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7 Ways To Get Organized For Success & Abundance


You already know how important it is to have positive forces in your life, as well as how detrimental it is to have negative energy pulling you in opposite directions. One way to ensure the path to everything you want in your life is clear is to get organized. In fact, getting organized and the Law of Attraction go hand in hand.

When you're able to free yourself from the stresses and obstacles caused by disorganization, you've just paved a clear path to everything you want in life.

Here Are 7 Ways To Get Organized For A Successful, Happy, Abundant Life…

get organized successful happy abundant life 1. Remove The Boulders

When you are surrounded by clutter, it's like being surrounded by boulders…major obstacles blocking your path to success. Think about a cluttered space that has been overtaken by unnecessary paper and other paraphernalia.

Creativity and positive energy doesn't flow well in this type environment.

Why? Because you end up focusing on the cluttered mess in front of you instead of concentrating on the task at hand. If you're constantly spending 5+ minutes searching for items on your desk, I guarantee your frustration will begin to grow, making it even more difficult to concentrate or finish the project in front of you.

With that being said, the reverse is also true…when your desk is clutter-free, your energy is now focused on what you need to do and your mind is free to develop clear, positive, and creative ideas.

2. Give Everything You Have An ‘Address'

When you're attempting to achieve wonderful things in your life, it's impossible to do so if you're spending your time searching through a frenzy of file folders, a cluttered desk, a full-to-bursting email inbox, or searching for something else you need, whether that be a sheet of paper, someone's phone number, an email that contains vital information, or your calendar.

Just like we have an address where we live, the things you own should have their own address as well.

Papers living in their very own organized file folders and your phone plugged into its charging station can be easily found and retrieved within seconds when needed. No positive energy invested searching.

7-ways-get-organized-successful-happy-abundant-life 3. Find Your ‘Peak Energy' Time

Everyone's internal clock is unique. Some of us are highly energetic first thing in the morning, and others can't get going until later in the day. Some of us need a boost to get going and to release our inner energy and positivity. Sometimes that boost is coffee. Other times, that boost is exercise.

Yet for some of us, that jolt is derived from a motivational quote, an energetic song or a conversation with a positive person in our lives.

When you are working towards something important in your life, the best ways to check off your to-dos for that goal are:

A) Tackle those to-dos during the time you're feeling at your best, whether that's first thing in the morning, or late at night.

B) Use or put into practice your chosen ‘motivation booster' before tackling your task, that is exercise, drink a cup of coffee, or listen to a motivating song and so on.

This will put yourself in the right frame of mind to get your goal accomplished.

4. Don't Work In A ‘Random, Mishmash Fashion'

Maintain a schedule for your day. Overloaded, chaotic, here-there- and-everywhere schedules invite missed deadlines, lost opportunities, mile-long to-do lists that only get longer, and more distance between what you have and what you want in life.

Be sure your schedule is focused heavily on the things in your life that you consider to be high- priority…which should entail those tasks, projects, thoughts, and ideas that are leading you to a more positive, enhanced life.

5. Prepare For Achievement

Before you make any call, write any letter, pound out any text message, or meet any colleague, invest uninterrupted time to plan for what you hope to achieve through that personal contact.

When you visualize the end result you want, and you plan your personal contact based on that picture, the better the chance you'll have in that contact manifesting itself into a positive outcome.

get organized successful happy abundant life 6. Go Forth And Prosper

Do you find yourself procrastinating on the important things in your life? Very often, this is because A) you're unsure about the steps you must take to accomplish whatever it is you're striving for or B) your list of other less significant, but important to complete, to-dos are always taking over.

Whatever the reason, procrastination puts you in a standstill situation…where you're never moving towards your destination.

Whenever you find yourself procrastinating on something important in your life, work on whatever it is first thing, before you begin anything else, for a full 20-minutes. Those 20 minutes could even be spent developing a list of what needs to be done to achieve the goal.

It's OK if you can't do it all at once, but by committing to focus on that priority before you do anything else in your day, you will get you closer and closer to achieving and/or completing whatever it is.

Don't do anything else until you've invested these most important 20 minutes to your most important goal.

7. Take Baby Steps From The Valley To The Mountain

Yes, we all want to attract the most positive things in life– the most ideal relationships, more wealth, increased knowledge, the most inviting surroundings. And why shouldn't we want these things?

While we don't have magic wands and we can't have everything we want tomorrow instantly, we can move towards those joys in life, step-by-step, taking baby steps along the way.

Today, don't toss your jacket over the sofa…put it away.

Tomorrow, remove five unnecessary items from your kitchen table or desk that don't belong there. The next day, cancel an appointment that doesn't get you closer to your goals. The following day, work on and check off one high-priority task on your list.

When you baby step your way up the mountain, each day you'll find yourself getting closer to the peak. And when you get there, what a wonderful day that will be.

Get Organized With Self Hypnotherapy…

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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