Generation Y: How To Deal With The Top 5 Worries Of The Young

We live in a society where we want it all. For many of us growing up, survival wasn’t an issue. Happiness is not regarded as a luxury or an after-thought, but a privilege. But faced with possibilities that stretch endlessly before us and with exciting opportunities available to us around every corner, why do we still seem to have more worries than ever? For the lucky generation Y-ers currently navigating their 20s, expectations are high. After all, this is the generation that has had it all.

But when the world is quite literally your oyster, where do you begin? When you are faced with choices and opportunities generations before you could only have dreamt of, how do you handle the pressure of making it count?

Here are 5 of the most-shared worries amongst people in their 20s today, plus, some advice on how to deal with them.

1. What Do I Want To Do With My Life?

Without a doubt, this is THE worry on every 20-something’s mind. In fact, it’s a question that most people are still asking well into their middle age and beyond! This is a big question; but think about it, do you really need ONE answer? Who says that you have to decide on one career, one industry or one sole passion to follow as your life’s calling?

There is no ‘perfect’ career or life path, so stop looking for one. Our lives are a journey; as we inevitably change with age, so will our hopes and passions. So for now, concentrate on what makes you happy TODAY. This way you can ensure you are always meeting your biggest life’s purpose: to be happy.

2. How Am I Going To Pay The Bills?

With the economy still in a pretty interesting state, generation Y are struggling to find jobs or the money to keep up with bills or even fly the nest.

Financial worries are felt by everyone and have been since the dawn of currency.

However, it is important to remember that whilst you are yet to earn above the minimum wage, perhaps live in your own accommodation or simply have the spare cash you’d like to… it’s not all about the cash!

Being young should be about playing around with different roles, picking up (and even dropping) new and exciting paths and possibilities. So for now, get yourself an income, no matter how meager.

Then take advantage of the fact that you are able to pay rent and have food in your stomach, to spend your free time pursuing your interests and working towards your dreams.

And remember the old saying: do what you love and the money will follow.

3. What’s Happened To My Social Life?

The friends that we have in our 20s are often considered to be our most influential in regards to our future. Having said that, as you begin to embark on your journey into the ‘real world’ as an adult, you can often be left asking: where have my friends even gone?

In our 20s, our lives become more hectic with new work and financial obligations… we might have to move town or even country to pursue work… there are no longer the same opportunities for social interaction that school/college/university supplied.

In fact, many people are left surprised by how lonely their early twenties can actually feel.

If this is something you’ve felt in your own life, don’t give up!

Whereas before chances for new friendships were to be found around every corner, as you get older looking for chances to form and maintain friendships have to become more of a priority.

Many of us are quick to pour our efforts into the pursuit and nurturing of romantic relationships, so could some of this same energy go into the relationships we have with our friends?

Take advantage of your new work life and get chatting with your colleagues. Pursue like-minded people in your free time.

And of course, don’t forget to take advantage of the technology our modern age affords us; social media, email, telephone, text; make sure to keep in contact with the people that really contribute to your happiness and you to theirs.

4. Am I With The Right Person? / Will I Ever Find Love?

Too many people make the mistake of staying in relationships they know aren’t making them happy. Why? They want to play things ‘safe’.

Thanks to Facebook and your mum’s frequent reminders of ‘so-and-so’s daughter/son are getting married next week…’, whilst generation Y may be putting off settling down until much later in life, they are still feeling the pressure when it comes to finding love.

But never forget that dating someone just for the sake of it is only going to result in pain; for you and the other person. Learn to enjoy your life right now and have faith that when the time is right, the ‘right’ person should then find you.

5. How Can I Make A Difference In The World?

Fortunately, the majority of the generation Y are able to recognize that whilst nothing is ever perfect, they’ve had it pretty darn good. This is why so many are keen to give back to the world they feel (mostly) so blessed to live in.

This has presented a whole new set of worries in itself. How can I help to make the world a better place?, ‘Am I doing enough to help solve some of the injustices in the world?’, ‘Will I leave this earth a little bit better than when I got here?’

To some it may seem a little self-indulgent to believe that one single person can create change in the world but whilst our actions may feel like a drop in the ocean, what would become of the ocean without each of those many individual drops?

The first responsibility we all have to the world we live in is to first and foremost; always strive to be our very best selves. After all, it is only when each person works to meet their fullest potential that change on a worldwide scale can ever be truly effective.

The next thing to do is stop thinking and start doing! Your actions don’t have to be big to create big change.

Start small; volunteer your time, donate to the vulnerable, spread awareness for a worthy cause, spend time with the lonely… Each act of kindness, no matter how small, can create ripples of change that travel far beyond your understanding.

Each generation has its fair share of worries; some more than others, but all just as valid. Whilst the above examples are in no way life-threatening or essential to your survival, they are important for your happiness.

So, are YOU in generation Y? If so, what do you predominantly worry about? And if you’re not in generation Y, how did you navigate this tricky decade?

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