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Are you forever beating yourself up about how ‘unhealthy’ your lifestyle is? Fortunately, as a society, we have become increasingly aware of our health and how our lifestyle choices are impacting our overall well-being. However, despite our newfound awareness of the many dangers lurking in our exercise, food, drinking, and smoking choices, there seems to have been no significant improvement in our nation’s general health statistics.

So why is this? Why is it that although every other person we know has a gym membership/drinks green juices/is an expert yogi, society as a whole is none the healthier? We all seem to know how to live healthier lives and make better life choices, but seemingly none the better for it.

The possible reason? That there are factors contributing to our health, bigger and more important than exercise, our diet or our drinking habits… Shocking but true!

Doctors are right in promoting good health through modern medicine and a healthy lifestyle, which can both be essential to a happy and long life. But is there more to our health than our doctors are telling us?

Those who have come to understand the power within them and the universal Law Of Attraction are already aware of how our emotional and spiritual wellbeing impacts our happiness. But what many people often forget is how they can also impact our physical health.

Love = The Best Of Modern Medicine

Many often express their confusion and frustration at the seeming ‘randomness’ of disease and ill health.

Why is it that some people get ill and others simply don’t? Many will argue that it is a result of their lifestyle choices.

For example, how they eat, drink, or whether they smoke. This can be responsible for whether a person gets ill or not.

However, why is it that sometimes even the healthiest of people get ill whilst those with the most shocking of lifestyles live to a ripe old age? It doesn’t sound very fair, does it?

Well, the truth of the matter is this: health goes beyond our physical body. It is not just about what we put in our bodies or take out of it, it is also about our emotions and how we are feeling spiritually.

For example, it has been understood that people living in a close-knit community, family, or relationship (no matter what their lifestyle choices) often live much longer than even the healthiest, but lonely individual.

It may sound obvious to some; whimsical to others. But love really is the best medicine.

When we are part of loving, supportive and nurturing relationships our stress levels are significantly decreased, we have a sense of belonging and purpose, we feel less anxious and better protected, we enjoy higher levels of oxytocin – the list goes on. Basically, when we live in a spirit of greater love we are filled with greater, more positive, more satisfying thoughts and emotions. This not only makes us feel good, but it can make us feel physically better.

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How Are Your Stress Levels?

How do you like to de-stress?

Not only do people that enjoy more loving, supportive relationships experience better health, but so do those that make the time to de-stress and calm their emotions. However, rather than just focusing on de-stressing through the conventional forms such as yoga, meditation, exercising (all of which are effective ways of combatting stress) – good emotional well-being and lower stress levels can be more easily obtained through a happier life. That’s it, happiness.

Those who enjoy a more satisfying career, more satisfying sex life, more satisfying hobbies and passions, more satisfying social life– all tend to have considerably better health than those who despite having a healthy lifestyle, are unhappy with their lives.

You Are What You Think, Not What You Eat

Exactly as our thoughts and beliefs create the reality we live in, our thought patterns and instilled beliefs also create our state of health.

Those that grow up in fear of illness and poor health are in increased danger of making their fears a reality. This will not come as a surprise to some; we all know somebody that we brand a ‘hypochondriac’, forever complaining of bad health and seemingly always ill as a result. This is a simplistic example of how our thoughts can impact our health, but it is one that we will all undoubtedly recognize.

So keep your thoughts and beliefs about your body healthy. Know that you have complete control over your emotional self; take care of this, and this can provide you with numerous physical health benefits.

Broaden your beliefs and understanding of your health. Understand that health is much bigger than eating and exercising well; it is more than what your doctor can give you. Take care of the emotional, spiritual and physical you. Many of us remember our physical selves, but are you taking care of the other two? No? Then start today and enjoy a life of healthier, guilt-free living.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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