No Dream Is Too Big! How To Make Your Dreams Come True

Do other people ever try to tell you that your dream is crazy? That you’re wasting your time on something that will never work or take off? Many of us have experienced the confusion and frustration that comes with searching for our life purpose; the hurt of not quite knowing where we fit in or who we are going to be in the world.

Some of us can struggle for years, a whole lifetime even, to define a life path for ourselves that fulfills us and gives our lives a higher meaning. However, whilst it can be difficult to find and living your purpose, a lot of people come to realize later in life that they had worked out what they wanted a long time ago. They make the startling discovery that they had in fact known their hearts truest wants all along.

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. – Unknown

So, if they had already figured out their purpose, why the delay? Well, for the majority of people, the answer lies in fear. The fear that others will think that their dreams are crazy, or that they will be judged for stepping away from the beaten track to follow a purpose that is unusual, but important to them.

Your life is only ever as big as your imagination. When other people are reluctant to support your chosen life path or try to deter you from your dreams, this is in no way a negative reflection on your dream. Instead, when others doubt your dreams or brand them as ‘crazy’, this is simply a reflection of that individual’s own imagination.

Exactly as your thought processes and reality are an extension of your thoughts and vision, others can only see as far as their thoughts and vision are currently able to take them. So if to them your dream is crazy, then it is their imagination that is too small, not your dream that is too big.

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Reforming and recreating relationships are a big part of striking out on your own and following your own dreams. Not everybody in your life is going to understand your dreams or call, so for now, accept that they are currently not going to be a part of this journey. For the time being, surround yourself with like-minded people that are willing to support and share your dream. Who knows, those that doubted you may later come to be inspired by your positives?

So, if you have a ‘crazy’ dream, go for it! And when those moments of doubt or fear do begin to creep in, remind yourself of one of these 10 fail-safe reasons for why you should always stick with your dreams.

10 Ways To Make Your Dreams Come True

  1. You might live forever, but you may also die tomorrow. So, take no chances! Live in the now and live with no regrets.
  2. Everybody wants to be remembered and your dreams can prove your greatest legacy. What do you want to leave behind? We all have the opportunity to change the world for the better.
  3. You are the creator of your life. Why waste such a limitless opportunity?
  4. Why be like everybody else when you can be you? Embrace your individuality.
  5. Your dreams might inspire others to fulfill theirs.
  6. Your actions and dreams in life are what define you, no one, and nothing else.
  7. There is nothing more attractive than someone that goes after their dreams. 
  8. The most exceptional people in history are those that choose to step outside of the box. Have the confidence to go for something someone else has not even thought of!
  9. There is no fear greater than the fear of regret. And often, people regret not going for something rather than going for something.
  10. Only you are accountable for your happiness, nobody else.

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