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8 Signs That Change Is Needed

A red alarm clock signaling that change is needed.

The idea of change can be intimidating, especially if it’s on a grand scale. However, change can also be incredibly exciting, allowing you to move towards your full potential. You might be missing some signs that change is needed.

When you read about the Law of Attraction, you might wonder whether you really need to change your life. Perhaps you’re in a decent relationship, working at an acceptable workplace, or at least earning enough to get by. So is change really necessary? Look out for these eight signs.

8 Signs That Change Is Needed

1. You Don’t Have A Sense Of Purpose


Different people find their life’s meaning in different things. For example, you might have a sibling who draws the majority of their joy from nurturing a family, while one of your friends might be thriving because their career means everything to them.

Is there something in your life that you can point to as providing a solid sense of purpose? If not, you’ll likely benefit from dedicating energy to figuring out what you really care about and changing your life path to accommodate the things that mean the most to you.

2. Your Mood Is Flat

While you might assume that you’re only in need of radical change if you’re feeling downright depressed, a flat mood is also a sign that your life is currently unsatisfying.

If you haven’t felt happy or inspired in a long time, ask yourself what used to make you feel good. This self-reflective process will help you to identify specific causes of your flat mood—for example, perhaps you’ll realize that you used to feel excited about going to work, but that this positivity has dwindled since you took on a new role.

3. You Have Low Self-Esteem


When you’re living purposefully and treating yourself well, your self-esteem naturally starts to grow. On the other hand, if your days feel aimless or you’re starting to burn out, it’s all too easy to start putting yourself down and feeling like you’re not worth much at all.

You can start to wonder if you just don’t deserve good things, or begin to believe that it’s your destiny to never find love, abundance or success.

4. You Feel Jealous Of Others

It’s deeply uncomfortable to feel visceral envy, but it’s also a warning sign that something is not right with the way you’re currently living. What elicits these feelings of envy?

Is it happy couples, letting you know that your own relationship isn’t meeting your needs? Is it the freedom other people enjoy, suggesting you feel trapped in your current circumstances? Once again, you can learn a lot from choosing to look at your jealousy instead of repressing it.

5. You’re Self-Soothing In Unhealthy Ways


We all have our methods of relaxing and unwinding, but if you’re starting to turn to excessive amounts of drugs or alcohol in order to numb yourself to unpleasant feelings or “escape” from your life, it’s almost certainly time for a change.

Think about exactly what it is that you’re trying to repress or evade when you attempt to artificially enhance your mood and ask yourself what would need to change in order for you to no longer feel reliant on mood-altering substances.

6. The Little Things Constantly Get You Down

When you’re happy with the way your life is going, small annoyances and setbacks only appear on your radar as small blips before you’re able to put them aside.

However, if you’re dissatisfied or bored with your days, you’re likely to worry about these little things and become extremely aggravated or bitter. Noticing that you’re deeply bothered about petty things should give you pause to consider whether it’s time to make a fundamental change.

7. You Have No Energy


If you wake up feeling drained every morning and your doctors have reassured you that there’s no underlying health problem causing this fatigue, perhaps you’re just exhausted by spending your time on things that don’t truly matter to you.

When was the last time you felt invigorated and alive? What were you doing? Perhaps there are vital clues here that can show you what you need more of in your life.

8. You’re Asking “Is This it?”

Finally, do you frequently find yourself wondering whether this is really all life has to offer? This might be the biggest sign that it’s time to consider stepping up and making some major changes.

When people first start working with the Law of Attraction, many of them are motivated by this nagging sense that there must be something more—something better. Thankfully, the truth is that you can transform your life and attain all you deserve.

You just have to be willing to work hard to change the way you think and learn how to tap into the powerful positive energy that’s already all around you.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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