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Digital Vision Board Creation For The Modern Age

Creating A Digital Vision Board Online For The Modern Age

You've probably already heard of the vision board creation? A core technique practiced by Law of Attraction experts, building a vision board is all about creating a rich visual representation of what you want to manifest.

It helps you clarify your goals, keeps you focused on what you need to do to promote change, and promotes a positive attitude.

But do you really have to make a physical vision board to get these results? Is it possible to make a digital vision board? And, if so, how should you approach doing this?

We'll start by showing the basic things you need to know to use a vision board properly. From there, we'll look at modernizing the vision board technique by creating a digital version.

We'll explore three specific techniques for doing so, and we'll close by explaining why a digital vision board can be even more effective than a traditional one.

What Is A Vision Board?

If you're wondering “What is a vision board?”, don't worry – the concept is simple. It is a collection of images and words that depict what you want to attract.

How Do You Create A Vision Board?

When it comes to deciding what to put on a vision board, the only limit is your imagination. You can use photographs, things cut from magazines, drawings, or even abstract representations of your dreams.

The point is simply to solidify your vision and give yourself a clear focal point.

How To Use A Vision Board or Dream Board

How To Use A Vision Board or Dream Board

There are many different ideas about how to use a vision board, and with time and experimentation you'll figure out which works best for you. However, one smart approach is to place the vision board somewhere where you're bound to see it every day.

For example, you might put it by your bedroom mirror so it's one of the first things you look at in the morning, or you might set it above the desk where you do your work.

The thought is that frequently seeing the board means you will keep thinking about the life you want, this is a method of the Law of Attraction manifestations.

The board will also serve as a source of motivation if you're feeling low or struggling with self-doubt.

However, the board can also help to facilitate other Law of Attraction techniques that bring you closer to your goals. Let's look at two of the most powerful – creative visualization, and goal setting.

Practice Visualization

Practice Visualization

Creative visualization is a meditative or mindfulness activity in which you build a mental image of your goals. So, it stands to reason that your vision board can help here.

Looking at it before you practice visualization will connect with you with images and feelings that make it easy to picture what you want to manifest.

Visualization practice can also work the other way around – you can visualize your dream life, then transition to creating your board as a reflection of what you've imagined.

Both activities share the same key aim. Specifically, you're trying to make your dreams and ideas concrete and achievable, filling your mind with details.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that this makes it easier to draw these things into our lives by ensuring that we vibrate on the same positive frequency as our goals.

So, whether you visualize or make a board first, make the most of them by using them in tandem.

Goal Setting

If you want to create the future you've dreamed of, it's vital to set achievable goals.

Your vision board manifestation can help you – just looking at the words and images can clarify what you need to do, and in what order.

Remember, goal-setting works best when we make many small goals for ourselves rather than trying to meet just a few massive goals.

Part of this is related to our attitude – we're more likely to feel confident and enthused about small, regular achievements.

To set these goals, try to break down the wider aim.

For example, “I want to get the job of my dreams” can be split into smaller goals like “Update my CV”, “Attend a networking event” and “Complete an online course updating my skills.”

Modernizing Vision Boards Digitally

Modernizing Vision Boards Digitally

Now that you understand a vision board, let's look at how to transition from an old-fashioned material board to a digital vision board.

The Law of Attraction is based on ancient teachings that have always evolved with the times. It's 2021, so evolving with the times means doing things on electronic devices rather than using physical space and paper.

One way to make a digital vision board is to do what you'd do on a material board – in other words, create a document or an image and piece together a collage.

However, this is just one way to approach the task, and there are alternatives that are both easier and likely more effective. With this in mind, here are three other ways you can make and use a digital vision board online.

Each aims to help you tap into your creativity and maximize your exposure to the images that represent your goals.

Using A Mobile Vision Board App

Using A Mobile Vision Board App

With the increasing popularity of the Law of Attraction, it's perhaps no surprise that there are now vision board apps you can use. This makes your task much more straightforward and doesn't require any graphic design expertise.

Firstly, there's Dream Vision Board – an app that comes with templates, as well as affirmation ideas and the option to change everything from image placement to font size.

Similarly, there is Vision Board co-created with Mogulworx and Jack Canfield, which also has a strong emphasis on the link between vision board manifesting and affirmations.

Thirdly, Dream Cloud offers many of the same features but with more of a focus on business ideas – perfect if you're manifesting a new career or a fresh business.

On the other hand, when it comes to apps that are like making a material vision board, it's hard to beat Corkulous – it focuses on using virtual pins and magazine cutouts.

As well as helping you make vision boards, you can use it to create to-do lists and brainstorm for creative projects.

And finally, Hay House Vision Board is an app that includes multimedia – you can record videos, add music, and do voice recordings. to create your most comprehensive vision board to date.

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Using Your Smartphone Lock Screen And Background As A Vision Board

Using Your Smartphone Lock Screen And Background As A Digital Vision Board

Once you have a digital vision board, you can use it in inventive new ways. Modern smartphones offer so much customization – why not make your vision board your background and lock screen?

You'll constantly see the vision board, think about your goals, and stay in a positive frame of mind. If your vision board has multiple pages (or you want to focus on different parts each day), you can also set your phone to rotate between a range of vision board backgrounds.

And if you use your vision board as a lock screen, you might consider setting a password that is associated with your manifestation goal – just another way of keeping your mind focused on what you want to create in the world.

If you don't want your vision board as a background, you can still use your phone to set up reminders to look at your digital board. For example, the reminder could come with a motivational quote and be accompanied by a song you link to success.

There's really no limit to the applicability of a digital vision board on your phone – keep a constant lookout for apps that can help you make the most of it.

Using Your Computer Desktop As A Vision Board

Using Your Computer Desktop As A Digital Vision Board

Meanwhile, consider how you can use your laptop or your work computer to do the sorts of things suggested above for your smartphone.

For example, set your digital vision board as your background to inspire you. A vision board background gets you into precisely the right frame of mind as soon as you start up your computer.

In addition, think about things you can do on your computer to complement the vision board. Perhaps you could make a playlist of songs that capture how you want to feel, or that make you feel motivated to reach your full potential.

Further, remember that digital vision boards lend themselves to easy sharing. Why not trade vision boards with someone else, agreeing that you'll hold each other accountable when working toward your goals?

However, be sure to pick someone who is a positive force in your life, encouraging you and believing in the best of you.

Inspire Your Life More Effectively With Digital Vision Boards

Inspire Your Life More Effectively With Digital Vision Board

You should now have a clear idea of why vision boards and dream boards are so important, and a solid sense of how a digital vision board can help you take your manifestation to the next level.

In a world where we do most of our work and make most of our social arrangements on devices, it's vital to be able to see a representation of your dreams on your everyday phone and computer.

You can edit digital boards with more ease, carry them wherever you go, and access them at any time. You can also replicate them with ease, printing multiple copies, or displaying them on multiple devices.

And if using an app doesn't suit you, free sites like Canva can help you create a beautiful vision board online – one that you can easily save as an image.

Your Canva vision board can then be used for all the purposes we summarised above. You can make your vision boards into desktops, lock screens, sharable sources of inspiration, and fodder for your creative visualization meditations.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how you make your digital board, or what it looks like. All that matters is that it connects you with joy, positivity, and a clear image of your desired future.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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