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6 Affirmations For Overcoming Dating Insecurities

A couple sitting on a dock offering affirmations to overcome dating insecurities.

Along with financial success, career satisfaction, and general personal development, true love is one of the most common goals for those who are learning how to apply the Law of Attraction to their lives. Affirmations for overcoming dating insecurities can be a great tool to try and achieve this.

And, as you’re probably already aware, affirmations are powerful tools —they help you to reshape problematic, negative beliefs into productive, positive ones.

You can tailor your affirmations to suit any romantic aim and reflect any challenge that you’re determined to move past.

Here are six sample affirmations for overcoming dating insecurities.

Feel free to tweak them so that they speak to you as accurately as possible.

1. “You are beautiful and desirable.”

This type of affirmation is ideal if you struggle to view yourself as attractive. After all, proponents of the Law of Attraction note that if you see yourself in a certain way, others are liable to perceive you similarly.

Consequently, you might be able to boost your success with affirmations for love that counteracts harsh thoughts you have about your appearance.

Say it into the mirror at least five times before leaving the house. You could also consider writing it on a note that you can paste above your dresser.

2. “I deserve to be treated well, and others will recognize this.”

This is just one way to phrase an affirmation that addresses any trust issue that might be holding you back from dating success.

If you’ve been treated poorly in the past or are struggling to move past a mistaken assumption that you deserve to be treated poorly, this type of affirmation will help you come to believe that you really are worthy of love (and that others will see that too).

3. “I am confident, capable and wonderful to talk to.”

Most people lose confidence in their interpersonal skills from time to time, especially if they’re looking for love and haven’t yet managed to find a good match.

An affirmation like this one helps you to get into the perfect mood for meeting someone for dinner or a drink. You can even slip into the restroom to say it to yourself when you need that confidence boost during that faltering date.

4. “I am sexy, fun and magnetic.”

You can replace this affirmation with any phrase that gets you into a great headspace for charming people, and it’s especially effective when you’re feeling a bit grumpy or low before planning to go on a date or an event for single people.

For example, perhaps you do think you can be sexy, but you worry about whether you’re funny and desperately want to be seen as smart.

Whatever phrase you choose, this is another type of affirmation that is probably most useful if you say it into the mirror right before you leave the house. Smile as you repeat it, and mean it!

5. “I feel happier and more complete every day.”

It’s great to commit yourself to the quest of finding a soul mate, and the Law of Attraction does encourage a consistent focus on your goal.

However, you’ll be a more optimistic, positive person (and more likely to meet the right partner) if you don’t believe that you need romance in order to be complete.

Using an affirmation that reminds you to feel good about what you already have encourages an increasing sense of contentment and happiness that will easily transmit to others—and that infectious mood might just be the thing that attracts your ideal partner.

6. “The right person will come to me soon.”

On a related note, if it feels like you’ve spent your whole life looking for someone to love and you’re beginning to lose hope, this type of affirmation will help avoid a counterproductive descent into negativity.

Believe that you can and will find your soul mate, and know that saying statements that reflect that belief will also help to keep you open to new possibilities (such as partners you might not have considered before because they didn’t fit your idea of a “type”).

Using Affirmations Creatively

Finally, don’t forget that learning how to use the Law of Attraction is all about being creative, so you don’t need to stick to simply reciting your affirmations as well.

For example, you might instead try writing it down 5-10 times if this feels more powerful, or you might set smartphone reminders that display the relevant affirmation on screen right before you’re about to meet someone or know you’ll need a boost.

You can let your artistic talents shape your use of affirmations, too. Some people like to write their affirmation in the center of a board, and surround it with inspirational images. Others like to make drawings that feature the words of their favorite affirmation.

There is no right or wrong way to use them—experiment as much as you like and stick with anything that really moves you.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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