; the world consists of vibration.

This is a lesson that most modern quantum physicists will wholeheartedly agree with.

Recognizing that everything is made up of vibration is an important part of releasing our inner potential and using the Law Of Attraction in our lives.

This is because when we begin to accept that everything consists of vibrations, we are also accepting that we are the ones attracting everything that currently makes up our lives.

When you are learning about universal vibrations for the first time, you should begin by remembering that ‘like attracts like’.

Therefore, whatever our current vibration consists of (i.e. anger, gratitude, happiness, fear), is what we can attract back into our lives. Because of this, it is important to create vibrational energy to match that what you want.

Lesson #2: Let Your Emotions Guide You

The Hicks teaches that the best way to gauge what vibrations you are emitting is to observe your emotions. It is our emotions that determine what vibrations we are emitting into the universe; so, how we feel about a particular topic can impact what manifests in that area of our life.

For example, if you are feeling anxious about your finances, then you will manifest in your life more reasons to be anxious about finances. Then both your and the universe’s vibrations are aligned.

So, let your emotions be your guide to help you choose what vibrations you are emitting. Make yourself a beacon of love and positivity, and positivity and love should manifest in your life two-fold.

Lesson #3: The Power Of Affirmations

According to Esther and Jerry, an important part of using the Law Of Attraction to live your perfect life is recognizing the power of intent.

We set our intention to create our reality. When we really have belief in a dream of ours and fine-tune our vibrations to match the vibration of our goals, then it becomes possible to manifest even our wildest of dreams.

To achieve the best vibrational energy to match that of your required state, it is important to throw as much power behind your intent as possible. One way of doing this is with affirmations.

Affirmations are an incredibly useful tool for turning a dream into a reality, as they are extremely effective for aligning your vibration with your goals. A repeated, spoken statement; when using affirmations, it is often best to speak in the first person and in the present tense. I.e. ‘I love having a slim and happy body’.

The whole purpose of affirmations is to make you feel as though you are already living out your ambitions. When you do this, your emotions (and therefore, your vibrations) get in sync with your goals – attracting them to you.

Another suggested way of adding power to your intent is to write them down. When you write down your goals as though you have already achieved them, the universe can strive to align itself with the vibration that you are emitting – bringing you what you want the most.

Are You New To The Law Of Attraction?

If you are new to your Law Of Attraction journey, then there is no one better than Esther and Jerry Hicks to show you the ropes and set you off on your path to limitless potential and creation. The three lessons provided above are the three most basic, but also most important teachings that you should need. Begin applying them to your life today and marvel at the impressive changes that begin to take place in your life.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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