Be Careful What You Wish For, You May GET IT! Super-Mind Power

Somehow (and we are not really certain how) we are all given super-natural personal power.

Stronger than any magic, we are somehow able to make things happen.  We seem to be able at times, to make things and circumstances and people appear into our lives as we please.  Sometimes this takes terrific effort, sometimes it seems things appear merely by wishing.  The amount of effort may have to do with our personal belief that we have this ability or just the sheer emotion that we build toward the desired thing at the time.

However, it happens, we know that it does.  My mother used to warn me, “Be careful what you wish for, you may GET IT!”. She knew that when I’d wished for something without deeper thought, it would likely be produced in the thoughtless manner I wished for it.  Although this was drummed into me at an early stage in life, as I grew up, I forgot all about this until I had many different areas of my life to complain about! Years later, since rediscovering this and uncovering the power of mindful thinking, I now realize that the desire comes in some form OTHER than what we think we are wishing for.

“Be careful what you wish for because you will get it. Be even more careful what you work for because you will get it even more quickly.” – Colin Cunningham

The Details Are Important…

In essence, we get what we “ask for”, but then we see the flaw in how, or what, we had asked for. The thing we asked for is not quite what we desired. So the warning implies, be careful how your wants are impressed; make sure it is a complete thought and not a half-thought. Think about details that might be important to the vision as a whole picture.

An example of this may be that you asked for a beautiful lover. In turn, this may net you a vain and silly creature, or one who is unfaithful, or difficult to get along with. What you REALLY wanted might have been a soul mate, lovely inside, and easy on the eyes as well. It seems obvious when we look at such a harsh example, but in our daily lives, we may not slow down enough to really give a lot of thought about what it is that we truly desire. A little more mindfulness may help us here!

Manifest It With Mindfulness

The things we bring into our lives can be the good things we desire or the bad and uncomfortable things that we fear, merely because this is where we concentrate our powerful thoughts. People, who think about things in a positive manner, generally get results that are more positive. While people, who are fearful, and frightened and otherwise negative, generally get the things, they feared or were angry or negative about. Although this sounds cliché, it happens because a good portion of the time we spent internally was spent feeling those ways and thinking those types of thoughts. When we tapped into our personal power, we focused on the wrong type of things!

In essence, whatever we give our personal power away to, whatever we concentrate our thoughts and feelings on, (no matter what it is) we must be careful, and mindful of what it is we really desire so that when it manifests, it’s what we hoped for!

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