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Who Are The Most Famous Pisces In History & Pisces Traits

Who Are The Most Famous Pieces In History & The Key Pisces Traits

Most of us have at least a general sense of what our zodiac sign is supposed to mean – how Libras react to relationships, for example, or how Geminis pursue their goals.

However, it's only by thinking about real, live examples of people that we begin to develop a deeper understanding of what the signs really mean.

In this exploration of Pisces traits, we'll start with what characterizes this zodiac sign and how you can typically recognize someone who is a Pisces.

Then, we'll consider seven different famous people who all share the Pisces astrological sign.

Through their descriptions, we'll see how famous Pisces traits can manifest across a range of careers and talents. And finally, we'll close with some thoughts about how you might identify other zodiac signs by character.

What Is the Pisces Zodiac Sign

People born between the 19th of February and the 20th of March fall under the sign of Pisces. But what is a Pisces, exactly?

Firstly, it's helpful to note that the symbol for this zodiac sign is two fishes.

This links to the element group of water, which Pisces is in along with other water signs.

Interestingly, the two fish symbolizing Pisces face in opposite directions, and astrology experts say this represents the way in which all Pisceans experience an inner struggle between two opposing forces.

Inside them, there is an urge to be productive and successful, but there is also a pull towards retreating from the world.

Pisceans are often described as “old souls” – there's a sense they've lived previous lives, or that they've been around for longer than their age would suggest.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring the character traits associated with Pisces. Let's turn now to think about these characteristics in more depth.

What Are The Traits Of Pisces

What Are The Traits Of Pisces

All zodiac traits are only a rough guide to what a person may be like, as our life experiences and families of origin also shape who we are.

However, some of the key Pisces traits include the following:

  • Empathy: Pisceans can intuit your emotions very easily, making them great friends and advisors. They listen without judgment, they are patient and attentive, and they reliably walk alongside you in your struggles. No matter what you've done or how you're feeling, you can bet that your Pisces friend will understand you and cry with you.
  • Adaptability: Depending on who they are with, Pisceans can seem like different people. They melt into any crowd and can change personas at will, leading some people to wonder whether they really know their Piscean friends.
  • Romanticism: Pisceans see the best in others, and expect the best. They don't play games in relationships, and they appreciate being traditionally wooed with candlelit dates and surprise gifts. Some Pisceans are almost addicted to love – or its early stages, when infatuation is at its peak and everything is about butterflies.
  • Imagination: Pisceans are creative and dreamy, often drawn towards artistic, musical, or literary pursuits. However, sometimes they drift into the comfort of their own inner world rather than having to face the discomfort of reality.
  • Hedonism: All forms of indulgence are appealing to Pisceans, from rich food and drinks to sex and spending. In many cases, this is related to the innate sensitivity of the Piscean character – they need respite from all the emotions they take on, and the deep connections they make with others.

7 Famous Pisces Celebrities And Influential People

Now that you have a better sense of what being a Pisces really means, let's refine your idea even further by looking at real-life examples.

Here are seven famous Pisces that are all influential people, along with an account of how each one fulfills the basic traits of a Pisces.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore, originally from California, is a typical Piscean in her keenness to stay emotionally connected to friends from the past.

Likely owing in part to their empathy, Pisceans can become very absorbed in the friendships in front of them, but ultimately yearn to ground themselves in deeper connections.

One example of such reconnection in Barrymore's life was when she reached out to her ex-partner Tom Green after they had been apart for 15 years.

Moved to tears, she told him that she “thinks the world of him” and vowed this would be the case.

Other meaningful connections Barrymore has nourished over time include her friendship with her ex-husband Will Kopelman's sister – another case in which a relationship could easily have drifted away, were it not for that Piscean commitment to a long-term connection.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Known mostly for his high-octane action films, Bruce Willis also has the more sensitive side that is characteristic of most Pisceans.

As noted above, Pisces is associated with a strong ability to tune into the feelings of others – including their suffering.

