9 Signs From The Universe Trying To Tell You Something

You’ll likely have noticed that many Law of Attraction success stories make references to signs encountered along the way.

These are important indicators that can lead you in the right direction when you’re attempting to manifest your dream. They can tell you what you need, provide inspiration, and even guide you away from potential mistakes you could have otherwise made along the way.

Here are some of the most powerful.

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9 Signs From The Universe

1. Passing Sights On Roads


Be observant when you’re traveling. For example, seeing the aftermath of an accident can indicate that you need to slow down in your own life. Meanwhile, a discarded object can also give you a clue—a shopping cart might suggest you need more resources to achieve your dream, while a pillow might mean you need to rest more often.

Even sad sights like a dead animal can tell you something, depending on the traits associated with the creature. A deer could be connected to how you could benefit from tapping into your innate gentleness, and a bird may signal that it’s time to free yourself of a negative situation.

2. When A Streetlight Goes Out


Just as you're walking by, a lamp dies without reason. This can have something to do with the electronic impulses of your brain. All of our thoughts and movements are the result of electrical impulses that the brain generates. And if these impulses can affect your body, they can probably affect the outside world as well.

If you caused a streetlight to go out, you were sending out powerful energy to the Universe that caused it to respond to you.

So ask yourself this – who or what were you thinking about that made you create such a strong energy field?

3. Overheard Conversations


Although overheard conversations might seem like they’re nothing to do with you, the truth is that they can be broadcasts that the universe wants you to hear. Suppose that you’re yearning for a new relationship but are nervous about putting yourself out there in the dating world, and you’re having lunch somewhere that two people just happen to be talking about their own romantic situations.

One person might say that they’d never be brave enough to try online dating. While the other talks enthusiastically and passionately about the amazing new person they met on a just such a site. These people might be signs that there are two competing parts of you and that the part that’s willing to take a risk and try something new will likely be rewarded.

4. When Your Text Doesn't Send


Do you think it's just a coincidence that your phone disconnected from the internet just as you click send? Or could it be the Universe trying to stop you from going down the wrong path?

When this happens next time, take a moment to think about what it is that you're doing. If it hasn't sent the first time, do you really want to try again? Maybe you should rephrase what you are saying, or withhold from sending it all together. The Universe is basically giving you a second chance. Take it.

5. Familiarity


We’ve all experienced that eerie sense of déjà vu that comes with encountering a person who just seems deeply familiar. Sometimes, this is a sign that this particular individual has a lot to teach you or can naturally fit into your life in a positive way.

Meanwhile, if you see someone and they immediately trigger a memory of someone from your past, this can either signal that the time is right for a reunion or that you have unfinished emotional processing to do regarding that person before you can move on with your life.

6. Music In Your Head


Having a song stuck in your head can be a useful sign that will aid your Law of Attraction work! Sometimes, if you look more closely at the lyrics, you’ll suddenly see a hidden message or a useful piece of advice.

A mellow ballad might be telling you that you’ll be fine if you can only just relax. A nostalgic piece from your childhood could be helping you see the usefulness of returning to a playful state of mind.

Alternatively, what might matter is when and where you recently heard the song. If it was on when you met a particular person, perhaps they could help you achieve your dream (whether it’s love, abundance or career success).

7. Animals


If you keep seeing a particular animal (e.g. in your yard, or just on television), think about its behavior and traits. For example, a squirrel could be telling you to conserve your resource just now in order to use them at a more opportune time further down the road.

Alternatively, an owl could be a sign that you will be more able to create the life you want if you accumulate more wisdom (perhaps by going back to school or ordering some books connected to your goal).

8. The Condition Of Your House


What happens to your house can tell you a lot about your inner life. In particular, encountering challenges or difficulties associated with your home may point to particular internal challenges you need to face if you’re going to manifest your ideal situation.

If your roof develops cracks, ask yourself if your frame of mind is currently working for you or impeding you. And if your kitchen is flooding, consider whether you’re experiencing an emotional flood and are in need of time to rest, rejuvenate and heal.

9. Surprises


Things that seem to come out of the blue are often exceptionally helpful signs—they may seem irrational, out of place or even shocking, and that’s what strongly suggests they are Universal messages.

Examples abound—you might get a letter meant for someone else and open it by accident, and yet find it speaks to your own current doubts about whether to move to a new place. Or, you might receive a call from a stranger who thinks you work somewhere you don’t, and discover that the intended recipient actually has a career that would probably suit you very well.

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