Creative Visualization Exercises To Find Love & Success

Creative visualization is a powerful way of using mindfulness techniques to help you to attract success in all walks of life. While these are general creative visualization exercises that can be used to picture and promote almost any kind of goal, you may be more successful if you targeted exercises that are designed to help you meet specific goals.

Here are five of the most effective types of creative visualization that will help you find health, love, and success.

5 Creative Visualization Exercises To Try

1. Attracting Career Success

Once you have found a space to relax and have slowly entered a focused meditative state, find one vivid image that represents your idea of career success. It might be hearing applause after a great speech. Or, maybe it's the moment that you receive a major promotion or the way your loved ones react when you tell them that you have achieved your goals at work.


Experiment with multiple image. Then, focus on one that really speaks to the feelings of pride, happiness, and accomplishment that you associate with career success. This will be the image that you use in subsequent visualization.

You may find it especially useful to use creative visualization every morning before you leave the house. This process will allow you to carry your positive images, emotions, and beliefs into the workplace.

2. Improving Health

Creative visualization is no substitute for appropriate medical treatment, fitness training or a healthy diet. However, there is overwhelming evidence that creative visualization can nonetheless help to improve your well-being if it is combined with practical strategies.

While part of the success of these exercises perhaps owes to an increase in motivation, certain aspects of the power of creative visualization remain mysterious in spite of its effectiveness.

If you are struggling with a chronic illness, one visualization technique involves focusing on a visual representation of triumphing over your condition.

You can be as creative as you like! Some people imagine toxins or unhealthy cells being sucked out of the body, while others picture themselves being submerged in a healing white light. Feel free to experiment with different healing images until you find out that imbues you with a visceral sense of power.


3. Enhancing Physical Performance

Athletes are some of the most ardent advocates of creative visualization exercises, often using these techniques to improve their performance.

Indeed, one famous study on creative visualization in sports revealed that Olympic athletes who received 50% physical training and 50% mental training performed better than the athletes who received only physical training or only mental training.

On the basis of such studies (and huge amounts of anecdotal evidence), many neuroscientists and sports psychologists believe that you can actually change and improve your muscle memory by repeatedly picturing successful physical performance.

Once you have entered a meditative state, think of your performance goals. You might imagine the perfect golf swing, a wonderful piano recital, your fastest swimming record or a flawless dance routine.

As with all visualizations, the trick is to imagine every little sight, sound, and feeling of your ideal experience. Repeat this exercise as often as you can to help you begin to see improvements in your physical performance.

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4. Finding A Romantic Relationship

If you're single and looking for love, you may be your own worst enemy. Do you dwell on your past dating struggles or find yourself constantly worrying that you'll never find someone suitable?

If this description sounds familiar, you would benefit from trying creative visualization exercises that focus on love.

One easy exercise involves picturing the perfect date. Each time you do the exercise, imagine having fun, feeling the strong romantic chemistry and presenting the best version of yourself. Alternatively, you might opt for a more abstract exercise that involves filling yourself with optimism and self-confidence.

For example, you might imagine a particular object that represents success in love and mentally hold the object during your visualization.

You may find it most effective to use both exercises. First, imagine yourself being filled with positive romantic energy and then conjure up a vivid experience of the ideal date.

5. Developing A Happier Outlook

While there are many ways to increase your optimism, creative visualization can be a particularly useful method. If you struggle to see the good in life or focus on the positive, there are a few exercises you can try. One approach would be to imagine yourself verbally and emphatically offering thanks for the five things you appreciate the most.


Common examples include your family; a journey to a favorite place; the wisdom of a close friend; a pet; your health; the fact you don't live in abject poverty.

Another approach involves creating the happiest place you could imagine and visualize that place on a daily basis. It can be somewhere you have been or an imaginary location that represents pure joy.

Anyone or anything that you love can be present in this place. You should spend at least ten minutes simply soaking up the positive, invigorating atmosphere that you create.

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