Consequently, Pisceans are known for their kindness and emotional softness. In Willis's case, this shows up in particular in the way he talks about his family and maintains close ties to them at all times.

And like Barrymore, he has also shown how affable he is toward ex-partners when he called his ex-wife Demi Moore to convey the respect and pride he had in.

Further, he showed his Piscean nature when he apologized for not wearing a protective mask while grocery shopping. Like most Pisceans, the idea of hurting others appeared to bother Willis a great deal on self-reflection.


Famous Pisces: Rihanna

A native of Barbados, Rihanna is now officially a billionaire. She strongly identifies with her star sign, as evidenced by her decision to get the Pisces symbol tattooed just behind her ear.

Her talents are numerous, ranging from business to music and public speaking.

She is typical of a Pisces in the way she expresses herself, captivating those around her and drawing them toward her for advice.

Rihanna is also outspoken about her beliefs, yet displays that empathetic, non-judgemental attitude that makes Pisceans such great friends.

She is inclusive and accepting, as well as wildly creative across all of her disciplines – a wonderful role model for other Pisceans.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

One of the most famous and accomplished physicists of all time, Albert Einstein is a very famous Pisces.

People often repeat his famous quote “The greatest scientists are artists as well”, and it's hard to find a more apt characterization of the Piscean's multi-talented nature.

When talking about science, Einstein stressed the importance of intuitions, gut feelings, and creativity, rather than the logic and rigor that many other scientists tend to hold on to.

As noted above, Pisces is an adaptable and imaginative sign, and Einstein's imagination was legendary.

There was also perhaps something of the Piscean tendency to retreat into one's inner world in the way Einstein entirely devoted himself to his work.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Enduringly famous, Elizabeth Taylor was another Pisces who shines on the stage.

Like most Pisceans, she was a pleasure-seeker with a vibrant personality, and she also displayed a huge amount of emotional sensitivity.

She reportedly made all her biggest decisions based on feelings and intuition and developed emotionally deep, secure relationships with those around her.

In addition, she was very progressive even in the early years of her career, which is another example of the Piscean tendency to accept others as they are, without judgment or bias.

Plus, Taylor showed major adaptability both in her life and in her roles, changing persona as needed in order to suit what was happening around her.

Adam Levine

Famous Pisces: Adam Levine

Lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levin is so very clearly a Pisces once you learn the basic facts about how this zodiac sign tends to present.

He lives boldly and with ambition and yet he is unfailingly big-hearted and caring.

Artistic and creative in a typically Piscean way, he also uses his music to express his commitment to his partner, model Behati Prinsloo.

The way he talks about their children also communicates his care and sensitivity, as well as empathy for the experiences of others.

And he has that Piscean skill of working in a team too, noting everyone's needs and blending into a group seamlessly in a way that suits everyone.

Elliot Page

Elliot Page

Finally, Canadian actor Elliot Page is another classic example of the Piscean personality.

He has always conveyed great amounts of empathy and emotional sensitivity in his interviews, and this only increased recently as he has engaged the press in conversations about authenticity and identity.

Receiving critical acclaim for his performances from early in his career, he also has that typical Piscean creativity – he has won 31 of the impressive 74 award nominations he has received to date.

Meanwhile, his veganism shows his sensitivity and empathy for non-human animals.

And like many of his fellow Pisceans above, upon his separation from his ex-wife, he made sure to stress the utmost respect and enduring friendship that exists between him and his former spouse.

Other Zodiac Signs Traits To Look Out For

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Now that you have a fuller sense of how a Piscean personality manifests in practice, you might be wondering “What are the other zodiac signs like?”.

Similarly, you might be curious about which are the best zodiac signs for friends, partners, and even bosses.

If you're interested in taking your learning about the zodiac even further, check out our comprehensive guide to all 12 signs and their underlying meanings.

While none of us are rigidly bound by our star signs, discovering more about them can deepen our self-knowledge and help us clarify what we want from our lives and our relationships.

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