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Spark Inspiration With These Flowers (Plus Their Symbolic Meanings)

A woman cycling with a flower-filled basket, embodying the law of attraction.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the beauty of the Law of Attraction is that it can be used a wide array of incredibly creative ways. The tools you learn can influence everything from your thinking style to your morning routines. It can also help influence your social interactions and your living environment.

So, it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that there are fun and powerful ways to incorporate flowers into your work with the Law of Attraction.

Whether you decide to use them to help you create change in relationships or to adapt how you feel in your home, these tips about flower types and colors are sure to spark inspiration.

Flowers And The Law of Attraction

Red Roses

Traditionally symbolic of romance, red roses are an obvious choice when your focus is on love. If you’re looking to enhance a relationship you already have, sending a surprise bouquet clearly communicates affection and desire.

Meanwhile, if you’re still on the search for your soulmate, consistently keeping a pair of red roses by your bedside could help you stay focused on your optimistic belief in love, especially if you tend to do your creative visualizations in your bedroom.

It’s also worth noting that red flowers of any kind have a connection with courage and bravery. Red carnations or tulips could be a great living room centerpiece if you know you need to stay connected to your bolder side in order to achieve your goals.

Blue Poppies

Just as a blue room can help to induce feelings of calmness and relaxation, a lovely bunch of blue poppies instantly makes a room feel like a safe, tranquil space.

Once again, you can use these flowers where you tend to meditate or do your visualization work. This can especially work if you sometimes need a bit of help to release stress after a busy day.

However, blue poppies are also representative of inspiration, so they are ideal if your Law of Attraction goals include honing your creative skills (whether for work or personal satisfaction). On a more general point, any type of blue flower makes a perfect gift for someone who deserves to relax. They help you to spread optimism and positivity throughout your social circle.

Pink Foxgloves

Gorgeous pink foxgloves are linked to happiness and lightness of spirit, so you may want to invest in some if you’ve been fighting to keep an optimistic mindset.

Interestingly, pink flowers are also associated with new life, so they’re worth keeping around if you and your partner have been considering how you might use the Law of Attraction in your attempts to start (or enlarge) a family.

Being around shades of pink can also boost focus, so pink flowers are a great choice for your workspace. Here, they may enhance your focus for up to thirty minutes after you first see them (according to research).

Yellow Sunflowers

Yellow sunflowers immediately spark thoughts of bright, summer months. Even in their name, they instantly remind us of sunshine and contentment. They're also a popular flower when it comes to new beginnings.

They make a thoughtful gift for a friend who is making a big change. They’re also a wonderful gift you can give yourself as you consistently work to transform your life!

Yellow flowers, in general, have an association with friendship, too. So, if you’re using Law of Attraction tools to improve your social life then you can’t go wrong with daffodils, sunflowers or bright yellow tulips in your house.

Orange Pansies

Perfect for the garden as well as the home, orange pansies put people in mind of stability, warmth, and longevity. Consequently, why not get some if you’re hoping to sustain great changes you’ve already made in your life, or want to acknowledge how your relationship is staying strong through periods of growth?

Orange is also a color that stimulates appetite. So any orange flowers would make an ideal centerpiece when you’re hosting a dinner party!

Purple Petunias

As you probably know, all shades of purple are intimately tied to royalty. So, using purple in interior design can instantly make space appear more lavish and impressive.

However, when it comes to achieving your goals, consider buying some purple petunias (or even purple roses) if your focus is on achievement or status. Petunias are said to help motivate those who are losing hope.

For example, if you’re using your Law of Attraction toolkit to climb the career ladder at work or you’re hoping to return to the world of study, any type of purple flower can serve as a constant, encouraging reminder of what you need to do to secure your success.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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