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Everything Is Energy: Create Reality Into Anything You Want

Everything Is Energy Create Reality Into Anything You Want

We've all heard the claim that everything is energy, but many of us lack a clear understanding of what this means.

The good news is that once you really understand that everything is energy, you open the door to shaping your world into anything you want.

To help you get there, we'll explore the nature of energy and its importance for the Law of Attraction – the universal law that tells us we attract more of what we put out into the world.

Then, we’ll offer five powerful techniques you can employ to transform your entire world by altering your unique energy.

Finally, we'll note how you can move from doing this sort of energy work to undertaking more complex manifestation work.

Why Everything Is Energy

Universal energy is what makes up matter, which is itself the building block of everything we encounter.

According to the work of physicist Albert Einstein, no such energy can be destroyed, and no further energy can be created – the amount we have now is all there will ever be.

Einstein also argued that we all shape reality with our perspectives – and, as we'll see, this is something we can take advantage of when trying to manifest change. We can shape it however we want, and there is empirical evidence that Einstein was right to suggest this.

The most frequently cited proof comes from the field of quantum physics, where something called the double-slit experiment was carried out.

This experiment definitively proved that a light particle can be in multiple places, depending on whether it is being observed.

Why Is Energy Important To The Law Of Attraction?

When we work with the Law of Attraction, we try to harness natural forces at play in the universe in order to get what we want.

This might be love, money, our dream career, or something else entirely. What does looking at the nature of energy tell us about manifesting with the Law of Attraction, then?

Once again, it helps to refer to some of the most significant experiments in quantum physics for illustrations.

Most notably, studies on sound waves show that our intentions can directly impact what happens to us.

To begin, participants listened to sounds that randomly played more loudly in either the left ear or the right.

However, when they desired to hear a louder sound in one particular ear, the sound in that very same ear increased in volume. In other words, intentions shaped reality.

Imagine, then, what we can do if we concentrate positive energy on our intentions, and fully commit to the possibility of changing the world around us.

Since everything in the universe is energy, there's nothing we can't influence and transform.

How To Change Your Energy

You now know that everything is energy and that we have the power to transform reality by aligning our own energy with our intentions.

The next question is as follows: What are the best ways to harness that power?

To that end, let's look at five powerful strategies for changing your energy's impact on the world.

Understanding The Universe

Before you can change the universe, energy needs to make sense to you. In other words, you need to have a grasp of the nature of energy and your reality before you can start to transform that reality.

Just from reading and reflecting on the above, you're already deepening your understanding of the universe. To enhance this understanding, first, try to make small changes to your reality.

For example, you might set a modest intention for how you're going to behave in a day and notice how even the mere act of setting that intention makes you more likely to change your behavior.

In addition, try to read as much as you can about the nature of the universe and the power of energy.

The more success stories you absorb, the better you'll be able to put your own skillset to good use.

Find Your Inner Spiritual Energy

When we say that everything is energy, we also mean that you are a form of energy.

Whether you think of the stuff you are made of as soul energy, spiritual energy, or something else, the point is that there is no real division between you and other entities (or even your environment).

Even more importantly, you are not constrained by space or time.

Once you start to see this, it becomes obvious that you can influence your environment and shape your reality in accordance with your goals.

To further tap into your spiritual energy and your sense of being beyond your body, try meditation exercises – especially those involving astral projection.

Such techniques separate your soul energy from your body, giving you a sense of your own boundlessness and potential.

Boost Your Vibrations With Positive Energy

When you are in a positive state of mind, you influence all energy around you in a positive way.

This is sometimes called vibrating at a high frequency, and it draws good things towards you as well as insulating you from negative energy (such as criticism).

There are lots of things you can do to keep your vibration high, including the following:

The more positive your overall state, the more skilled you'll be at transforming your reality in the ways that you desire.

You'll find it easier to attract everything from loving partners to a stable job, good friendships, and financial abundance.

Don’t Always Look For Negative Energy Around You

Of course, the previous tip is easy to follow if you're already in a good place. However, if life has been tough and you've been feeling unhappy or depressed, you might worry about emitting “bad energy” and attracting more negativity towards yourself.

Being in such a negative state is called vibrating at a low frequency, and it tends to bring you further down rather than helping you recover.

What should you do, then, if you're low?

Firstly, there are long-term plans such as attending therapy, keeping a therapeutic journal, and seeking support from friends.

However, in the short term, things like gratitude lists can help a great deal.

This means writing down 3-5 things per day that make you feel grateful – a simple exercise that attracts your attention to the good in life, creating a positive cycle that generates high vibrational energy.

Commit to Good Deeds

Finally, you'll have heard the phrase “what goes around comes around.”

People often interpret this as a warning that they'll be punished for bad deeds, but it's more helpful to think of it as an encouragement to do good deeds.

In other words, try to remember that the more positive energy you spread, the more will make its way towards you.

For example, you might try to do one good deed for a stranger each day, or one for a friend and one for a stranger.

What do people around you need? How can you spread cheer and happiness? It's easier than you might think.

A passing compliment, the offer of an evening's babysitting, and lending a hand to someone decorating their home are all examples of ways you might send good energy out into the world.

If you do such good deeds consistently, you may be surprised by how quickly more positivity seems to enter your life.

Start Manifesting Change In Your Life Today Using Positive Energy

You now have a better understanding of the nature of energy, and the place of your own unique energy in the universe.

We've also considered how you can boost your vibrational frequency, manifesting more positive energy in your life.

Importantly, everything you've learned here fits perfectly with a general commitment to the Law of Attraction.

By working on techniques for energy-boosting, you have already laid the foundations for larger-scale manifestation work – so why stop here?

Now is the perfect time to learn more about how to manifest money, love, success, and anything else you crave.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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