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Whether you’re just starting out with a new business or want to make the best of the one you already have, Law of Attraction techniques can help you.

In particular, you can learn how to cultivate the type of positive attitude that motivates long-lasting business success. In addition, discover how you can direct your own thoughts in a way that promotes abundance.

Here are six tips to keep in mind.

6 Tips For Manifesting Business Success

1. Focus On Creating The Right Feeling


Yes, your underlying beliefs (whether limiting or empowering) have a huge influence on whether you attract business success. However, this is because of the way the Universe responds to your emotions.

Law of Attraction success stories illustrates the fact that feelings are even more important thoughts.

So, as you do your daily exercises, focus on the idea that you are mainly trying to create a certain feeling that aligns with abundance.

You can build simple techniques around this notion. To start with, try spending ten minutes closing your eyes. Merely try to inhabit the feelings you’ll feel when your business succeeds in the way you desire.

In many cases, this can be more powerful than more complex visualizations.

2. Relax About Positivity

Whatever your goal, people who are just starting to learn about the Law of Attraction often encounter something of a paradox… They become so obsessed with the idea of being positive that they get stressed out and undermine their own positivity!

As you strive for success, remember that although you’ll be doing a lot of exercises to induce positivity, you can’t realistically expect yourself to feel positive every minute of every day.

For example, you’re still going to get frustrated, certain things will still make you sad. Don’t let that knowledge undermine your self-esteem or your belief in the efficacy of manifestation. These feelings only ensure your negative thought has a longer-lasting influence on your vibration.

3. Recognize Your Negative Cycle Before It Starts

An unpleasant consequence of the Law of Attraction is that when you have one negative thought, more negative thoughts seem to pile in on top of the first one. In other words, negative thoughts attract further negative thoughts.

So before you know it you’re trapped in a miserable cycle. And although the above cautions that you shouldn’t get obsessed with the idea of being positive, it is important to learn how to recalibrate your cognition relatively quickly.

In other words, if you stop one negative thought in its tracks, you don’t get the same negative cycle. Therefore you don’t end up attracting more negative. When you notice that you’re not feeling positive then just take a deep breath and immediately turn your attention to trying to remedy it.

4. Create Believable And Powerful Affirmations

When it comes to stopping that negative cycle, affirmations are some of the most potent tools at your disposal. They quickly and powerfully shift your focus, keeping you aligned with abundance.

You’ll find them most effective if you design your own affirmations, focusing on the good things you believe about your business and its success. However, you might feel more comfortable starting out with “ready-made” affirmations. Here are some examples:

  • “I am successful, and I am creating a successful business.”
  • “My business has amazing clients, and will soon have more.”
  • “I am abundant, happy and satisfied.”
  • “I see my business growing every single day.”

If you’re one of the people who feels awkward about saying affirmations at first, play around with the language until you find something that is comfortable.

Give yourself permission to try out all sorts of different affirmations to see what works. There are really no rules here, beyond the core idea that the affirmation statements need to be empowering, positive and associated with your goal.

5. Keep A Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals are perhaps more commonly mentioned in association with Law of Attraction work that focuses more heavily on the personal. For example, when you’re trying to manifest love, confidence or friendship.

In truth, they’re just as useful when you’re trying to attract business success. Maintaining such a journal only takes 5-10 minutes per day. It’s smart to do this at the end of the evening (so your last thoughts before sleep are positive). All you need to do is write down at least 5 things that made you feel grateful that day. There are other daily gratitude exercises that you can practice along with this.

6. Inventory Your Achievements

Finally, when you want to attract business success it’s a wonderful idea to keep track of your daily achievements. This feeds into your sense that you can accomplish anything you want. An achievement journal can take a similar form to a gratitude journal (as described above), with you listing 3-5 achievements at the end of each working day.

It’s especially useful if you choose ones associated with your business. However, anything that makes you feel smart, talented and capable is a candidate for the journal. It will help you focus on your limitless potential.

How To Turn Your Passion Into Your Most Powerful Law Of Attraction Weapon

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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