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How To Be Kind To Yourself: 5 Important Acts Of Self-Kindness

A young woman with her hands folded in prayer on a pink background, embodying self-kindness.

Now and again, we all suffer from feelings of unworthiness or of there being something ‘wrong’ with us. In fact, as a society we have made showing unworthiness in ourselves more acceptable than public displays of confidence, self-approval or being kind to yourself, which are deemed by many as being a sign of arrogance or of being egotistical.

This devastating absence of self-belief and self-love in individuals is nothing short of tragic. Since when did we decide that meekness in our ability as individuals should become a more desirable trait then unwavering self-love? Keep reading to discover how to be kind to yourself today…

We are all beautifully unique and miraculous beings! We should begin to recognize our self-worth and celebrate who we are and what we have to offer this planet. The day we all become truly happy with who we are and begin to treat ourselves with the kindness and respect that we deserve, is the day that the world will become a much more loving, peaceful place. Happiness and the key to loving others begins with learning to love ourselves.

So, tune out that unsupportive voice in your head telling you that ‘you’re not good enough’ or ‘there is something wrong with you’. Instead, take a look at these 5 acts of self-kindness to help you become truly happy with who you are.

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5 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself Today

1. Say ‘I Love You’

Before you can think about becoming best friends with yourself, you first need to make a choice: whether to hold onto all your feelings of self-doubt, insecurity and hate that have held you back for so long now or to let go and make room for love.

Make a pact with yourself and decide once and for all that you are going to swap all of your negativity for loving thoughts. If not, your relationship with yourself can remain a bumpy one.

When you make the conscious decision to fill your thoughts with ones of love, you leave no room for any self-doubt or insecurity. Laugh off any suggestions of doubt or fear that your subconscious tries to feed you. They are ridiculous after all!

You are a strong, extremely capable and unique individual. Learn to love what is best about you! Let the world see how much love you have for yourself! Love yourself and the world should be sure to love you back.

2. Wave Goodbye To Your Inner Critic

If you want to become happier with yourself, then it is time to turn your attention away from your inner critic; and instead, open your eyes and mind to just how wonderful you are.

When you shut your mind down to the words of the critic within you, your mind is then free to observe and appreciate what you have been missing all along: how awesome you truly are! Our inner critic can be very easy to spot; it is the voice that pipes up with a scathing remark every time you catch yourself in the mirror or the voice that cuts in whenever you think about trying something outside of your comfort zone.

But do you know what the most liberating thing about discovering your inner critic is? It’s finding out that this negative voice inside of your head is you. This may not seem a reason for celebration at first, but consider this… it is you that is telling yourself these things and controlling your life. Therefore, just think what you can begin to achieve when you swap these negative thoughts for positive ones! You have been in charge of your destiny all along. So, it is completely in your hands to change it.

3. Speak Only Kind Words

So, now that you can recognize the dramatic impact that your words have on your happiness, why not go from being your inner critic to your inner cheerleader?

It is our words that define us; they tell ourselves and the universe who we are. Therefore, if you don’t like something about yourself, change your words to tell yourself and the universe a different story. When we use new and different words to describe ourselves, either mentally or out loud, sooner or later these words can become an accurate description of ourselves. For example, if you have always chastised yourself for being shy and nervous around others then begin to describe yourself as confident and outgoing. Do this often enough (affirmations are perfect for this) and you should soon find yourself confidently taking center stage amongst your peers.

Fake it until you make it! Be your own cheerleader on a daily basis and sing your praises. Remember, how you perceive yourself is how the world will perceive you.

4. Acknowledge Your Achievements

Sometimes, it can be much easier to spot our failures than it is to recognize our achievements. Unknowingly, we set ourselves up for failure. We often let our self-doubts stand in the way of our ambitions, setting ourselves grueling and unrealistic goals.

Acknowledging your accomplishments, no matter how small, is one of the first steps towards seeing and appreciating yourself in a more positive way. Begin to congratulate yourself daily on all of the good that you do and celebrate your achievement of goals. Do this and you can begin to feel increasingly better and better about yourself until thoughts of praise and positivity come to you naturally every single day.

5. Change Your Thoughts

We are defined by our thoughts. Change your thoughts and you can change your life. However, this doesn’t mean that you should let your thoughts scare you. When we experience negative or hateful thoughts, this is not who we truly are. So don’t let your thoughts fool you! This is not who you are.

Having said this, your thoughts can be used as an important tool for changing your life and your relationship with yourself for the better. Through the power of your thoughts, you can become whoever you want to be. You can never rise higher than your thoughts, so be sure to raise the bar as high as you possibly can.

Take responsibility for your thoughts; use them to tell yourself what a loving, unique, powerful person you are. Fuel your thoughts with love and you can not only become more loving to yourself but to others too.

Our relationship with ourselves is quite possibly the most important relationship we will ever have! It can certainly be the longest. Make this relationship the best that it can possibly be and choose to show yourself the kindness and love that you deserve. Work on this, and you should then discover the limitless potential that lies within you.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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