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Does Your Dream Refuse To Manifest? THIS Is Why…

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If you’ve been sincerely and consistently doing your best to use all the key Law of Attraction techniques, you might be deeply confused about why your dream has yet to manifest. I often hear this from people, and I do understand the frustration. However, there is always a reason why this kind of problem arises.

In some cases, the issue is that you’re paying too much attention to what you don’t have and thereby directing negative (rather than positive) energy towards your dream.

However, assuming that you are doing everything right, your foundational beliefs are probably the reason why you haven’t yet manifested your dream. Here’s what you need to know about them, and how to identify them so that you can change them in order to attract what you desire.

(TIP: Before you dive in, listen to this free brainwave audio to declutter your mind and improve your chances of manifesting your desire).

Understanding Foundational Beliefs

These are beliefs about beliefs. In other words, they’re the assumptions you have about how reality is created, beliefs about your ability to create that reality, and what you think is true about your power over your own belief system. The most common example of a foundational belief that can ultimately sabotage your entire dream for a better life is this: it’s impossible to create my own reality.

If you actively believe that you lack the power to change your reality, then it simply doesn’t matter how many visualizations you do or the Law of Attraction books you read; your foundational belief will make it impossible to manifest successfully.

Simply put, these types of beliefs must be identified and reshaped before you can expect to see dramatic changes in your life.

How To Identify Foundational Beliefs

It’s easier to find and correct these problematic beliefs if you know what they tend to look like. Here are some standard foundational beliefs you might have:

  • We don’t really create our own realities.
  • It’s impossible to change our beliefs.
  • I can’t even identify my subconscious beliefs.
  • I just can’t change my beliefs about love/work/health/weight etc.
  • Nothing ever works for me, so this won’t either.
  • I’m not the kind of person who has what it takes to change.
  • I’m not powerful enough to change my limiting beliefs.
  • It’s wrong to deliberately try and change your beliefs.
  • I’m not ready to change my assumptions about love/work/health/money etc.
  • Success is too scary for me to really want.
  • I’m too damaged to create my own reality.
  • I’m not young/wise/old/smart enough to create my own reality.
  • If I become successful, it will make other people dislike or reject me.
  • If I believe I can change my reality, other people will laugh at me.

Discerning Whether A Belief Is Yours

So, now you know what problematic foundational beliefs tend to look like, but you might be wondering how you can tell whether a belief is really yours.

I used to try and work this out just by following my gut or trying to see whether that particular belief was reflected in my world, but those tests didn’t always help me when I really needed to better understand my belief system.

The best method I’ve found so far is applied kinesiology; if you can get into a calm, centered headspace and can find it in yourself to believe this method will work, it can help you determine your beliefs like never before.

How To Use Applied Kinesiology To Identify Beliefs

This approach is sometimes called “muscle testing” and it is basically a way of letting your body say “yes” or “no” to a question you’re asking.

It works by identifying whether your bodily flow of energy is blocked or moving smoothly. When there’s a blockage, the muscles don’t work as well. This is what provides you with your “yes” or “no” answer.

Anything that is untrue will cause this type of blockage, which is why testing for blockages helps you see which beliefs are true for you.

(TIP: Before you dive in, listen to this free brainwave audio to declutter your mind and improve your chances of manifesting your desire).

  1. Start by centering yourself (perhaps through a five-minute deep breathing exercise).
  2. Stand up with a straight back and your feet shoulder-width apart.
  3. Tap your fingers on your forehead, throat, and chest. This process helps to clear your energy field.
  4. Test the method with something you already know to be true, e.g. by saying (with eyes closed) “My name is ____”. You’ll feel solid, stable, and strong, and your body will not sway.
  5. Test the method with something you already know to be false. For example, try saying that your name is something it is not. Feel the difference in your posture; your body will move against your will, and you may sway or wobble.
  6. Practice until you’re confident that you can tell the difference between a bodily response to a true and false statement.
  7. Ask “Does any part of me hold the belief that _____?” (inserting one of the limiting beliefs mentioned above). If you do hold this foundational belief, your body will feel unsteady.

It’s smart to use this method for just a few beliefs at a time, as it can be tiring and your focus can wane. However, you can learn a lot from this exercise, and immediately know what kind of things you’ll have to work on in order to finally manifest your dream.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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