You Can’t Please Everyone… So Learn How To Stop Caring!

You've been invited to attend a life-changing seminar that you've been waiting to attend for months now. You walk into the event, you’re managing to maintain an outward look of calm, but on the inside, you’re a bubbling cauldron of insecurities and panic.

‘I shouldn’t be here… I feel a fraud’ … ‘What if no one talks to me… I must look like a laughing stock’

The torture goes on; you agonize and squirm with worry about what others might think of you.

The same thing happens every time you sit at your computer screen, anxious to begin typing the opening of your novel but distracted by the imaginary whispers of what other people may have to say about you.

Sound nuts? Or are these examples you’re all too familiar with?

Whether you’re thinking of starting a new blog, want to go back to school, are a profitable business person dreaming of escaping your desk or simply someone finding the courage to be themselves, we are all to some extent, living in fear of what others think of us.


It can be easy to let the fear of what others think to hold us back; the fear that we’ll be laughed at, judged or even shunned.

In a society where we find it hard to relinquish control, having no control over the way others think about us can drive us to the point of insanity.

But why? What are we so afraid of?

If you have ever allowed the fear of what others think of you to hold you back, keep you small or change your output in some way, you will undoubtedly have noticed two things:

1. You felt all the worse for compromising yourself.


The reality of it really is as harsh as it sounds.. no one really cares!

The reason why?

Everyone else is too busy worrying about themselves and what others think of them. So, no one is really thinking about anyone else at all.

Isn’t it crazy?

It’s totally bonkers! But when we really care about something – a project, a new business, a big decision, plus the people around us – it can become near impossible to avoid those niggling self-doubts and insecurities that can keep us paralyzed with fear.

However, try to think of it like this – once you’ve embraced the mind-altering, liberating realization that no one really cares that much about what you do – there should be no stopping you! You can live your most authentic, passion-fueled life completely confident in the knowledge that nobody cares!

Who knew such a realization could feel so good?

So, now that you know all eyes aren’t on you, how are you going to live differently starting today?

How To Stop Caring About What Others Think


1. Focus on yourself 

Show yourself some love and compassion. This can help you to start feeling more confident and comfortable with yourself.

If you are showing yourself love, then it won't matter what anyone else might think of you.

2. Realize that everyone else has their own lives

It's hard to recognize this sometimes, but try to understand that other people have things going on in their own lives and that they are too busy to be judging or focusing on you and your life.

They may also be worrying about the same thing that you are worried about too.

3. Understand that you can't please everyone

Not everyone is going to like you, and some people may even judge you, but it's how you react to that judgment yourself that matters. Realize that some people just aren't going to be pleased with what you have to offer them, and that's OK. You can move on from those people and focus on yourself.

4. Realize That You Only Have One Life

When you think about your life, I'm going to assume that you want to be happy and live your life for yourself and no-one else. If this is the case then, please – stop caring!

Once you start to recognize that you only have this one life, you should start to see that it doesn't really matter what others think of you, as they have their own lives, and they are not in charge of yours. So live your life for yourself and try not to focus on people who are judging you, as they don't matter.

Clear any negativity in your life and start looking after yourself…

It can be hard to not think about what others think of you, especially if they are negative towards you. However, you should not let others stop you from living your life and pursuing your dreams.

This free ebook on ‘Clearing Negativity From Your Life' can help you to identify any limiting beliefs you may have developed from a fear of judgment and can help you to get rid of them. As you are now aware, most of the time others are not judging you or even focusing on what you are doing.

But, there can be occasions where you come across negative people and negative moments, where you can feel like this.

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