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Awaken Your Inner Superhero And Free Yourself From Your Ego


The Ego. Many would describe this to be the voices that we all have in our heads. The little voice at the back of our mind, perhaps telling us that we will never be good enough; that we are not smart enough, pretty enough, brave enough or productive enough.

The ‘ego’ is our internal narrative. Sometimes it has a point. For example, when we are not trying hard enough and need to work harder. But mostly, it is the incessant nag in the back of our mind, filling us with self-doubt and reinforcing our fears often when we need courage most. When we are feeling small or stuck, it is our ego that can most often be to blame. So, if you’re guilty of letting your ego get too big for its boots, take a look at these 3 fail-safe steps for keeping your ego in check.

3 Ways To Free Yourself From Your Ego


Step 1: You Are Not Your Ego

Our ‘ego’ or the internal stream of dialogue that you have always had and always will have, is there for a reason. It is there to protect us from danger and keep us rational.

However, the types of danger that the human race faced hundreds of years ago and the ones that we face today are entirely different things.

Whilst our ancestors' egos would have proved useful for warning of dangers such as wild animals, nowadays, the ego will most likely want to warn us of the dangers of embarrassment. It will warn us of the potential for failure if we were to try changing careers for example. Or speak to somebody we are attracted to. Or even think of pursuing our dreams.

The ‘ego’ is something that everyone has. It will always be with us. However, it is important to know that the voice or ‘ego’ that you hear in your head is not you. The limitless being that is you and the voice that you hear in your mind are two entirely different things.

Have you ever noticed how the things that your ego says sound surprisingly similar to things that you may have already heard from your parents, teachers, or even on the media? That is because the ego’s voice is influenced by the external; by all of the beliefs, opinions, and doubts that those around you may have expressed.

Never confuse who you truly are with your ego.

Step 2: Putting Your Ego In Its Place

You should never forget that the greatest people today also have an ego. No one is immune to it! However, those that live exceptional lives do so because they have learned when and how to put their ego in its place.


Great self-help leaders such as Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle have spoken of the ‘ego’ and how the key to your joy is learning how to silence this unhelpful voice in your head. So, if people such as these can learn how to tame their ego, so can you.

There are 3 key points to remember when you are trying to stay separate from your ego.

  • Stay Present
  • Get Out Of Your Head
  • Treat Your Ego Like An Unhelpful Friend… Wave It Goodbye!

When you are present in what you are doing, whether it’s dancing, talking to a friend, working, or getting dressed, you are not stuck inside of your head. When this happens, you are able to get a bit of space between you and the negative thoughts that your ego is trying to feed you.

Even better still, try personifying your ego. Turn it into an unwanted enemy that is totally separate from you. You are the hero of your life story, the ego the villain. Doing this should make it easier to recognize that these negative thoughts are totally separate from you, that they are simply the mutinous ego trying to work its way in. Visualize waving that villain goodbye, or even giving it a shove on its way!

quiz Step 3: Prove Your Ego Wrong

Is your ego becoming too much? When your ego just won’t give it a rest, it’s time to step up!

Know that no matter what your ego may try and tell you, you are a limitless, brave, and unstoppable being, capable of making anything possible! Bring out your inner cheerleader; turn up the volume on your own cheers for greatness.

Drown out the ego with your inner cheerleader’s shouts of support. Keep that ego out with your own internal dialogue of praise, encouragement, and kick-ass thoughts.

ake a conscious decision to put out a gagging order on your ego. With the ego gone, your mind will become clearer and therefore more receptive to your bold plans and goals for the future.

So ask yourself, next time your ego comes knocking, what are you going to tell it?

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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