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How To Strengthen Your Intuition And Trust Your Gut


Have you ever felt as though something was not right, or you felt a certain way about a situation? Maybe you felt unsafe at a certain moment or felt uneasy around someone?

This is called your intuition, although it may be most commonly known as a ‘gut feeling’. But how can you learn to trust your gut?

Being able to trust your gut and intuition is great, but first, you need to know how to develop your intuition. When you can start to use and trust your own intuition, you will understand when you are listening to it, and how it can help you with certain situations.

Firstly, let’s take a look at what exactly intuition is and how we should be using it.

What Is Intuition And How Do We Use It?

Our intuition is often referred to as our ‘ inner voice’ or ‘inner feeling’ and, as mentioned previously, a ‘gut feeling’ or ‘hunch’. It is normally an instant reaction or thought to a situation that you may be in.

It can be described as when you know something instantly and have a strong feeling about whatever is happening to you at that time.

Many people are unsure of listening to their intuition as they would rather stop and rationalize things, which can be helpful, but sometimes not so helpful.

We can use our instinct to avoid dangerous situations, or just to answer general questions we may have such as ‘Should I stay with this friend? Do they make me feel good?’ etc.

Your intuition is a great tool to have, so it’s very important that you develop it.


5 Ways To Develop Your Intuition And Trust Your Gut

It is good to know how to make your intuition stronger so that you can use it to its best potential.

We, as humans, tend to find it hard to listen to our intuition and instead try and rationalize everything. We know what is best for ourselves, which is why your intuition is your best friend.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can develop your intuition so that you can use it to its full potential.

develop-intuition1. Meditate

Meditating for 5-10 minutes a day will really help you to clear your mind, which in turn will help you connect even more with your intuition.

Similarly, meditating also helps you to get into a clear and positive mindset.

When you are meditating, you are also likely to experience thoughts and feelings that maybe you wouldn’t normally pay attention to as you have other things going on in your life. This allows you to focus on deeper thoughts.

Pay attention to these thoughts and feelings through your meditation, or after, and clear your mind of any worries, overthinking, or negative feelings you may have. This will make it easier to reach your intuition and listen to it.

2. Journal

A journal is always helpful when you are trying to access your thoughts.

Write down anything that comes to your head, no matter how trivial or extreme it may seem. You could also write down questions for yourself, such as ‘How am I feeling today, or about this situation?’, then write the first thing that comes to mind.

Doing this is helpful, as you can reflect on this later in the month or even year. Having a written copy of your thoughts and feelings, especially those that come from your intuition, is such a great intuition exercise that will help you understand these thoughts.

3. Live In The Present

Being focused on the present can be the best thing that you can do for yourself and your intuition. If you are focusing on things that have happened in the past, you can bring up previous pain and guilt. Worries can clog up your mind and create a negative mindset, as does worrying too much about your future and things you cannot determine.

Try and be fully present in life, this helps you to be in a happy, positive mindset and can help you to develop your intuition. You can focus on your thoughts and feelings that you are having right now, and not worry about things you cannot change.

4. Observe Your Energy Levels

You need to make sure that you are positive and full of energy so that you are in the best mindset.

Being around negative people can cause your energy to drop or to be negative, which can cause you do not to have a clear mind. Feeling good about your life and yourself can be really helpful to strengthen your intuition.

Make sure that you surround yourself with positive people and positive energy. That way you should find it a lot easier to connect with your intuition because you will be in a clear and positive mindset.

develop-intuition5. Spend Time With Nature

Nature is normally a very peaceful place where you can clear your mind and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Try turning off your phone and going outside, focusing on everything that is around you. This will help much like meditating does, as you can clear your mind and focus on being in the present.

In doing this, you will be able to strengthen your intuition and start using it to its full potential. If you can shut away from everything and just focus on being present with nature, you will find it a very helpful exercise in developing your intuition.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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