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Best Essential Oils For Anxiety, Happiness And Warding Off Negativity


It is increasingly common knowledge that essential oils can be used as part of a massage. They are especially good at inducing calm. However, they are more widely applicable than you probably assume. In fact, when it comes to deliberately influencing mood, essential oils are a vital tool in your arsenal. Aromatherapy doesn’t only relax you; it can also make you feel happier, more energetic or more confident. Meanwhile, essential oils for anxiety and spiritual cleansing can help to remove negativity from your body, your mind, and your space.

In this basic guide, we'll explore essential oils for cleansing the home and the spirit, and we'll consider a range of mood-boosting oils that can help you achieve your goals and improve your well-being. In particular, we'll focus on how you can use eight of the most powerful oils to relieve anxiety and other forms of negativity. Throughout, we'll also consider useful applications of these oils.

Aromatherapy and Reducing Anxiety

First, let's explore the key underpinnings of the practice of using essential oils to reduce anxiety. One of the major benefits of essential oils is that they can help to induce balance physically, emotionally, and in specific rooms.

Almost all of us go through periods of being anxious. During this time we are fundamentally out of balance in some crucial way. Although essential oils are no replacement for conventional medical treatment or therapy, they can complement these approaches and help to treat less serious experiences of anxiety.

There is a wide range of ways to use these oils. Therefore, it's also worth considering your preferred methods before choosing particular oils. You can buy candles including particular oils, you can mix blends of oils at home, and you can also tab oil-based perfumes onto your pulse points (e.g. at the wrists and at the base of the neck). Some people carry scented cloth when they anticipate entering a stressful situation, and others apply essential oils in their bedroom in order to help induce restful sleep. However, while most oils are safe, make sure to read their labels to ensure that you're using them in a healthy way (especially if you plan to apply them to your skin).

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8 Essential Oils For Anxiety And Happiness

With a sense of how and why you might want to use essential oils in mind, we can now turn to the specific properties of eight of the very best oils and consider when you might want to use them. All of these oils share a common property of promoting happiness, reducing anxiety or in some way neutralizing negativity. As such, they're appropriate whether you're feeling melancholy, stressed, nervous, or have a sense that you're not comfortable in your own home. You may benefit from buying a little of several, as we often don't know which oils work best for us until we've had a chance to experiment.

Once you know what oil or oils you'd like to use, be sure to discuss your plan with your doctor so that they can give you any further information you may need to know (e.g. any potential interactions between oils and specific medications that you're taking).

1. Lavender

Famously known as one of the best essential oils for anxiety, lavender is incredibly versatile.

The oil is pale yellow, and it has a faintly sweet, floral scent that almost everyone likes. You can use it to induce feelings of calmness and relaxation when you are stressed. It is also said to help with insomnia.

Aromatherapists advise it as a good choice when life gets overly busy and intense; the scent helps you to take a step back and slow your thoughts. For that reason, burning a lavender candle can improve your focus during mindfulness or meditation practices.


2. Rose

Rose oil is extracted by way of a process called steam distillation. It smells light and sweet, and it is said to boost self-confidence when you're fighting low mood. If you are struggling with a shocking negative development in your life, rose oil could especially help.

In addition, it is a generally uplifting oil, inducing feelings of happiness and well-being. It is also worth noting that its uses go beyond treating anxiety. For example, any credible aromatherapy association would note that rose oil is a potential aphrodisiac. It can help you take better care of your skin. In this way, it can help reduce redness, inflammation, and acne scarring.

3. Vetiver

Often included lists of essential oils for protection or cleansing a house, vetiver is related to lemongrass but has a pleasantly earthy scent. Protection oils recipes often include this ingredient as well, as it is said to counteract negativity in all its forms.

In terms of treating bad moods, it is most effective at reducing feelings of anger and resentment. It can help to clarify your thoughts and encourages the development of compassion.

Many people also report that it helps to lower levels of anxious energy. This means that, like lavender, it has the potential to help you gain more restful sleep.

4. Caraway

Caraway is one of the lesser known essential oils. However, it is also one you may soon come to rely on.

Caraway oil is slightly spicy. Some say it can be especially soothing. Caraway is advised during times when you feel mentally overloaded. It can help to boost your energy and renew your waning enthusiasm for life. Consequently, it can help you feel rejuvenated overall.

It is also a suggested remedy for general disharmony, whether this is in a house or between two people. For example, having some caraway near your bed may help you to resolve difficult arguments with your partner.


5. Wild Orange

When thinking about essential oils for happiness, wild orange should be top of your list.

While its precise mechanism of action is still unknown, many experts believe that wild orange is among the essential oils that promote serotonin, a mood-boosting neurotransmitter. It is great for treating low levels of energy. This essential oil can make you feel motivated and inspired when you're struggling to start a project.

Similarly, It's a helpful oil to have around when you're working on something creative. Or, when you have a work task that you find dull. Some people also use it when dealing with the lethargy induced by jet lag.


6. Rosemary

Another earthy scent, rosemary essential oil is good for treating fatigue and generally lifting mood during times of depression.

While it isn't truly an oil in the scientific sense (as it does not contain any fat), it is powerful and effective at counteracting negativity. As a bonus, rosemary is proven to improve concentration and focus.

Ongoing research into its impacts on the brain suggests that it helps you to retain more information and that it reduces overall levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone”). Including rosemary leaves in your cooking may also allow you to enjoy some of these significant benefits.


7. Vanilla

Sweet and delicious, it is no wonder that the scent of vanilla oil can help to banish negativity from your heart.

If you’re wondering about essential oils for mood swings or essential oils for uplifting mood, vanilla can provide a quick and powerful fix.

This deep brown oil is well known for fighting stress and anxiety. It was used for this purpose as far back as the 17th century. Some people especially enjoy adding it to a bath, as vanilla-scented steam can promote a deep sense of relaxation. In addition, it works very well when used in an essential oil diffuser.


8. Chamomile

Finally, chamomile is widely viewed to be one of the best essential oils for curing insomnia. It can induce deep, restful sleep. This is likely no surprise, as most people have heard of the soporific powers of chamomile tea.

However, chamomile essential oil also has a lesser known property of easing sadness. This is especially the case if your low mood is related to feeling lonely. Users of chamomile oil often describe their mood as “recharged” after inhaling the scent of chamomile.

Like rose oil, it can also be used to form part of a skin treatment that promotes a healthy, smooth complexion. Similarly, it can help reduce wound scarring.


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Katherine Hurst
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