6 Ways To Deal With Disappointment In Life Right Now

Even when you become incredibly adept at using the Law of Attraction to your advantage, it’s inevitable that you’ll feel disappointed sometimes. And whether you’re dealing with something small but annoying (such as losing a favorite scarf) or coping with something larger that impacts on your deeper well-being, it can be hard to recover once that feeling of disappointment takes hold.

In particular, you may struggle to refocus on your manifestation goal. If that difficulty goes on for too long then you may be tempted to give up altogether. Try these six strategies to get yourself back on track as quickly as possible.

How To Deal With Disappointment: 6 Tips

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1. Deep Breathing

Have you ever noticed how the body responds to discovering something disappointing? Typically, a feeling of tension takes over, leading to stiff shoulders, a clenched jaw, and a rigid posture. If you continue to hold this position, it creates a feedback loop of negative emotion, exacerbating the sense of disappointment. When you notice this happening, remind yourself to breathe.

If you already practice mindfulness meditation exercises then you’ll already be familiar with the power of regularity the breath.

If not, then now is the perfect time to start.

  1. Sit down somewhere you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Breathe in and out five times, as deeply as you can.
  3. Feel your lungs expanding as you inhale, and the body gradually softening as you exhale.

This is a centering and calming exercise that can help you shake off not only disappointment but also sudden anxiety, frustration or sadness.

Read more about breathing techniques here.

2. Reaching Out

There can be a temptation to retreat inside yourself when you’re disappointed, but if you resist this urge then you’re likely to refocus and recover more quickly.

Whether you arrange a night out with your favorite people, call that one great friend who always understands you or just go to a family member’s house and ask for a big hug, human contact can work wonders for your healing process. And once that love and care has taken the sting out of disappointment, reach out to someone who is particularly good at helping you solve problems.

This might be a friend or a therapist. Either way, the goal is to take a critical look at the current facts. Figure out concrete next steps to help you achieve your overarching goal.

3. Brainstorming

As well as talking to others about the next steps after disappointment, it’s smart to do your own brainstorming session about where to go from here.

Do this in the way that feels most natural to you. This might involve mind mapping, journaling, or even sketching/drawing. The key is to make sure it feels like a productive, forward-looking process that makes the best out of the resources you currently have. This can take some of the powerlessness out of the feeling of disappointment.

4. Allowing Yourself to Nap

There are a couple of reasons why taking a nap can help you refocus after disappointment.

Firstly, being tired amplifies negative emotions, so you may find that everything just looks that little bit brighter after you rest.

Secondly, going to bed for a while can have the effect of “resetting” your brain. It can give you a fresh mindset and the resources to figure out a way to move past present challenges. It’s common to feel guilty about naps and think that they mean you’re lazy, but in truth, they’re healthy and sensible.

Studies show that even just a 20-minute sleep can top up your physical energy and boost your cognitive abilities.

5. Connecting to Nature

The next time you get bad news, try spending some time outside as soon as you can. There is something grounding and relaxing about being in nature. Be sure to focus entirely on the present moment, noticing everything from the mix of smells to the way the light falls on the trees and any animals you might see.

If you have the energy, it’s worth combining time outdoors with exercise. For example, a brisk jog in the park or a cycle through the forest will often leave you rejuvenated and determined to succeed.

6. Finding a Way to Let Go

Finally, the hardest but probably most effective way to refocus after an experience of disappointment is just to let go.

In your Law of Attraction work, you’ve probably already thought and read a lot about the importance of releasing your goals so that the Universe can send you what you need. Releasing negative experiences is just as important.

One thing you can do is to focus your attention on previous times when disappointment led to something wonderful. This is a solid reminder of the fact that everything in our life happens for a reason, and that negative experiences are often mere stops on the path to greater success.

You might also try creating a ritual around the idea of letting go, perhaps by saying an affirmation (e.g. “I release my disappointment about ____ and refocus my energy on _____”). Or, by burning a piece of paper on which you’ve written something about your disappointment.

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