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6 Exercises For Using The Law of Attraction In The Workplace

A woman practices the law of attraction in her workplace while relaxing in front of her laptop.

When people first discover the Law of Attraction and learn that they have the power to improve their lives, many of them immediately start thinking about their work situation.

Are you longing to secure a promotion, looking to build better connections with colleagues or just wanting to cultivate a more positive attitude towards your job? Well, you can use the Law of Attraction in the workplace and use it to help you find happiness in your career.

Here are some helpful exercises for using the Law of Attraction in the workplace.


Exercise 1: Try Using Creative Visualization Before Work

If you've done some basic reading on the Law of Attraction, you'll know that a key element of utilizing the law involves visualizing your goals. While you can do this creative visualization process at any time of day, many people choose a time slot just before bed in order to facilitate a relaxed frame of mind.

However, if you are looking to influence your feelings and performance in the workplace, it may be worth getting up slightly earlier and attempting creative visualization just before going to work. Even just spending five minutes in a meditative state and picturing yourself achieving all of your work goals can help to strengthen your ability to use the Law of Attraction in the workplace.

Exercise 2: Practicing Affirmations Before And During The Day

Many success stories about the Law of Attraction involve the consistent and sincere use of affirmations. You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing affirmations, so think about what you want to achieve and try to distill it into a punchy, accurate sentence. For example, if you're trying to climb the career ladder, you might try saying “My boss will notice my fantastic performance today.”

Meanwhile, if you want to network with other people and have always been naturally shy, try an affirmation like “I am a dynamic, attractive person and my colleagues will gravitate towards me.” You can practice these types of affirmations in the morning before heading out to work, or you can take a few minutes to say them to yourself on your lunch break.

Some people find morning affirmations especially powerful when recited whilst looking in the mirror. This is a great exercise to practice when using the Law of Attraction in the workplace.

Exercise 3: Using Stones


Healing stones and crystals can be used to enhance your attempt to harness the Law of Attraction, and even when using the Law of Attraction in the workplace. If you don't know anything about the meanings of stones, don't worry! There are a few key examples that are particularly strongly linked to career success.

Wondering how to cope with work-related stress, agate can help you stay strong during intense periods. Meanwhile, the tiger eye is said to attract abundance and wealth, so it is a perfect choice if your career goals are linked to financial gain.

Meanwhile, a septarian is a symbol of good communication abilities, making it a suitable option for those who want to boost their presentation skills or enhance their interpersonal interactions. These stones are small enough to be placed in the pocket of your pants, your suit jacket, or your briefcase, and will provide a constant connection to your goals.

Once you have chosen a stone, you can also try holding it during your creative visualization process in order to more directly link the stone to your use of the law of attraction.

Exercise 4: Enhance Your Visualizations

While most people start with a very literal image of their success, you might want to play with creating a more symbolic visualization in order to decide which type of visualization you find most evocative and meaningful. When it comes to career goals, you could imagine money raining down on you if you are particularly motivated to attract prosperity.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for the recognition that comes with career success, it can be incredibly motivating to imagine everyone in the workplace applauding you. If you have a very general career goal (such as happiness and satisfaction at work), try picturing yourself moving through your workplace while surrounded by a warm golden glow.

Exercise 5: Cut Out Negativity


Even if you are visualizing your goals and practicing affirmations, there are some common problems that could undermine your ability to use the Law of Attraction to its full potential. In particular, you might still find yourself listening to a negative, critical voice in your head, and you might also air negative sentiments when you're talking to others.

The Law of Attraction won't work nearly as well if you visualize your ideal life at night but then spend your days telling people that you doubt you'll ever succeed! If you struggle to quash negativity, try taking small steps. Promise yourself that you will spend a week shutting down your internal critic every time it speaks, and commit to saying positive, motivating things when you discuss your career with friends, family or colleagues. Over time, this habit will become a way of life.

Exercise 6: Keep A Journal

Finally, try picking a notebook or journal that symbolizes positivity, and write your dreams in this book. Just as many people find it very meaningful to purge themselves of sadness or anger by writing it down, there is something powerful about seeing your hopes and dreams printed on a page. Describe what you see in your visualizations, write short descriptions of the working life you want to manifest and return to this journal every time you need a reminder of your goals.

If you like, you can also dedicate journal space to writing down your successes and milestones as you work towards the career goals you have visualized. You can be fairly creative with your journal use, but the one rule is that the book has to contain only positive thoughts and dreams. Your journal will also be more likely to help you use the Law of Attraction if you keep your writing focused on your career, avoiding the temptation to stray into different ideas about how you might improve other areas of your life.

One thing at a time!

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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