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Generating The Momentum Of Abundance… And Maintaining It


Have you heard the phrase “it takes money to make money?” The idea that abundance, whether in the form of resources or non-material qualities, springs from momentum is common. Indeed, once you have something, it is easier to generate more of the same thing.

The reason that what you have multiplies, can be put down to the Law of Attraction, since you attract that which is a similar vibration to that which you produce. When you have money, you generate the vibration of wealth and more money comes your way.

Here are some tips to help you start achieving and maintaining abundance in your life.

1. Similar Vibrations

You may have noticed that people are advised to infuse their intentions with emotion when they send them to the universe. People do so by imagining that they already have what they want. In effect, they produce the vibrational energy that they want to see returned to them.


If they do not manufacture the right vibrations, they do not get what they hope to receive. Indeed, they get that which reflects their emotional state, which, more often than not, is a sense of lack.

2. The Right State Of Mind

Momentum arises when you are in the state of mind that you will experience when your wishes are granted. Countless people come unstuck when they encounter such a notion. They wonder how they can feel a state of mind that they have not yet achieved. However, they do not understand the power of their minds when it comes to creation.

You can create the right mindset, before your needs are met, by finding something real in your life that generates similar vibrations to those you expect to encounter when your intention is realized.

3. Gratitude For Abundance

If you want abundance in the form of money, you can look to an area of your life in which you already experience abundance and use it as a focal point. You may not have much money, but you might have an abundance of growth in your garden or receive an abundance of love from your family. When you work on generating a momentum of abundance in order to gain anything, simply concentrate on the abundance you have at your fingertips that you know to be real.

As you focus on the abundance in your life, take feelings of gratitude and joy into your heart. Imagine the wonderful emotion that you experience traveling to your heart region where it can be felt flowing throughout the rest of your body. Additionally, let the sensation journey to your mind.

4. Give And You Will Receive


Abundance will flow to you in countless ways as a result of you having focused your attention on the subject. At the same time, you can be the foundation of abundance, since giving is balanced by receiving. Find people who are needier than you are and help them by being generous. You may give money, time, affection, understanding, or any other quality or material items that increase their abundance.

Likewise, you can give to your environment abundantly by tending to your garden or getting involved in a conservation project. Alternatively, you can volunteer to help homeless pets, clear rubbish from your neighborhood, or make life easier for people in some way. All these actions will cause a stream of abundance that will be returned in your direction.

5. Generating Further Appreciation

Once you experience an appreciation of life regularly, you will add to the attraction of abundance. Start to look for everyday aspects of your life for which you are grateful that you do not usually recognize.

For instance, you may pass a beautiful building each day but usually, pay its splendor little attention. You may have a wonderful view from your office window that you take for granted. Purposefully seek out everything that is beautiful, splendid, exciting, unique or that which has been created by skilled hands.

After all, you want to create abundance, so why not focus on an abundance of creation? The vibrational state that you produce will be similar to that which you are wanting.

6. Be Grateful For Other People's Abundance

Are some people in your life abundant? If so, focus on their abundance as well as yours. Be happy for them. When they are pleased with a part of their life that is working for them, generate joy on their behalf inside your mind and body.

At the same time, do not spend too long in the company of people who like to talk about lack and misery. They create the vibrational frequency that matches their mindset. If someone complains about their lot, do not feed their sense of lack by commiserating with them. You can acknowledge their feelings without adding to them.


Do your best to be around people who are happy with their lives and feel abundant, since their emotional state will influence yours. Additionally, be mindful of how much your emotions are affected by the emotions of others.

Are some people a drag to be with because they are critical of you? People who undermine your well-being by denting your self-esteem probably have confidence problems of their own. However, if what they say affects you negatively, as you are unable to rise above it, you may benefit from working on your own self-worth.

There are really only two emotions from which other emotions stem, love and fear. Love generates abundance, while fear creates lack. Addressing self-esteem issues can help you experience more love in your life.

7. Self-Esteem

Simply following the exercises suggested involving a flow of gratitude will heighten your feelings of worthiness. However, you can feel even better about yourself by practicing the art of self-love. Appreciating the gift of life and how wonderful you are will generate the greatest abundance of all.

You can create a momentum of abundance by developing heightened feelings of gratitude, being around other people who appreciate life, and by loving yourself. Focus on producing positive vibrations and being a wellspring of abundance for others and you will achieve success.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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