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8 Hobbies That Enhance Your Use Of The Law Of Attraction

A woman using the law of attraction to hold a bunch of paint brushes.

As you will know from reading about how to use the Law of Attraction as a tool to enhance your life, there are certain practices that are extremely important. For example, the art of learning how to creatively visualize your goals combines with both verbal and symbolic affirmations to create a constant sense of moving towards a better future.

However, there are also certain hobbies that automatically help you to use the Law of Attraction more effectively.

Here are eight hobbies to try, that can help you to use the law of attraction. Along with an explanation of why each can be so powerful.

1. Playing A Musical Instrument

Whether you’ve always wanted to pick up the guitar or you have dormant piano-playing skills from your youth, playing a musical instrument can be helpful in a range of ways.

Most importantly, truly focusing on what you’re playing is a form of mindfulness, which (just like deep breathing exercises) can dramatically enhance your ability to live in the present moment.

In addition, you can turn to music as a way to overcome passing feelings of negativity or doubt, helping you to maintain the positive mindset that’s so crucial to the Law of Attraction.

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2. Writing Short Stories

If you enjoy creative writing, documenting your vision of an ideal life is a powerful way of connecting with your desires and coming to believe that they’re possible. Focusing in on the thing you want the most, write about every little sight, sound, and experience that you imagine as being part of your dream future.

Think of this hobby as similar to creative visualization. The aim is to create a vivid representation of your positive vision for your life.

3. Joining In With Team Sports

A fundamentally social hobby, playing team sports connects you with others in the community. It also helps to work on the art of infusing a group of link-minded people with your positivity.

Watch how your spirit and enthusiasm helps to improve the performance of the team. Also, know that this proves the efficacy of the Law of Attraction as a tool for success.

4. Painting

Just like writing, painting can be a wonderful alternative to just building pictures in your mind. However, in addition to painting your image of how you want things to be, there are other things you can do to facilitate personal development with a brush and canvas.

In particular, consider how you can use paint to externalize some of the things that you feel might be holding you back from success. Depict a roadblock, a challenging experience or a worry, and then slowly transform the painting into a representation of hope.

5. Yoga

Just as playing music is a way of anchoring yourself in the present moment, so too does yoga advertise this benefit. You can do yoga in the peace and comfort of your own home, or you can combine this form of mindfulness with social connection by joining a new class.

Yoga also helps you to get more in touch with the signals of your own body. It has the potential to improve your access to intuitions and gut feelings that may guide you towards smart decisions.

6. Knitting

Once again, knitting promotes mindfulness, but it also has proven stress-busting properties. This makes it a great hobby to turn to when you worry that pressure and negativity are overcoming the positive mindset you’re trying to maintain.

It even lowers blood pressure, so you have the added benefit of knowing that you’re doing something to actively support heart health and longevity.

7. Reading

While almost any form of reading enhances your empathy and stretches your imagination, you may be particularly well-served by reading true stories of success and the thrilling accounts of those who triumph over adversity.

Even fiction that explores these themes helps to cement your positive beliefs in change and your commitment to limitless potential.

8. Volunteering

More than just a hobby, volunteering is a precious gift to give to those in need. You can do something dramatic like going overseas and helping to build a community. But smaller changes matter just as much.

For example, you could work in a store that raises money for a charity, serve the homeless in a soup kitchen, or you could give flowers to the residents of an elderly care facility.

All of these acts spread positivity and enhance your sense of self-worth, supporting the conviction that you (and those around you) deserve love and happiness.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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