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5 Easy Steps For Turning Good Intentions Into Positive Action


Do you often find yourself talking dreamily about the future? Fantasizing or talking about ‘the day’ when you will finally get around to writing your first novel; or will start your own business, or even get around to starting that diet?

We are all guilty of it. No matter how much we plan and talk about what we intend to do or achieve, we never seem to get any further than our intentions, no matter how good they may originally seem.

As you may already know, following through with a dream or an idea can turn out to be a lot tougher than we had previously imagined. As the initial excitement of an idea or goal wears off and the doubts and ‘what ifs’ begin to creep in, what at first seemed like a very good intention, suddenly becomes a chore we would rather ignore. That is before another good intention comes along… Just imagine how much we could do with our lives if we saw our intentions through to the end. Think of the levels of greatness we could reach and the power we would enjoy! By now, you could have become a famous novelist, be enjoying that summer house in the garden, traveling across India, or be CEO of a multi-million-pound business.

But it’s not too late! This could still all be true for you! If you are guilty of not sticking with your good intentions, then read on, for the five steps that you need to turn your good intentions into positive action:

Step 1: Set Your Intention

Sometimes, the reason we are unable to stick with an intention is that we have so many! So instead of overwhelming yourself with multiple ideas and aims, why not pick out one specific goal?
Putting some of your other goals on the back burner might feel a bit frustrating, especially when you so desperately want to succeed at them all. However, it is important to remember that whilst you were trying to hold onto all of these intentions, you were actually succeeding at none of them.

Try sticking to one goal for a while and see what progress you begin to make. You can always throw another one into the mix at a later date!

Action Needed: Set your sights on one goal only. Use dream boards and visual reminders of your goal to keep you focused on what it is that you want to achieve. And believe in what you want to attract (here's how you can do that)!


Step 2: Get Clarity

Now that you have set your intention, it’s time to develop a plan of action!

There is no point rushing into something blindly, no matter how eager you may be to see your intention through. Prosperity is all about the planning and clarity of your vision. This can give you the benefit of foresight to look ahead and decide what you are going to have to do to turn your intention into a triumph.

So, if you are intending to lose weight, what might you plan to do?

  • Create an exercise regime?
  • Join a sports team?
  • Keep a food diary?
  • Have fixed, regular weigh-ins?

Before you can take action, establishing the steps that you will have to take to reach your goal can be vital for your long-term triumph. So, get clear on your vision. See yourself at the finish line! Then mentally run through what the journey there will look like, to see what action you will need to take on the way.

Action Needed: Write down five forms of action that you will need to take, to help you towards achieving your goal.

Step 3: Organize Yourself

Without organization and the necessary tools you may need, you could be putting yourself at a serious disadvantage, hindering your chances of reaching your goal.

No matter how strong our intentions may be, if we do not surround ourselves with the tools and environment that we need to accomplish our goals, then even the most headstrong of people may feel inclined to give up. We should be self-motivating in every aspect we can!

First, in order to get better organized, try and plan ahead by thinking of what you might need to make reaching your goal that little bit easier. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you could plan ahead and check that you have the following; nutritional recipes, the correct gym-wear, pre-prepared shopping lists, and a morning plan, to ensure that you leave enough time for breakfast.

Action Needed: Take action today! It was procrastination that prevented you from seeing your intentions through to the end in the first place; so, make a list of what you can do today to ensure that nothing stops you from setting off towards your goal tomorrow.

Step 4: Celebrate Your Progress!

Motivation is crucial when you are looking to achieve something, no matter how big or small. Reaching any goal demands hard work and extreme patience, and if you do not reward yourself regularly or acknowledge your successes, you can quickly become disinterested and lose focus.

No matter what your goal, whether it is to lose weight, embark on a new career or save up to go traveling, be sure to keep a track of your progress. Every time you hit a target, such as reaching a certain weight or amount in your savings, celebrate what you have achieved! Treat yourself to some pampering or have a mini splurge on something that you should need once you’ve reached your target i.e. a slinky dress or a travelers rucksack.

Action Needed: Be sure to record all of your progress in a journal or on a calendar. Set yourself milestones. And when you reach them, congratulate yourself with a well-deserved reward!

When you take one intention, focus on it, create a plan of action and motivate yourself as much as possible. Then when your next good intention comes along, you can feel confident, knowing that this time you can be seeing it through to the end.

Step 5: Don't give up!

At some point, you might be tempted to stop trying. It might be because you feel like you are not reaching your goal fast enough because you are tired or even because you think you have done good enough. At this time it is important that you keep going no matter what. Have you heard of the second wind concept? It is a phenomenon in distance running when an athlete who is too tired to continue suddenly finds the strength to press on. Well, you can also get a second wind when trying to achieve something. Just wait for it and don't give up. To help get a second wind try focusing on your goal and imagine how much you can then enjoy your triumph.

Action Needed: Revisit your dream boards and visual reminders from Step 1.


What Next?

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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