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Extroverts Explained: 9 Things To Know About Extroversion


Are you reading this because you want to learn more about being an extrovert? Many people simply assume all of the important facts about extroverts are based on the things to know about introversion. This article is intended to bridge a clearer understanding to extroverts.

There are plenty of unhelpful myths about extroverts. They could be affecting your self-care (if you’re an introvert) or your ability to connect with individuals who identify as extroverts. This, in turn, can get in the way of raising your frequency which will only prevents successful manifesting. It also may lead to the obvious question… What is an extrovert? Plus, keep reading to discover our top tips for understanding extroverts.

Keep these nine facts in mind, whether you’re trying to live a happy, extroverted life or just want to form good relationships with extroverts.

1. Extroverts Do Need Time By Themselves

The hallmark of an extrovert is that they recharge their energy by being with others. They tend to lose that energy if they spend prolonged periods by themselves. But extroverts tend to recharge by spending time alone… At least now and again.

If you’re used to being highly social, don’t just assume you want to go out. Do some reflection and see if that’s really true of you this time.

Every once in a while, you’ll find you actually require a quiet evening alone.

2. Extroverts Thrive On Public Recognition

If you’re looking to make an extrovert friend, family member or partner feel good about themselves, make sure you dole out your best compliments when there’s an audience.

While introverts often dislike attention and shy away from it, extra attention makes extroverts feel important and cared for.

3. Extroverts Aren’t Necessarily The Best Planners

When you’re good with people and love to go to events, others often just assume that you will want to be in charge of everything. In truth, extroverts also like others to ask them along to parties, dinners and the like. They get tired of planning everything and also like the confidence boost associated with an invite.

So if you know a major extrovert, try calling them for once instead of waiting for them to call you. They’ll appreciate it!

4. Extroverts Need To Think Out Loud

Introverts often retreat to a quiet space to think and write when they encounter a problem.

In contrast, extroverts need to talk their problems through, asking others to help them look at all angles of a situation.

If you know you’re an extrovert, default to speaking to a friend before you spend an hour brooding on your own. You’re much likelier to generate solutions that way.

Meanwhile, if you’re an introvert, it's important to learn how to be patient with that person who keeps you on the phone for an hour. They’re only involving you in this way because they trust and value you.


5. Shy Extroverts Do Exist

As mentioned above, the major divide between introverts and extroverts actually relates to their sources of energy rather than their levels of confidence.

While the stereotypical extrovert is loud and proud, some extroverts are shy. This means it’s smart to keep looking for cues from a person, and it may be necessary for you help to assist increase self-esteem once you find out whether they’re an introvert or an extrovert. You’ll be better able to support and understand them this way.

6. Extroverts Need Stimulation

If you’re an extrovert, keep an eye on your attention span! You’ll probably notice that you get bored fairly easily. Variety may help to keep your life interesting. Remember this when you are using the Law of Attraction to set goals. Plus, when you timetable the different techniques you plan to use.

Spontaneity and novelty should keep you excited and inspired, boosting your vibration and helping you manifest your main goals far more easily.

7. Extroverts Sometimes Look Like They’re Flirting When They’re Not

Since extroverts absolutely love contact with other people, it’s easy to mistake their friendliness and desire to get to know others as flirtation.

If you’re an extrovert yourself, be aware of how this can look sometimes and have an answer ready when someone makes the wrong judgment!

Meanwhile, if you’re an introvert, keep this distinction in mind any time you try dating an extrovert. You may struggle with trust to overcome jealousy at first, and it’s hard for you to believe that highly friendly behavior isn’t always intended as a come-on.

8. Extroverts Don’t Do Well With Subtlety

If you want to let an extrovert know about something, it’s far between to be clear and direct than it is to drop hints, be passive-aggressive or attempt to subtly communicate anything.

Extroverts famously find it difficult to pick up on these sorts of cues. They may also find them tiresome. They prefer authenticity and bluntness and have a low tolerance for playing convoluted social games.

9. Extroversion Isn’t A Mental Health Problem

Although introverts are more likely to be tarred with the brush of alleged abnormality, extroverts do sometimes find themselves accused of narcissism, insincerity or neediness when perhaps – which makes it challenging when people struggle with understanding how to deal with a narcissistic.

While some of them are (just as some extroverts struggle with these issues), there are no negative traits necessarily wedded to being an extrovert.

If you identify as an extrovert, rest assured there are plenty of other people out there with just the same preferences and ways of expressing themselves. You’re great just as you are!

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Are you an extrovert? Comment below and share anything that this article may have missed.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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