Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Learn Why It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Are you a glass half empty or half full kind of person? Whilst some people may argue that a positive or negative outlook on life is something coded into our DNA, for the majority of people, it is more about perspective. It is about choice.

Unfortunately, the way we perceive things is subject to a lot of things; past experiences, our general personality, and our mood.

Why It's All A Matter of Perspective

glass-half-empty-or-glass-half-full For example, can you think of a time when something made you sad and suddenly all you could focus on were the depressing things going on in your life?

Or the other way around; when something wonderful happened to you and suddenly your entire world began to look a much brighter place?

Of course, you can! This is something that happens to us all.

Our moods can often have a snowball effect and go on to impact the way we look at our entire lives, if only for a moment.

There are very few times when negativity is really needed. A positive outlook, however, is arguably one of the most effective tools you can have when trying to live your greatest life.

Being positive can help you to make the very most of life, it can motivate you to try new things, to be more daring and motivated.

A positive person sees life as a chance to play, not to be afraid. So what can you do to keep your perspective fixed firmly on the positives?

To maintain a ‘glass half full’ mentality when you need it most? To be positive and see the good in everything?

Here are some suggestions that can help get you on the right track…

1. Know That It Starts With You

Developing a positive outlook is a gradual but completely possible process. All it takes is for you to realize that everything is perspective.

Your life is how you choose to see it, nothing more. So when you do feel those pesky thoughts of negativity creeping in, realize that it is all completely within your control.

When you can begin to recognize that you are in charge of your own mindset and how you react to your experiences – you can begin to pick the positive reactions.

Once you begin to change your own outlook and mindset, it can become easier to develop a positive attitude.


2. Take The Opposite Point Of View

When you are experiencing negativity, it can be useful to try taking the opposite point of view for a while.

For example, if you find that you’ve been dwelling on everything that’s wrong with your job, ask yourself to think of at least 5 things that are right with it.

Challenge yourself; learn to find the good in any situation.

Even when something is wrong and you could begin to feel negative; try and look for the good in your situation and start to change your outlook on the situation.

3. Be Proactive

If you’re still struggling to let go of your negativity surrounding a particular subject, then ask yourself – how can I take better charge of the situation?

Whilst there will always be things that are outside of your control, there will also be things that you do have control over.

Your attitude for example. How you choose to respond to different people, situations, events, etc.

So when life does throw you a curveball, don’t allow yourself to become the victim – be proactive!

Not too many things in life are for certain, but one thing that can be said with certainty is that a life lived looking on the bright side is, without a doubt, a happy one.

So what are you waiting for? Navigate your life confidently and with ease with help from one of your most powerful tools – perspective.

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