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Lighten Up! How To Stop Worrying About Everything

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We are all prone to worry from time to time; whether we are worrying about the small things, such as a new haircut or worrying about the more important things, such as a sick relative or there being no food in the cupboards. No matter how big or small our worries maybe they are all capable of impacting on our thought patterns and emotions. If left unchecked, our worries can also lead to serious implications for both our mental and physical health.

Having worries is simply a part of being human. It is when your problems come to literally dominate all of your thoughts, actions and consume your entire day that serious action needs to be taken. This is not only for the sake of your sanity but for your health, too. So keep reading to discover how to stop worrying about everything today!

So, do you feel as though everything is beginning to get on top of you? Lighten your load with these 4 tips for handling your worries.

How To Stop Worrying About Everything

1. Remind Yourself Of Your Strengths

The Law of Attraction teaches us that our reality is what we make it; therefore, we have the choice to choose exactly how we interpret and react to every single hand that life deals us. If you choose to dwell on the negatives and look for the worst possible factors in a situation, then you are going to feel terrible. However, choose to look beyond the negatives for a silver lining and all the positivity that can be found in your life. Your outlook and your life, in general, will begin to look a lot rosier.

Obviously, this is much easier said than done. After all, we have probably all encountered problems that at the time had seemed inescapable, desperate even.

However, you survived those problems. Life continued and you fought to live another day. Use this as proof of your strength, to prove to yourself that no matter what curveballs life has to throw at you in the future you are capable of facing them head-on.

2. Distract Yourself

Something is only a problem when we are thinking and worrying about it. So, give yourself a little breathing space. Distract yourself from the things that are currently worrying you the most.

Have you ever been to see a movie or gone out with a friend, and become completely lost in all of the fun that you are having? Fun distractions such as these can prove an ideal way of taking your mind off of things, if only for a short time and can help you to feel better and put some distance between you and your problem. This Distance may help to give you the perspective that you need, to take that initial sting out of your worries and even begin looking at your problem in a more positive light.

3. Get A Little Outside Perspective

Sometimes we can become so consumed and caught up in our worries, that it becomes impossible to view things with a clear and level head. This is where your friends and loved ones can help. Share your problem, let an outsider look at the situation and give their perspective on things.

Unless you are critically ill or somebody close to you is suffering from ill health, then your problem is probably not as big as you think. Worries that include the end of a relationship, money or the loss of material things may feel like the end of the world to you now. But as a friend may point out to you, when compared with the possibility of ill health or death, they are really not such a big deal.

4. Ask Yourself – ‘What’s The Worst That Can Happen?’

When your worries are driving you crazy, sometimes, keeping the worst possible outcome in mind can be a true sanity saver.

When we worry about something, even over something incredibly menial, our self-sabotaging thoughts go into overdrive. We try to imagine other people’s reactions, we replay events over and over again in our heads… We really give ourselves a hard time!

This amount of stress can be damaging to our health and emotional well-being; but by asking yourself ‘what’s the worst that can happen’ and choosing to look at the worst possible outcome, you can avoid any unnecessary stress.

Thinking of the worst possible outcome can take the fear out of your problem. Plus, when you really consider the worst that could come out of a situation you will find that it is rarely ever as bad as what your imagination has made it out to be.

Face up to the worst possible outcome and then work your way up from there.

Problems in life are inevitable, but it’s how you choose to react in the face of them that can determine your happiness and the outcome. Choose to face your problems with positivity and courage and remember – things are usually never, ever as bad as they may at first seem.

Sit with things, breath, look for the positives and move forward. Let these 4 tips help to lighten your load and take some weight off your shoulders – your promised to feel all the better for it.

Could Your Worries Be Holding You Back From Effectively Using The Law Of Attraction?

There are many things that can sometimes hold us back from living our dream lives, and worrying can become one of them. Whether it is limiting beliefs or constant worrying, and it will benefit you greatly if you can help you to find out what could be holding you back.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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