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5 Ways To Begin Attracting What You Want At The Start Of The Day

A wooden table adorned with a cup of coffee and coffee beans attract what you want.

Early morning is the best time of the day to set an intention, to help you attract what you want into your life. Setting your mind to the right frequency to bring about the fruition of your goals and ambitions is beneficial since nothing much will have had time to disrupt your thinking process.

Additionally, the sooner you start to send positive vibrations out into the world, the longer momentum has time to build and work miracles.

Here are 5 ways that you can start to attract what you want into your life – they are also great things to do to start your day in a positive way.

Envisioning Vs Visualizing

Form a mental picture in your mind about how you want your day to unravel. Whether you will attend an important meeting with your boss, or simply intend to spend the day spring-cleaning, it is within your power to visualize expected events proceeding successfully. Imagining carrying out tasks well will aid focus, and focusing on what you want lends oomph to your intentions.

Use Positive Words

When you talk in the morning use positive words. If you have little choice but to begin discussing what might be perceived as problems early in the day, use words that aid positive thinking.

For instance, if you need to tell someone that you are about to take your dog to see a veterinarian, don't say “my dog's so sick and distressed that I have to take her to see a vet.” Instead, say, “I am taking my dog to a veterinarian so that she can receive the help that she needs to become healthy and happy.” Choose to use your words to help you focus on a positive outcome instead of potential pitfalls. There are different types of affirmations you can use to help boost your self-esteem.

Remember that the manifestation process can always produce something bigger and better too… So always be open to a greater manifestation.


Create sentences that accurately sum up how you wish your day to proceed in a successful manner. Say the sentences aloud with passion, so that you feel strong positive emotions as you speak. Use your body to help express the incantation by gesturing where appropriate with your hands. At the same time, speak as though you are talking to someone, declaring your intentions.

Mindful Dressing

What you wear is important when it comes to attraction, since the way you dress sends a message, not only to others but also to the universe. How you regard what you wear and the power with which you imbue your clothing and accessories affects you.

For instance, if you believe that you look great in your clothes, you will feel positive, and focusing on your intentions will be easier as a result as your mind will not be cluttered with thoughts stemming from low self-esteem about your appearance. Confidence raises your vibration and makes attraction effortless.

Pure Zone-Time

If possible, use a particular area in your home or garden in which you can create a clear mind, free from worry and concern. Meditating in your zone for five minutes in the morning is cleansing.

If you wake up feeling concerned about what you need to achieve in the next twenty-four hours, you will discover that meditation washes away your fears, leaving your mind free to rise to challenges and fill with enthusiasm.

Indeed, instead of feeding your worries, you will alter your thoughts and actions so that they reflect what you want.

Clarifying and focusing on what you want in your mind via envisioning will aid your success in life. Additionally, using heartfelt incantations, dressing powerfully, and spending five minutes in a pure zone meditating will clear away negativity and leave a clear path for your intentions to materialize.

Moreover, using positive words when you speak will keep positive vibrations flowing and make attracting what you dream seamlessly.

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All of the above are great ways that you can start to attract what you want in your life at the start of the day. If you keep up with practicing these tips, you could soon start to become a pro at attracting and manifesting things into your reality.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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