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Dealing With Fake People: How To Spot A Liar And A Cheat


Do you often get a feeling that someone is lying to you? Or, do you find yourself wondering how to spot a liar in the first place? Perhaps you feel that some of your friends are actually being fake, and you are not sure if you can trust them? It can be difficult to know for certain if someone is lying to you, and you don’t want to accuse them of anything without knowing for sure.

Having to deal with fake friends (or even family members or your partner) is hard to do, and trying to spot any signs of them lying can be even more difficult. It’s easy for people to get away with lies, but there are some signs that you can look out for.

Dealing With Fake People…

I am going to share with you 7 ways that you can spot a liar. There are certain things you can look out for to be sure. You should also try and decide whether or not they are true friends if you feel that they are lying to you, or being fake.

And if you have spotted a liar in your life and want to leave their company for good, be sure to consider ending the toxic relationship with help from self-hypnosis (find out more now, just click here).

How To Spot A Liar In 7 Steps

1. Body Language

Lying is not a natural thing for a human to do, meaning it can be very hard on a person. This could show in their body language, so this is something worth looking out for.

They could become quite fidgety which can be shown with their hands and feet. A sign of dishonesty can be someone finding it hard to control their leg movements. This is also the same for hands and arms.

You might find that your friend or acquaintance has their hands placed behind their back when they speak to you. This could be because they want to limit their movement so that they don’t fidget. This could also be why they may cross their arms and try and stay still.

2. Hand Gestures

Sometimes our hand and arm movements/gestures can indicate that we are not being entirely honest, and they can be easy to spot. Research has shown that these hand gestures we may experience can happen because of a natural chemical reaction in the body.

When someone clenches their hand into a fist, this could be a sign of distress or dishonesty. As mentioned above, having our arms crossed can also be a sign that someone is lying too.

Some other hands and arm movements which can help you to spot a liar are the following: placing hands in pockets (this could be to stop themselves from fidgeting too much), excessive palm displays, or placing a purse, coffee or other objects between you and them whilst communicating.

3. How They Answer Neutral Questions

By asking this person neutral, basic questions, you can quite easily observe their response. These types of questions, such as, ‘What are your plans for the weekend?’, or any other question that should have a comfortable, normal response are great when you are dealing with fake people.

As they respond to your neutral question, check their body language and eye contact. If they seem uncomfortable or distressed, this could be a sign that they are lying, as these questions should not cause such a response.

4. Breathing

A great sign to look out for that could tell you if someone is lying is their breathing. When we become nervous or feel tense, our heart rate and blood flow will change.

If someone is lying to you, the chances are that they will probably feel these emotions, and so they will also have these changes to their heart rate and blood flow too. This tends to cause the person to breathe heavier than they normally would.

When someone is lying, their voice also may become shallow and this is because of their change in breathing. Another thing to look out for is the shoulders of the person you suspect is lying. Due to their change in breath, their shoulders can often rise more too.

5. Watch Changes In Behavior

There are also some simple changes that a person can make when they are speaking to you, that can also show signs that they are lying to you. Some are more obvious than others, but they are all things that you can observe. If someone answers questions with very short answers, and do not give you more detail, or they cut the conversation short, this could be a sign that they are being fake.

Another thing to look out for is if the person begins to speak a lot more formally than they normally would, this can be a sign of stress, which could be caused from feeling nervous when they lie. One last thing is that if you are speaking about the topic of which you feel they are lying about, they may show signs of lapses in memory regarding the topic, even if they seemed fine before.

6. Ask Follow Up Questions

This can be a very good thing to do if you want to find out if someone is lying to you or not. Some people may be lying out of fear or worry, it may not always be because they are a fake person or want to deceive you and it’s good to remember that.

Say you ask someone a question, and they lie to you out of embarrassment, you may want to ask them a follow-up question. This could be to keep them at ease and also for you to find out a little more information.

They may be able to tell you the truth through answering your follow up question and you can find out more information and decide whether they are lying to you and if so, why they are lying.

7. Eye Contact

When most people lie, they often feel guilty and nervous, which can help you as it can give you some signs that they may be lying. Because they will most likely feel guilty, they may be uncomfortable with keeping eye contact.

People who are being fake and lying to you can often avoid keeping long gazes with others as much as they can. If you can observe their eye contact and watch where their eyes go, it can really help you to spot if they are lying.

If someone looks away from you when they talk, or look at the floor a lot, it could be because they feel uncomfortable and nervous when they are looking at you, which could be a sign that someone is lying.

When someone is lying to you, whether it’s a friend, a partner or a family member, it can be hard to deal with. If someone is constantly lying to you and being very fake, this can turn into quite a toxic relationship.

Dealing With Fake People Hypnosis

Take a look at this self-hypnosis program on ending a toxic relationship, if you feel you need some extra help with the situation!


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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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