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Exorcise The Emotional Vampires From Your Life


Nowadays you will find them everywhere; in films, books, and television series… there is no escaping them. Vampires that is! However, you won’t just find vampires in the media. The vampires we are discussing aren’t the fictional, cape-swishing ones. We are talking about the vampires walking among you right now. Vampires in the guise of your friends, work colleagues or even family. We are of course talking about ‘emotional vampires’.

The term ‘emotional vampires’ or ‘energy vampires’ has become a term used to describe certain individuals that do exactly as the name suggests. They suck the energy or emotion out of others. From the workplace bully to that needy friend, whether they do it intentionally or unintentionally, the ‘emotional vampires’ in your life can leave you feeling depleted, overwhelmed, tired or depressed.

The Law Of Attraction teaches that everybody is continually giving off energy.

This energy can either be positive or negative either way.

Every second, waves of energy are coming off you and being sent into the universe. These impact the world and those around you.

It is because of this that we are all responsible to try and not fuel these negative energies of those around us, but alternatively, try and contribute to as happy a surrounding as possible.

Basically, you too do not want to become an ‘emotional vampire’…

Have I Fallen Victim To An Emotional Vampire?

Unsure of whether or not you have fallen prey to the depleting energies of an ‘emotional vampire’? If so, then take a look at the following list. See if you can spot any of the symptoms often associated with falling victim to an ‘energy sucker’.

Emotional vampires might leave you feeling:

  • Exhausted
  • Fed-up
  • Negative
  • Angry
  • Bleak
  • Defeated
  • Just plain old miserable!

If you frequently feel yourself feeling any of these emotions after spending time with a certain person, then you are most definitely dealing with an energy vampire. And they could be having a deep impact on your own happiness.

Can You Spot Any Emotional Vampires In Your Life?

A good example of an ‘emotional vampire’ that most people can probably relate to, is a friend that is always negative. Let’s say you have one friend that is particularly guilty of this; you ask them what kind of day they have had. Do they answer with a long list of all of the problems they encountered that day?

As a good friend you do your best to try and cheer them up, you try to point out the bright side to them. Do they simply shrug off your positive words and respond negatively?

If this scenario sounds disturbingly familiar to you, then you most definitely have an emotional vampire in your presence.

We all want to be supportive towards the people we care about, however, there sometimes comes a time when you have to recognize that these particularly negative

individuals are bringing you down.

They may think that they aren’t doing you any harm, but there is only so much negativity you can listen to before it will begin to rub off on your own mood and you too will succumb to the destructive force of negative energy.

Once this happens, you can then wave goodbye to the successful, productive and happy you that you once knew!

The ‘Victim’ Emotional Vampire

Possibly the most recognizable of the different types of ‘vampire’. The victim vampire can usually spend a great deal of time complaining about the rubbish cards life has dealt them… even if this isn’t the case.

They will usually demand a lot of your time, using you as a dumping ground where they can unload all of their woes.

How To Put A Stake Through This Emotional Vampire

Although you will want to sound sympathetic to your friend or family member, listening to all of this continual negativity can do nothing for you and your emotional needs.

The best thing that you can do for a person like this is to try to limit your interactions with them. Divert the conversion, or when all else fails, walk away.

The ‘Highly Critical’ Emotional Vampire

The ‘critical’ vampire is the type of person who will continually criticise you, your choices and the choices of others around you. This is usually in order to boost their own ego. These vampires can leave you feeling unconfident and guilty about your choices. They should, therefore, have no place in your life.

How To Put A Stake Through This Emotional Vampire

Let what these critical vampires have to say go in one ear, and simply straight out of the other. Remind yourself that these individuals are only suffering from a case of extreme insecurity.

They can only remedy this by trying to drag those around them down to their level. Don’t stoop to join them!

Dismiss what they have to say with a positive response and then leave them to it.

The ‘Controlling’ Emotional Vampire

This vampire will feel as though they know what is best for everyone and won’t be afraid to inflict their opinion (wanted or not) on everybody.

How To Put A Stake Through This Emotional Vampire

Don’t feel the need to keep submitting to their point of view or instructions. Politely assert what you want to do and then leave it as that. The problem with ‘controlling’ vampires is that too often people will go along with their wishes, just for the sake of an easy life.

This only fuels their need to keep control over everything and everyone around them.

The ‘Up And Down’ Emotional Vampire

More comparable to ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ than a ‘vampire’. With an ‘up and down’ vampire you never know where you stand. They want to be best friends with you one day and then will give you the cold shoulder the next, leaving you anxious and uncertain in their presence.

How To Put A Stake Through This Emotional Vampire

With these particular types of vampire, the easiest solution would probably be to eliminate them from your life once and for all.

However, if you feel obliged to remain in contact with them (they may be a family member) then it is important to have boundaries in place, to help you avoid being present in any of their ‘down’ episodes.

If they easily become angry and confrontational, try to avoid becoming involved in any tit-for-tat discussions or skirmishes.

The ‘Self Important’ Emotional Vampire

This vampire will usually appear to be deceptively charming; wooing everyone around them, continually seeking the limelight and craving attention. However, when they feel their ‘leader’ status slipping they can become scathing and lash out at those closest to them.

How To Put A Stake Through This Emotional Vampire

Feel free to enjoy the company of the ch

arming ‘side’ of this vampire, but try to remain realistic and remember that it may not last for long.

When the claws do come out, make sure that you are well out of the picture or remain persistent in showing that you simply have no time for this ‘side’ of the person.

Arm Yourself With These Top Tips On How To Overcome The Negative Energy Of Others

Sadly, there are no silver bullets or wooden stakes that can fully rid you of real-life ‘emotional vampires’. Too often, people with these persistently negative tendencies are unwilling to changeand can often revel in their unhappiness.

Because of this, the only realistic way that you can completely arm yourself against these individuals is to avoid them completely in the first place. Sometimes this might not be possible, as your particular vampires may come in the form of family members or co-workers.

However, you can try to keep all interaction with these people to a complete minimum.

When they try to tell you about how rubbish their day has been, change the subject or offer alternative solutions.

That is not to say that you still shouldn’t be the sympathetic and supportive friend that you have always been. It is always good to offer an upset friend or relative a sympathetic ear.

Plus, it would always be wrong to turn your back on someone when they needed you the most.

Nevertheless, these people are in no way ‘emotional vampires’. They are just simply having a bad day.

However, it is those that claim to have a ‘bad day’ every day that are the problem.

So, take a good, long look at the people currently in your life and distinguish between those that bring love, laughter, and positivity to your life. And those that have nothing to offer other than negative vibes. Spot any fangs? Then it’s time to let them go once and for all.

There are even more ways to get rid of negative energy…

If you have negative energy in your life, it can be hard to try and stay positive and motivated – although not impossible. If you now surround yourself with happy, uplifting people but still need some more help, why not give our free toolkit a try and learn how to manifest and live your best life today.

Sometimes negative energy can also start with yourself, and you learning how to stay passionate about life! Click here to claim your free Law of Attraction toolkit and discover all the tools you need to start making your dream life a reality!

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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