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6 Myths Of The Law Of Attraction Exposed And Explained

The word myth is spelled out in pink letters on a colorful background, debunking common myths.

The Law Of Attraction has found itself on the receiving end of plenty of media attention over the past couple of years.

This is no thanks to the recent movie ‘The Secret’! Consequently, this ensued an explosion of the internet, television, and newspaper exposure that it has received.

As a result of this, ‘The Law Of Attraction’ has become a recognizable term to the majority of Western society.

Unfortunately, as masses of publications and teachings on the Law Of Attraction have snowballed, so have the myths and untruths that now surround this great law.

This has largely been the result of incomplete or misconstrued information being expressed through the media. This has resulted in a general sense of confusion surrounding the Law Of Attraction and how it should be used.

These myths are not only frustrating for those of us that are keen to share the truth of the Law Of Attraction, in the hope that it can help others, but can also hinder those that are seeking to learn more about the law and how to correctly use it.

Upon hearing about the Law Of Attraction for the first time, many people find themselves drawn to its truths. Often, they immediately recognize these truths within themselves.

However, with so many myths and conflicting ideas being taught on the subject, many feel as though they have come so close to the truth only to be kept held back from the facts at an arm’s length.

So, are you suffering from a case of ‘Law Of Attraction’ information overload?

If you have found yourself hindered on your journey to understanding the Law Of Attraction as a result, then here are six of the biggest Law Of Attraction Myths: debunked for your benefit! Keep reading to discover The Law Of Attraction… exposed.

MYTH #1: The Law Of Attraction Is New

It is a widely held misbelief that the Law Of Attraction is some new ‘self-help’ movement to have only recently been brought to our attention. However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Since the beginning of time, the Law Of Attraction has been in existence.

The Law Of Attraction is not the result of one individual’s imagination but rather one of the oldest universal laws. It was not ‘invented' but rather ‘discovered'.

The reason why so many consider the Law Of Attraction to be a new concept is because of all of the recent media coverage that it has received.

This suddenly thrusted the Law Of Attraction into the spotlight.

(Learn about the history of The Law Of Attraction)

Therefore, teachings on the Law Of Attraction have always been there for us to discover.

However, it is as a result of the Internet and the increasingly open-minded mentality of society that the astonishing methods of the Law Of Attraction have had the opportunity to be shared on such a larger scale.

MYTH #2: The Law Of Attraction Is ‘Supernatural’

With everybody’s eyes slowly being opened to the vast and limitless potential that lies in front of them, it is no wonder that for some, the Law Of Attraction and the possibilities that it offers seem like some form of ‘magic’.

The Law Of Attraction isn’t a case of simply wanting something and it falling into your lap as a result of positive thinking.

Instead, it is about keeping your mind open to positivity. In addition, you must have faith in the universe to provide you with what you want most in life.

The Law Of Attraction is no wishing-well or form of witchcraft. It is, alternatively, a way of opening your eyes to the very best aspects of life.

MYTH #3: The Law Of Attraction Can Give You Whatever You Visualize

Despite it being true that visualization plays a very crucial role in training your mind to ‘attract', it is not the visualization itself that is manifesting what you want.

You may really, really want a new house. But, spending all of the time in the world picturing this dream home of yours can do nothing to make it a reality.

Visualizing something helps to reign in your thoughts and focus on what it is that you want most. However, it is your beliefs and emotions surrounding what you visualize that control whether your dreams become a reality or not.

Turning your ‘thoughts’ into concrete reality requires extreme faith. Believe that what you want most is already yours, and immediately feel grateful for it.

MYTH #4: The Law Of Attraction Is Something That Is ‘Learnt’

It is an unfortunate misconception that in order to reap the benefits of the Law Of Attraction and obtain your ‘ideal’ life that the Law Of Attraction has to be ‘learnt’.

Many people often forget that the Law Of Attraction is not some quick-fix scheme.

Plus, it is not a recently discovered formula for happiness that must be studied and applied. It is a never-changing, ever-present part of life. Before you had even heard of the term ‘the Law Of Attraction’ it was already at play within your life.

It is a continuous process that is forever responding to the emotions and thoughts that you are knowingly or unknowingly sending out into the universe.

Therefore, you cannot ‘learn’ the Law Of Attraction; it is already working for you. The key is to become more aware of it and understand the control that you have over your own life.

MYTH #5: The Law Of Attraction Teaches You To Care About Nobody Other Than Yourself

Essentially, when people begin to learn more about the Law Of Attraction they are often left open-mouthed when they realize that they are being taught to try and be a bit more selfish.

However, if learning how to prevent the moods of others from affecting your well-being is selfish, then everybody ought to try it a little more often. Especially for the sake of their bodies.

In a society, we have been taught to put the needs of others before our own. It has become more important than ever to learn how to once again put your own happiness first.

However, many have misconstrued the Law Of Attraction teachings on encouraging your own happiness as ‘selfish’ in its negligence of the misery of others.

But what good is one miserable person to another? By learning to find happiness in our own lives we can have the confidence and strength to be of better service to those that really need us.

MYTH #6: Your Thoughts Are Dangerous If Left Unchecked

Instead of rejoicing in the realization that through thoughts alone they are able to become the masters of their own universe, some people learn about the Law Of Attraction and become terrified that they will have to control every thought that they have or risk a bad thought becoming a reality.

The fear that every negative thought that you have can come into manifestation is completely unfounded. There is no need to fear your thoughts. A small thought alone does not have the power to become a reality.

Firstly, you have to be telling yourself something over and over again with conviction in your mind for the universe to pick up on it.

Secondly, every impatient person might point out to you that the things that you want (or don’t want) won’t come to you straight away.

Time is a great helper in providing you with an opportunity to reflect back on what it is that you want. Plus, it eliminates any negative emotions that you may have harbored throughout the day.

A fleeting, unchecked thought can result in nothing. However, it is the all-consuming thoughts that you spend time pondering and feeling strongly about that should come into effect.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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