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Fight Social Isolation! 12 Ways To Reach Out To Your Fellow Human Being


‘You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.’ – A. A. Milne

Many of us live in relatively isolated societies. We walk with our headphones firmly plugged in, bury our heads in our newspapers on the way to work, sit in segregated office cubicles, get home and watch the T.V. The list could go on.

Despite being shown time and time again by both scientists and campaigners of common sense that isolation is bad for both our happiness and our health, as a society we are still yet to sit up and listen. Places in the world in which people live to a much riper, older age are the ones that encourage strong family units and a sense of community.

Therefore, you could consider isolation our unhealthy smoking habit of the modern world. That’s not to say that forming fantastic bonds with everybody that you meet will ever be easy or even necessary.

We now live in such a skeptical, cut-off world that breaking through the walls of technology and selfishness that we have unconsciously built can seem near-impossible. But is it?

The key to closer relationships and a sense of comradery with those within your community begins with a willingness to reach out. When we reach out to those around us, with gestures of kindness and goodwill we attract even greater love, friendship, and companionship into our lives. This, in turn, can benefit both our happiness and our health!

So, take action against the isolation of the modern world, beginning today! Try reaching out to your fellow human in the 12 following ways.

fight-back-against-isolation 1. Smile

Nothing is more contagious than a smile, so always be sure to spread some joy as you go about your day.

Smile at strangers, the people you live with, the person you wake up next to. Even smile at the people you don’t quite like!

2. Volunteer

Volunteering is possibly the easiest, most fulfilling way in which you can reach out to your fellow man. Whatever charity you decide to do your bit for and no matter how much time you are able to offer, you will be doing yourself and others the world of good by simply giving what time and skills you can.

3. Donate

Whether you are donating cash to a good cause, donating blood or donating unwanted goods to your local charity shop, donating offers you the opportunity to take some responsibility for the people that are living around you.

4. Help

Can you think of a time that you saw a stranger in need and quickly looked the other way?

It doesn’t matter if it is someone struggling with their shopping bags, in need of some change to get on the bus, or in need of an arm to lean on – offer what help you can. Here are 50 ways you can help others.

5. Teach

Share your skills with the people around you. You do not necessarily have to be a qualified teacher to improve someone’s life; teach your granddad how to use a mobile phone, share some life advice with someone in need, or volunteer to teach your skills at an adult college or community center.

6. Listen

There is nothing more cathartic than voicing your worries, fears, or even dreams to a willing listener.

We all want to be heard, so why not lend an ear to someone in need now and again?

Discover our top tips for improving your listening skills.


7. Motivate

Know someone in need of a motivational push in the right direction? Well here is your chance.

We all know somebody tittering on the edge of achieving their dreams, afraid to make the much-needed leap into their future. So be that push – encourage them into action!

8. Praise

Praise offers the ultimate feel-good solution when you are looking to reach out to others. In any form, be it a compliment or acknowledgment of something that someone has done well can make such a difference to a person’s day and may offer the inspiration they need to go on and achieve even greater things!

9. Be There

Sometimes the most caring thing that you can do for a person is just there. Sit with someone in their time of need; let them know that they are not alone.

In this busy day and age, it can seem hard to believe that anybody is truly alone, but you may be surprised at how many people actually struggle to find somebody who they can rely on to simply ‘be there’.

10. Babysit

Parents of young children are often in desperate need of some respite, with not very many willing volunteers to give it.

So, ask yourself – do I know any parents for whom I can babysit? A simple but generous act of kindness.

11. Talk

More communication is needed in today’s technologically advanced but muted world. With so many means of communication available to us, we still fail to have many meaningful conversations with the people around us.

So, even if you do choose to speak to someone via email or text, be sure that you tell them just how much you appreciate them, am proud of them or simply – that you love them. Even better still, tell them face-to-face.

12. Love

Finally, the most profound thing that you can do to help out your fellow man or woman, loves them for all that they are. No matter if they are a stranger, a co-worker, family, or friend – have to love for every being that walks this earth alongside you. We are all one and the same after all, so use love to reach out.

Break down the walls of isolation and loneliness; offer the world the love and acts of kindness that you are able to give. Be the one to make the first mood and reach out – you will be surprised at how many people reach back!

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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