How to Attract a Specific Person With The Law Of Attraction

While many people start learning about the Law of Attraction with the hopes of finding a soulmate, others are hoping to find love in a particular place and attract a specific person.

Perhaps there’s someone you’ve always wanted to be with and yet have never approached. Or maybe you remember a past partner and yearn to be reunited.

Regardless, you’re probably wondering whether it’s even possible to attract a specific person by using the Law of Attraction.

The truth is that you can do it, just as you can manifest anything else you desire. Let’s take a closer look at how to attract a specific person, and consider some of the best techniques you can use.

Is It Possible To Attract A Specific Person?

Even when your hope is to manifest a specific person as a partner, working with the Law of Attraction will still involve primarily focusing on yourself.

That can be hard to accept at first—after all, if there’s someone you’re deeply attracted to or are even in love with, it’s likely that this person is almost all you can think about some of the time!

You might have thought that you could use the Law of Attraction to get this other person to love you. However, using the Law of Attraction is all about your emotions, your thoughts, and your unique vibration.

Now, what are some concrete ways to focus on yourself in a way that facilitates the Law of Attraction bringing a specific person to your door?

Here are seven approaches worth trying.

1. Be Confident About Yourself

Self-confidence is powerfully alluring, and the person you desire is more likely to see you in a positive light if you can perceive your own value more clearly.

Try to connect with all the reasons that you have a lot to offer in a relationship.

For example, make a list, draw out a mind map, or keep a journal in which you write one positive thing about yourself per day.

2. Build Positive Beliefs About Love

If you spend all your time thinking you can’t or won’t get a partner, you’re unlikely to attract the one you love.

In addition, try to avoid self-pitying thoughts like “Why don’t people appreciate me?” The truth is that plenty of others do and will appreciate you, but you need to be open to seeing this.

When you let in the love and admiration, you create a space to experience the love of the person you want to be with.

3. Let Go Of Fear

One of the most frightening parts of love is allowing yourself to experience it. After all, it comes with the possibility of being hurt in the long term.

When this fear is at the forefront of your mind, you can unconsciously erect barriers and defenses that keep other people away. Work to make peace with the risks involved in love, and you’ll be fully open to receiving the right partner.

4. Have A Good Time

Studies consistently show that laughing, smiling, and being downright fun are all incredibly attractive.

You’re noticeable and appealing to other people when you’re enjoying yourself, so try to really throw yourself into all your hobbies, interests, and passions.

Make it your mission to enjoy every day of your life, and you’ll be more likely to attract your chosen person at a faster rate.

5. See The Other Person Positively

If you’re looking to attract someone with whom you have a complicated history, your feelings might be somewhat confusing.

However, if you spend a lot of time thinking about the person’s negative traits (or traits you worry they might have), you’ll keep them at a distance.

Try to zero in on the best things about the person, and to keep focusing on them.

You may be surprised by how quickly this change in attitude can spark changes in the other person’s behavior.

6. Enjoy What You Have

A huge part of successfully using the Law of Attraction involves learning how to better live in the moment, really savoring every day and every good experience.

This is what will give you that all-important higher vibration—the vibration that attracts more good things into your life, including the partner you desire.

Try to let go of obsessing over what you don’t have, and you’ll soon see things start to fall into place.

7. Prepare To Let Go

As with any goal, you’ll need to find a way to let go of being with the other person if you’re ever going to manifest the relationship you want.

It’s only when you’re able to accept being happy and at peace without this other person that you will be able to attract them.

This is challenging, but with time and effort, you can begin to see how life could be okay (and even good) without this person as your partner.

Then—and only then—will you be ready to receive their love.

Visualizing A Specific Person

We've looked at seven techniques you can begin using right away if you want to attract the person of your dreams. However, the most effective exercise of all involves visualizing this person. You'll build a vivid image of how they will look, how you expect them to behave, and even their likes and dislikes. Doing this is like handing a recipe to the Universe – the more detail you add, the easier it will be to send the right person to your life.

You can begin using visualization tools in the same way you usually approach creative visualization for manifesting your Law of Attraction goals. In other words, find a comfortable and quiet place where you won't be disturbed, and close your eyes. Breathe deeply for several minutes as your mind begins to slow down, creating the space you need to picture the partner you've always wanted. Once you're ready, work your way through the following three steps.

Visualizing The Qualities You Want In The Person

At the heart of this visualization should be a sense of who this person is. For example, ask yourself the following:

  • What is this person's attitude? Are they optimistic, pessimistic, or a realist grounded in the middle?
  • What is their background like? How did their early life shape them?
  • What are their talents and skills? What do they find difficult?
  • What is their career? Is it a vocation, or do they work primarily to fund adventures like traveling?
  • How similar is this person to you? Where are the points of commonality, and what are the differences that will keep you interested in each other for the long term?
  • How do they spend their quality time? What is their idea of a perfect date with you?
  • Where are their most cherished values? What kind of life do the two of you want together?

Again, try to be as specific as possible. As you visualize them working, living, and interacting with you, they will feel increasingly real and tangible. This will allow you to align yourself with your goal of attracting this person into your life, as you come to believe that they really are out there and that they will find their way to you in time.

Visualize Being With Them

Next, turn your attention to building an image of what it will be like to be with this person in your day-to-day life. Imagine any scene you like – perhaps you're out to dinner together, maybe you're waking up in the morning or perhaps they're proposing to you. Try to fully inhabit this moment like it's a memory of something that already happened.

Engage all of your senses:

  • What does it feel like to touch your dream partner? Are they warmer or colder than you? Is their hand soft or rough?
  • What do you smell when you're close to them? Do they wear scented products or can you smell their skin?
  • What fine details can you take in? What is this person wearing, and what is the expression on their face?
  • How does their voice sound? What is their laugh like? Do they talk fast or slow, and is their accent different from yours?
  • What do you feel in your body? Is your heart racing? Do you feel content and safe? How do you respond to your partner's touch?

Stay in this visualized moment for as long as you like. Every detail you can add will help you draw the right person towards you.

Focus On When They’ll Come

You might be tempted to try and guess when this romance will come to life – whether a chance encounter will cause you to connect, for example. This is a mistake, as it's impossible to accurately work out exactly when and how the Universe will send this person to you. For example, think of some happy couples you know and how they first decided to date. Could they have anticipated that moment? No.

Instead, turn your energy to capture a sense of what it'll be like to share that first moment of mutual knowledge that you've found something special. While the previous step was about an established life, this part of your visualization process is about that first perfect moment when you both know you're falling in love. What will you feel? How do you imagine them looking at you? What might they say, ad what might you say?

As you picture all of this, immerse yourself in the knowledge that this love will come into your life. It will arrive at precisely the time that is right for both of you. And the more you visualize it, the more you clear the path between yourself and the person of your dreams.

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