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Find The Unique Power To Manifest Your Dreams And Self-Love


One of the most exciting things you can ever learn about the Law of Attraction is this; you already contain everything you need to turn your greatest hopes into reality. The key to your success lies in finding your unique power! This is a power that can attract your dreams into your personal universe.

Let’s explore the nature of that inner energy, and look at some concrete tips for tapping into this extraordinary resource.

Understanding Your Unique Power

Many people working with the Law of Attraction make the mistake of assuming that they can copy the actions of others who have successfully manifested. However, although there are core techniques that can work for everyone, you won’t get the same results unless you find the source of your power; the thing that drives you and makes you vibrate on the highest frequency.

No matter where you go, you’ll never find another person who is exactly like you. Everything about you is special and irreplaceable, and once you truly understand and embrace that fact then you can finally make the most of your ability to attract incredible amounts of positivity into your life.

You must stop thinking of yourself in comparison to other people, and stop trying to emulate them. Self-empowerment and self-knowledge are what will lead you to your life’s purpose, and to attract abundance. But how do you come to locate your unique power?

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Four Tips For Finding Your Unique Power

1. Make A List Of Qualities

Think about the things that people comment on when they mention your strengths or your value. Are there any recurring themes?

Perhaps you’re always called upon when there’s a need for someone who can solve complex problems. Or, perhaps, you’re praised for your honesty, or your ability to read emotions.

Note down anything that comes to mind, and add descriptions that come from your self-concept as well.

Ask yourself questions such as, do you pride yourself on your compassion?

Do you have a knack for picking up new skills really quickly? Or, maybe you see yourself as highly creative.

All of these traits are part of what makes you unique, and they can (and should) all be drawn on in your manifestation work. For each item on the list, try to think of one way to thread it into your techniques and exercises more directly.

2. Figure Out What Excites You

Of course, your unique power isn’t just about what you’re good at. After all, it’s perfectly possible to have a skill that simply doesn’t inspire you. Your unique power is as much about passion as it is about talent, so think about what triggers genuine excitement.

If you’re not sure about this, spend a week actively tuning into what your body is telling you when you engage in various hobbies, relationships, daydreams and different types of work. For example, you might realize your heart speeding up at certain times, notice you’re speaking faster and more articulately, or have heightened senses that give you the feeling that you’re truly alive.

That feeling of vitality is incredibly potent, and if you can capture it when you’re visualizing your dreams then you’ll be magnetically attracting the thing you desire.

3. Notice Where You Stand Out

While you’re an absolutely unique being, the aspects of you that are most powerful are often the same parts that are most obviously different from the contributions of other people.

Think about times you and colleagues, friends or family members have noticed the worth of the distinctive approach you bring to the table.

For example, perhaps someone has remarked that your focus is on finding a compromise when others are fighting in their own corners, or maybe your successes are often due to a willingness to take calculated risks.

Whether you realize it or not, anything and everything that you do differently is intimately related to your unique power. This should, therefore, be re-examined as a potential resource for manifesting more effectively!

4. Enter A More Reflective Mental Space

If you feel like performing an inventory of your best qualities and exploring sources of passion hasn’t allowed you to connect with your unique power, it could be that you’re being held back by arbitrary boundaries; old limitations that are stopping you from seeing your full potential.

Give your heart and mind permission to go absolutely anywhere as you perform a 10-15 minute focused meditation on the idea of your unique power.

Imagine opening a closed door inside yourself, and step through it into a space of pure reflection. You’re now free to wander absolutely anywhere you want to go. Listen to any and all nagging feelings, and push away the inner critic that tells you that it’s foolish, embarrassing or inappropriate to consider certain things.

This is a short exercise, but it can be very effective and freeing.


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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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