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Manifesting Secrets: 8 Manifestation Rituals You Haven’t Tried Yet


Are you currently trying to manifest your dream life?

Shake up the way you approach your Law of Attraction work! Try the following eight new manifestation rituals.

These are based on ancient manifestation secrets as well as more modern science and advice.

These Law of Attraction rituals can be applied to just about any goal you choose to set yourself.

8 Manifestation Rituals To Try

1. Do A Cleansing Manifestation Ritual

You can do this just once at the start of a new period of your life, or you can come back to it anytime you need to shake off a bad experience or some unproductive thoughts.

This is a meditation exercise that helps you heighten your vibration, and (as always) you should start with 3-5 minutes of deep breathing.


Next, picture yourself standing underneath a beautiful, shimmering silver waterfall, and feel it gently washing away everything that’s negative.

Some people actually like to do this exercise while they’re in the shower.

Try it and see if you find it more powerful that way.

2. Make A Manifestation Playlist

You can make the playlist for this ritual in just 10-15 minutes, and it can then be used as a wonderful resource whenever you need to connect with the emotions and reasons behind your manifestation goals.

For example, if you’re looking for love then pick out songs that capture your idea of a perfect romance, and if you’re on your way to abundance then look for music that makes you feel like you can afford anything you want in life.

3. Create An Altar

Like a dream board, a Law of Attraction altar is a way of making your vision concrete and real. It’ll be there to remind you of what you’re working for, and can immediately help you start the day on the right frequency.

It can be a small table, for example, or an area of a mantelpiece, and you’ll use it to display items that make you feel closer to your dreams. You can choose everything from inspirational photos to specific souvenirs, objects from the natural world, pieces of jewelry, flowers, and ornaments.

4. Recruit An Accountability Partner

One of the more practical rituals on this list, finding an accountability partner is another way of anchoring your dreams in the external world.

Look at your social circle and consider who you can trust to support you, encourage you, and check in with you to see whether you’re sticking to your manifestation plan.

If no one fits the bill, consider connecting with other Law of Attraction learners online. There’s sure to be someone else looking for the same thing.

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8-manifestation-rituals-you-havent-tried 5. Find A Thematic Scent

Studies show that different scents have a powerful influence on the way we think and feel.

Why not find a specific one (or several) that can induce the emotions you want to experience in connection with the thing you’re trying to attract?

For example, the calming scent of lavender is great if you’re working to overcome social anxiety about dating, lemon boosts focus if you have an academic or career-based goal, and jasmine is said to make you feel more positive no matter what you’re doing.

6. Celebrate Your Journey

A celebration ritual can be used when you reach a milestone on your manifestation path, but it can also be used to remind yourself to celebrate your full potential and value!

There are different ways to do this.

You might use an affirmation like “I embrace my power and my worth, and I welcome the new into my life” or you might prefer something more explicitly creative (like an abstract painting of your most positive self).

7. Make An Evidence Board

While a dream board is all about representing what you want to do or be, an evidence board revolves around displaying the reasons to believe that you can achieve anything you want.

Put up photos of yourself that make you feel strong and capable, anything you’ve kept from times you’ve been successful at a goal, and little reminders of all the small goals you meet along your road to greater abundance.

This board can be highly empowering when you’re experiencing doubt. Keeping an evidence journal (similar to a gratitude journal) can be similarly helpful.


8. Destroy Your Fears

While working through limiting beliefs can take in-depth personal work, there’s also a lot of value to destroying those beliefs in a symbolic way.

For example, it can be very freeing to write down all the things you fear are true about yourself, and then tear up the piece of paper, burn it, or scribble out each item on the list.

Alternatively, you might make something that represents your fears or anxieties (such as a drawing, a sculpture, or a collection of objects) then rearrange or modify it to illustrate how you can actually use those fears to add power to your manifestation work.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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